Others may see you as "having it all" or "having it all together".  But do you really? 


No matter what possessions you have, how hard you work, nor how privileged you may be, you still have struggles and insecurities that just won't go away. 


So, what is souring your relationships, stressing you out, sabotaging your success, and/or preventing you from feeling truly secure and at peace with yourself?  Why do certain things trigger you, but others don't?  Why are you crushing it in some areas of your life but screwing up in others?  How can you solve these problems and experience greater peace, pleasure, and purpose in all areas of your life?

You can have it all.  From the boardroom to the bedroom, you can feel amazing, lead with ease, and enjoy your every success.  You can be the presence you want to be in the world and have the impact you desire to have.  So what does it take?

  • You have to face what's getting in the way - that is, the blocks, triggers, and wounds that are behind the scenes, unconsciously messing with your life - and then heal them permanently from the root.  

  • You have to know, honor, and embrace your true power - the wisdom, courage, and joy that have always been within you, just stuck somewhere inside you.


Lucky for you, that's what I do.

"Once we got to the root cause and I released the Rage, I felt a calmness unlike anything I have ever felt before.  I was finally able to make sense of the defense mechanisms I had created, turn off the autopilot, and take control."

Rick, Entrepreneur


With my exclusive discoveries and techniques, we will rapidly break you through to higher levels - both personally and professionally.  Your stress level will plummet, you'll feel more clear, your intuition will be enhanced, your relationships will improve, and you'll have a more solid sense of purpose and direction.  Bottom line: You will feel wonderful.  You will access strengths you never knew you had, in areas you never thought to look.  You will radiate confidence and wisdom from deep within.  You will inspire others not just by what you do but by who you are.  

People with whom I've worked include:

  • C-Level executives

  • Spouses of high-powered individuals

  • High net-worth individuals/inheritors

  • Investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • NGO founders

  • Artists/Authors/Performers

  • Coaches

  • Inmates

  • and others...

My work is not therapy, and I am not a therapist.  These incredible results come from discoveries and techniques that no one else in the world is doing.  
You will find that, as your healer and guide, I am not only deeply non-judgmental and empathetic but also extremely determined and results-oriented.  I get exceptional, lasting inner changes in way less time than traditional approaches, and I do not stop until we get you "there" - beyond what you even thought possible.  
I've worked with the "toughest of the tough" - executives, firefighters, inmates - so, if you think your inner issues are too enormous and insurmountable... try me.


Time with me ranges from virtual session packages to multi-day in-person intensives.  We customize a private program that works for you.  

In-person intensives take place at my beautiful office in New York City with a view of Central Park.  If you prefer, we can meet in a location of your choice, such as a private club or resort


In a warm, welcoming environment, you will enjoy delicious meals, tea, and treats while we do deep inner work to clear your blocks, reveal more of your power, and align you with your Truth.

The CEO Solution

As a leader, you endure stresses and expectations that most people don't.  You also require a certain level of attention and discretion.  After all, you can't show your true thoughts and feelings to just anyone.  That I fully understand.  In addition, instead of leading from wisdom, you may unconsciously be leading from deep blocks and wounds that are sabotaging you in ways you may not even realize.


Whether you're starting a new business, leading an existing organization, or simply desire to be more powerful and inspiring in your leadership, the CEO Solution is the answer.  We'll remove whatever blocks are in the way, access more of your exceptional strengths, and set you on a higher path than even you might expect.  Your unique leadership presence and skills will soar.

My exclusive technique, The Drawing Out Process®, permanently removes your hidden blocks and triggers, resulting in exceptional inner clarity.  Your 3 emPowers will then serve as your wise, inner "committee" - effortlessly empowering you to be more productive, know your purpose, and deeply enjoy your life, relationships, and successes.  

"Clarity!  The clarity I've gotten through doing this work has been huge.  To be in a safe environment where I could talk and share and cry was so freeing.  I'm no longer in a funk, I'm more focused, my business is doing much better, amazing opportunities are coming my way, and I'm connecting more with others and creating a supportive community for myself.  Really, the word that keeps coming to me is 'clear'.  I feel clearer and more empowered!"

Kevin, CEO

Design Your Life

If you're lacking clarity and direction, struggling with relationship issues, seeking your true purpose, or simply feeling called to a higher way of feeling and being, Design Your Life is the answer. 


Using The Drawing Out Process® , we will permanently remove some of  the subconscious blocks and triggers that are fueling your struggles and blocking your true power.  Using your 3 inner emPowers, we will then identify the life and relationships that light you up and empower you to live your Truth.

By the end, you will feel more whole, at peace, and amazed at the exquisite love, wisdom, and clarity that are already within you.  Going forward, you'll witness powerful changes in your life and relationships.

"The last 10 days since Design Your Life have been really good, grounded, and happy!  Drawing my vision for my new business was incredible, and I've been able to work without panic and self-doubt.   


Speaking to my 3 emPowers is working for me immensely!  I call them "My Project Team" and consult them every day, like my own personal committee.  The 3 things they ask me to do are little, yet they help me prioritize, get out of my own way, and make better decisions without all of the old anxiety.  I no longer feel that ongoing internal battle, or, when it comes up, I listen to it.  


It was just such a tremendous experience, and stepping into my purpose feels easier.  I feel like it's what I'm here to do, and nothing I've done up to this point has been a waste of time.  I've simply been gathering knowledge for what I'm really here to do.  This has really been unbelievably helpful!"

Margaret, Architectural Historian & Consultant