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Listen to real people go through actual sessions of The Drawing Out Process® - Emily's miraculous technique that dissolves stubborn blocks, turns inner critics into inner cheerleaders, and heals childhood wounds.

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Listen Up...

Do you want to hear real people go through actual sessions of The Drawing Out Process®? 


In this exciting new podcast, DARK LIGHT TRUTH, you can!  Listen as people's inner struggles quickly and miraculously transform back to inner strengths!  Click below to listen to episodes of DARK LIGHT TRUTH and see the people's drawings.

Who knows?  Hearing others heal just might help you heal, too...


Listening to Drawing Out Process® sessions can trigger very powerful thoughts, feelings, memories, epiphanies, and questions.  If you would like to share what came up for you and connect with others in a safe, supportive space, please join our FREE ChangeLight Community.


The Drawing Out Process® is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a licensed therapist.  She developed this work herself and is the exclusive owner and guide.  All rights are reserved.  The Drawing Out Process® must be properly led in order for it to be fully effective.  Do NOT try to do this on your own.

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