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"The lightening of the heart is amazing!  Five Stars!" 

Emily and her work are AMAZING. Her Drawing Out Process is one of the best emotional healing processes I have ever encountered. Have some stewing negative emotions or hurtful self-talk?  Emily takes clients through this process with wisdom and love.  The truth is, we all have these voices in our heads, and until we recognize what they are, we will let them run our lives. Emily Eldredge helped me identify mine and heal them.  The 'lightening' of the heart is amazing.  Five Stars!


Hope Tackaberry

Life Coach

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OUR Courses + Community


Our simple yet extremely powerful emotional education system, The ChangeLight System, has transformed the lives of children and adults around the world!  Whether you're taking a course for yourself or delivering it to others, you will learn the key steps of our signature technique, The Drawing Out Process® (The DrOP) which calms inner struggles, reveals inner strengths, and increases your clarity, wisdom, and courage in all areas of life.  


You will also discover:

  • your 3 types of inner struggles

  • your 3 types of inner strengths

  • your inner Guiding Star

  • the exceptional clarity, wisdom, and courage of your Truth


With the ChangeLight System you will more easily be able to:

  • clear mental and emotional distractions

  • navigate challenges and conflicts 

  • receive the counsel and wisdom of your optimal self

  • focus on and achieve your visions and goals

PLUS... All of our courses are embedded within our Community where you can learn The ChangeLight System alongside your fellow learners and facilitators!  You can:

  • post your thoughts and questions

  • make powerful contacts and connections

  • watch videos to deepen your practice

  • get questions answered directly from Emily

  • do your "inner work for greater good" in a space that is safe and supportive



Are you a passionate, impact-driven person who deeply desires to make the greatest possible difference in the world, but you have emotional blocks that need clearing and want to increase your focus and direction?

Our ChangeLight for Changemakers course was designed for YOU!  It addresses the unique challenges and pressures that impact-driven people like you face and teaches you how to "draw out" your inner struggles and strengths so that you can feel more whole, wise, and courageous as you work hard to achieve huge results and impact.




Are you a teacher, parent, caregiver, or otherwise have children in your life and want them to learn how to understand and process their feelings in quick and fun ways? 


You're in luck!  We are currently developing programs for teachers, parents, and caregivers to share the ChangeLight System with children!  Simply sign up for updates, and we'll let you know when it's launched!




Are you a formerly incarcerated person or do you serve incarcerated people and want to help them heal their traumas and emotional struggles so they can live with greater clarity, wisdom, and peace?


Wonderful!  We are currently developing programs that are exclusively designed for you and the people you serve.  Sign up to receive updates, and we'll let you know when it launches!


CHANGELIGHT FORTherapists + Coaches


Are you a therapist or coach seeking a new approach to accelerates your clients ability to heal their struggles, access their strengths, and navigate theirs relationship challenges with greater clarity and ease?


Stay tuned for our program that is exclusively designed to help you use the ChangeLight System in clinical and coaching settings.  Sign up to receive updates, and we'll let you know when it launches!

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"Do not hesitate for a moment to sign up for this series... It is completely magical."

I'm not sure I can put into words the magic this series has been. Two big issues I've struggled with for years - if not decades actually - have improved so significantly it's truly unbelieveable. The intense negative emotions surrounding each have melted away, and now when the triggers come up there is an intense and immediate mindfulness that shows up.  I am able to respond rather than react.  It's been a blessing!


Do not hesitate for one moment in signing up for this series. It has been a truly transformational experience for me.  The Drawing Out Process has by far been the most effective self-help tool I've tried to date (and I've tried so many things).  It is completely magical! Emily's warmth and charisma guides you encouragingly through the process with such ease.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Corinne R.


"You are a genius, Emily.  Do you know how genius this system is?!"

It's been really incredible.  If left to my own devices, I'll let my Impresario run the show all day long, but, as soon as I bring in the wisdom of all 3 emPowers, the whole thing takes a new shape. I feel really balanced, and my life is so much more rich and varied!  Also, I no longer feel like I need other people to fill voids because all parts of me are acknowledged from within!


You are a genius, Emily. Do you know how genius this system is?!

Ivri Turner
Co-Founder, Wisdom Business Academy


"I am amazed by how profoundly this process works."

This process is utterly extraordinary. I've spent so much time and money on therapies, workshops, and books, and I'm amazed by how profoundly this one works.  Seeing such effect has left me humbled... seriously so.  It seems to me that, unlike the ego and subconscious mind therapies, you've got both the language and the specificities bang on target.  You don't over-complexify things.  You've brought forth a way to integrate the heights and the depths, the 'light' and the 'dark'... and not least, you've made the process as painless and swift as is possible. What greater gift could there be than helping people out of their human darkness and pain and to move towards their light and joy?


Believe me, I don't remember ever having the opportunity to write in such effulgence to anybody.  Emily, you have created something remarkable.  Bless you for what you're doing in the world.  You've struck gold.

Jane G.
Opera Singer, Healer

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