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The V.I.P. Experience

Want even faster transformation and results?

"The clarity I've gotten through doing this work has been huge..."

Clarity! The clarity I've gotten through doing this work has been huge. To be in a safe environment where I could talk and share and cry was so freeing. I'm no longer in a funk, I'm more focused, my business is doing much better, amazing opportunities are coming my way, and I'm connecting more with others and creating a supportive community for myself. Really, the word that keeps coming to me is 'clear'. I feel clearer and more empowered!




As her previous clients can attest, working directly with Emily is a blissful and extraordinary experience that yields exceptional, life-changing results. 


Emily's V.I.P. experience gives you...

  • focused, personal attention

  • fast, exceptional results and transformation

  • the highest level of discretion and privacy


Over the course of 6 months, Emily will use her exclusive techniques in The ChangeLight System to...

  • clear many of your most stubborn inner struggles

  • bring forward exceptional wisdom and strength

  • vastly accelerate your ability to be a more powerful and impactful leader.  


The VIP Experience sessions include the full 8 steps of her extraordinary Drawing Out Process®, which can permanently release even your most resistant unconscious blocks, wounds, triggers, and patterns.  The sessions can address everything from relationship patterns, to boundary issues, to childhood trauma, to whatever other struggles you're having.  They also uncover your hidden wisdom, creativity, compassion, strength, joy, and courage.  


By the end of each session, you will feel exceptionally clear, whole, and more deeply connected to the wisdom and guidance that are already within you.


By the end of the 6 months...

  • some of your deepest blocks, triggers, and wounds will be gone.

  • you will feel lighter, stronger, and more deeply at peace with yourself than ever.

  • you will have methods and a map for living your Truth so that - boldly and joyfully - you can make an even bigger, more positive impact in the world.

Every VIP experience is customizable, but it typically follows this path:

    In this first section of the course, you will learn the key concepts, discoveries, and techniques of the ChangeLight System. You'll learn what your "Truth", "Guiding Star", "emPowers", and "exPowers" are and what they do. You'll also learn why Emily's "drawing out" is so powerful and effective and how you can use it to clear your blocks and triggers, access your inner wisdom and guidance, expand your mental and emotional clarity, enhance your sense of purpose and direction, navigate personal and professional challenges, and become your optimal self.
    exPowers are parts of you that are stuck in chronic states of stress, reactivity, or pain. Left unhealed, they can make your life a living hell - corroding your relationships, sabotaging your efforts, fragmenting your sense of self, and perpetuating untold stress and struggle. In this section of the course, you will learn the first 3 steps of The Drawing Out Process® for exPowers - an 8-step technique which can rapidly alleviate and fully eliminate exPowers. Just these first 3 steps will help you feel instantly lighter and clearer. You will also learn "the 4 D's of the Dark" - the four types of life experiences that cause exPowers to form.
    Within you are 3 types of exPowers: Defenders, Controllers, and Woundeds. In this section of the course, you will learn what they are, what they are trying to do, and what they want. You will also learn how to identify them within you, draw them out, and understand them so as to reduce their negative effect on you and help them heal. Ultimately, you will learn the truth about exPowers - why they exist and where they come from.
    Your emPowers are the parts of you that empower you to actualize your Truth. They fuel your productivity, purpose, and pleasure. They enable you to thrive, feel alive, and have a sense of purpose and drive. Your 3 emPowers are the Sovereign, Impresario, and Free-Spirit. In this section of the course, you will learn how to draw out and connect with each one so that they can provide you with answers to your questions, keep you headed in the right direction, and help you feel more clear, balanced, and fulfilled. You will also learn a simple, daily technique that clears out the "noise" of your exPowers and brings in the clarity of your emPowers so that you can feel calmer and wiser throughout the day.
    Your Truth is the presence within you that knows who you are and who you are here to be - your inner compass. You will learn how to draw out your inner Truth, thus strengthening its ability to guide you and light you up. ​ Your Guiding Star is your inner vision of you as your optimal self - who you are, how you feel, and what you do when you are fully living your Truth. You will learn how to draw out your Guiding Star so that it can inspire and guide you to reach your optimum potential.
    It's one thing to feel and know your Truth inside. It's another thing entirely to bring it out into the world - to make it real. In this final section of the course, you will learn Emily's 4-step process for actualizing your Truth. This is where the rubber finally meets the road - when your "inner work" results in "greater good".

condensed VIP experience with a 3-day intensive is also available.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Emily is hosting in-person sessions for fully vaccinated + boosted clients only.


changemakers, personal growth, speaker, leadership coach.

"I could be as crazy, intuitive, creative, funny, playful, and wise as my best and truest self wanted to be."

I can point to two major changes that are a direct result of working with you.  First, I no longer feel the burning anxiety that troubled me for so long.  I may still feel anxiety, but that terrible burning sensation is gone.  Second, I am much more relaxed in my interactions with my husband. There are still frustrations but nowhere near the kind of internal tension I used to live with.


I appreciated the safe space you created.  I could be as crazy, intuitive, creative, funny playful and - dare I say - wise as my best and truest self wanted to be.


You are wise and warm.  Your loving, healing energy was such a light and a comfort while we were grappling with some difficult memories and emotions.  Then we pulled all the varied pieces and ends together by coloring!  The Drawing Out Process is Brilliant.  I love you and your work. I’m thrilled that you are taking it all over the world.


Jane P.


The last 10 days since my intensive have been really good, grounded, and happy!  Drawing my vision for my new business was incredible, and I've been able to work without panic and self-doubt.


Also, speaking to my 3 emPowers is working for me immensely! I call them "My Project Team" and consult them every day, like my own personal committee. The 3 things they ask me to do are little, yet they help me prioritize, get out of my own way, and make better decisions without all of the old anxiety.  I no longer feel that ongoing internal battle, or, when it comes up, I listen to it. 

It was just such a tremendous experience, and stepping into my purpose feels easier.  I feel like it's what I'm here to do, and nothing I've done up to this point has been a waste of time. I've simply been gathering knowledge for what I'm really here to do.  This has really been unbelievably helpful!

"It was such a tremendous experience..."

Margaret P.
Architectural Historian

"This work is brilliant.  You are a Master."

In all honesty, I have done a lot of work on myself and have experienced several modalities in an effort to put "stuck" fears and emotions truly behind me, each of which has been helpful. But what you did with me today, Emily, was huge! And bottom-line!  I am delighted because I feel different and am already moving forward with just one session


This work is brilliant. You are a Master.

Andi F.
Radio Host & Energy Healer


The shift was so quick. In less than two hours, Emily helped me reassign what had been a limiting group of inner voices into a support group. I felt an amazing lift and difference right away, and the changes continue to show up. I have even laughed out loud a couple of times when I realized "a short while ago that would have really pushed my buttons". It is much easier to just let others be who they are and focus on being who I am. I find myself more at peace with a larger sense of my creative power.


What a gift it is to be able to recognize and step out from under limiting beliefs - like taking your foot off the brake when you want to go. This process is so amazing and simple at the same time. It has opened up a new energy for me. I am full of gratitude.

"I am more at peace with a larger sense of my creative power."

Rae M.

Makeup Artist


Emily has developed a simple, direct, and highly effective approach to releasing and erasing those inner voices or "characters" that rob us of joy, peace, self-trust, and balance. Using crayons, paper, and simple (or complex) drawings that emanate from our deepest heart and soul-self, you will discover aspects of your ego that have been burdening your healthy progress in life.


As a healer myself, I know I cannot take my students anywhere I have not been myself. Emily has "been there". She is gentle, empathetic, and an expert listener. Through asking questions, Emily helps you "draw out" and discover your own solutions to issues that may have challenged you for life! The best part of the experience is no artistic talent is required. Your images are not "judged", nor is your process.


This experience is a true gift for your soul and should not be missed.

Leav B.
Artist & Jewelry Designer

"This experience is a true give for your soul and sould not be missed."

"Open up and just do it."

I was initially skeptical when I heard Emily's work described as 'going through a rebirth'. After experiencing it myself, that is the only word that truly describes how it feels! I felt immense clarity after just one session with Emily and still feel grounded because of the reflection that her techniques provide. I highly recommend that you open up and just do it.

Jihad Bnimoussa, M.S., CYCP

Founder & CEO, InspireCorp

Jihad Bnimoussa.jpeg

changemakers, personal growth, speaker, leadership coach.

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