TEDx Talk: The Truth About Inner Demons

In 2013, Emily was invited by the inmates at Marion Correctional to speak at the first official TED event in a prison anywhere in the world.  Here, Emily shares key elements of the Drawing Out Process, the truths she learned about "inner demons", and fascinating stories about people who've been through it...

The Magic of Your 3 Inner emPowers

With rich descriptions and delightful images, Emily describes each of your 3 inner emPowers and why it's so vital to honor each and every one...

Do You Want to Know the Truth About You? :)

A fun little animated video that explains emPowers, exPowers, and how they're connected...

How to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic

When Sheila Sornsin featured Emily as "Goddess of the Month", Emily shared how she developed the Drawing Out Process, the discoveries she's made along the way, and powerful stories of her work with inmates (for more stories about inmates, see next video).

A New System for Healing Humanity

Bonus video: While featured as "Goddess of the Month", Emily shares her experience of working with prison inmates to heal their wounded inner demons. 

How Emily Discovered the Drawing Out Process®

People frequently ask Emily, "How did you come up with this technique?"  Here she tells the story...

How Emily Discovered emPowers and exPowers

People frequently ask Emily, "How did you discover the emPowers and exPowers?"  Here she tells the story...

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