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🎙NINA | "Pinky Pixie" + "The Owls" (Stifled Creativity)

Here are Nina's drawings, video, and the raw transcript from Episode 4 of the podcast DARK LIGHT TRUTH.

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I can feel it really um the tears of flowing now from my eyes this is the part I kept promising I will create an artistic life but at the moment I don't have a solution for it

well I'm getting really pissed you know everyone would get really nasty if he's hungry or she's hungry so it's just my right to be nasty then because I'm hungry I'm starving there's so much energy and creativity in her but she's not trusting it a hundred percent and that's the problem she's not fulfilling her life

well a bunch of owls I count them seven owls

they are I don't know from a different planet

we're owls you see if you ask me a question and if I cannot answer it it's one of the most horrible things for me so I don't know I don't know I don't know I feel a bit scared

we have our little meetings with a cup of tea and biscuits and stuff and I'll planning and calculating controlling

he's just telling me I shouldn't draw her boobs right now so I just have to remove that again demanding

I can feel her sort of like yeah and if you're not gonna do it I'm gonna escalate [Music] or if someone would Grant her for permission she would just completely take over [Music]

I'm Emily Eldredge and this is dark light Truth where we dive into people's Darkness reclaim their light and reveal their truth what you're about to hear is a real person going through an actual session of the drawing out process my seven step emotional healing technique in which we draw out talk with and fully heal an inner part or parts at the core of a person's struggle in every session there's a new inner mystery for us to solve compelling us to investigate who is the inner culprit causing the struggle why is it there and how is it trying to protect the person or itself once we hear its stories and its truths we'll heal it so that rather than hurting the person it can now help them live their highest most radiant truth every drawing out process session is filled with surprises epiphanies twists and turns we never know what we will encounter nor it all depends on the world that formed within that person in reaction to their life experiences as well as what their inner wisdom deems is ready to heal once and for all listen closely because you never know hearing someone else heal their Darkness just might help you heal yours too

in today's session we get to dive into the surprising and delightful inner world of a creative German woman named Nina in which she will draw out no fewer than 11 parts and we'll get to talk to four of them what you will hear is an edited version of her full three and a half hour session which she volunteered to record for this podcast let's listen as she describes some of her past struggles that led her to start drawing out her parts and then the current struggles she's having that have brought her here today

at some stage I booked one of your courses I remember when I was really um how do I say well I was experiencing The Dark Knight of the Soul and I was having loads of um yeah forced thoughts and negative inner Demon's bombarding me and eventually um I hit or I came across one of your courses and uh I got a bit excited about it at the same time very worried because oh really well I didn't know because you know this is kind of anxiousness about you know opening up the um Pandora box so to call yes so I had a lot of respect towards that put it that way okay and I wasn't in the most brilliant spot at the time still I just thought you know what I just give it a go and I have to face all the fears that are that are there really and um yeah so it really really supported and helped me that's what I just wanted to tell you um I'm in the midst of building up my business right now and there's a lot of creativity involved but also a lot of writing and not so much creation like I normally used to do write on paper and I have that sense that this kind of in agile creative part seems a bit very frustrated quite sad as well and also sad about the yeah the global situation so there is like a sadness as a frustration and sort of why you're not listening to me right now that kind of feeling and at the same time I can feel other parts sort of saying um yeah but you know we have to get this on board in order then to be more creative for the future so you can just purely focus on that as well so there are many parts kind of like having the saying at the moment but the one part that is really in the foreground now and a bit rebellious and bit crying and sad that's the Ina creative child you said that who's in the foreground is this rebellious crying and sad child let's allow her to just if you want you can just close your eyes and take a deep breath

and just notice her within within you let her rise up let her come forward it's okay that she feels the way she does it's okay for her to feel this way

I'm assuming it's a she yeah yeah she it's a she it's a little dragon a little dress yeah she's a bit like very fiery and sort of like I can see you're actually already with her papers you know showing it to me so what are you doing I want to do this and that and she keeps splashing over the floor with the paints so she's kind of rebellious at the moment really I love this excellent you know what do you you feel ready to do you want to go ahead and draw her if you're already sure okay go for it yeah take your time this is great and she's stomping and she's um yeah really making a scene right now

yeah she's she's really having tantrum right now and she's in the midst of Fire and also I can see her wearing it's like a it's like a dragon skin corset oh yeah because I'm really close to the dragon realm in general and I got a lot of Spirit guides that are dragons

so um yeah it's like a protection armor that she's wearing


so describe for me what you've got there okay I've got her with spiky hair in different colors like orange red green um she looks a bit like a or like a pixie kind of type okay bad fears very fierce um she's wearing this kind of dragon coat outfit whatever and she's holding those papers in the air sort of like okay we had a deal what are you doing here I am pretty frustrated and

um well she is standing in the fire but she feels quite comfortable with it because that's her nature fire is her nature

but she has a bit of like a burst sort of like okay wake-up call

and she's kind of frustrated I can see it in her eyes she's crying as well and I like having a bit tantrum sort of like crying shouting um and being really sad at the same time

and also this attitude I don't know what else can I do to get more attention from you yeah also a little bit like I hate you but more in this kind of ah like a teenager sort of like I hate you why are you doing this to me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

and now it kind of like drops from this anger more into sadness right sort of I can see her now sitting on the floor just crying and just being sad being sad about um

it takes a lot of energy for her to keep moving like that and I can feel the emotions coming up now yeah shall I draw it out as well wow yeah thank you

and I can feel it really um the tears are flowing now from my eyes and I can really feel I you know like a knot in my throat yeah and I know what that part is um this is the part I kept promising I will create an artistic life

and I keep promising and for some reason it's not happening yeah yeah and that's the frustrated part

yeah and no trust anymore I don't trust you anymore

you keep promising and your actions are different

and I think it's so sweet I can see already her guys coming towards her like the eagle the Unicorn uh the Phoenix these were the three main guides and they tried to comfort her

and it seems as if they're creating just a big blanket around her um because they can they can understand their struggles

yeah and this looks quite poetic right now um you know she was having this dragon skin costume armor thing and it seems as if it's changed into a code that is just keep raining um with water it's like a fountain that she's wearing basically

okay that feels already better yeah and she's having this kind of paddle now underneath her um I know um because she is having this rain coat on with the flooding tears

because he's got a puddle underneath

so talk to me about what you've got there well you know she's nearly on the floor kind of embracing her knees um more or less sitting on the floor um not quite sitting right she she's not sitting in the puddle let's let's make sure oh okay she's not sitting in the puddle um but she has her eyes closed she's got her fiery hair her flaming hair

yeah she's sad but it feels like these tears are comforting her it's not extinguishing her her fire it's the very opposite it's more like cooling down the anger and all the frustration at the moment

um it feels as if these guides in the background like the Unicorn the Phoenix and the eagle they're kind of overlooking her so she knows they are there because I guess that is sometimes the fear of her that she's afraid of not having that connection with the magical Realm and cannot feel them and so she felt quite lonely and disconnected because the thing is like she doesn't really feel safe on this Earth but safe in that realm and connected to the realm because she knows that it's not her home her home is somewhere else her real home

okay and are they just I want to make sure I ask are there is there anything you can hear her saying right now or any thoughts or feelings or beliefs

give me big hug oh give me a big hug yeah yeah she's in a lot of pain poor honey and how are you feeling towards her now in a way it breaks my heart to see her like that and at the same time I also see the the big picture of everything yeah but definitely um I can I can feel it serious but at the moment I don't have a solution for it

I wish I know what to do to help her yeah I wished I could you know I would do anything for her so what's her name good question to me like pinky or something something like pinky pixie or

some cheeky name [Laughter]

okay I just call it Pinky pixie pinky pixie yeah oh I love that that's so cute well is it okay if I have a conversation with pinky pixie of course I then invite pinky pixie to speak and she agrees to speak with me Nina is awakened aware through the whole conversation

hey sweet girl what you doing there I don't know I'm just sad yeah what's your sad about honey

I would just I don't know I just love being creative and drawing and painting all day I just want to do this all day but I guess I can't do it why do you feel like you can't do it

ask her

as and who is her well the big one the big one named is her name Nina yes so you want me to ask her why you can't be creative all day which is what you really want to do yes you know what I can do that in a little bit is it okay if we talk a little bit more

okay oh so I hear that you've got a mix of feelings there you're sad and it sounds to me like you're frustrated you wish you could be creative all day but it's like you're not allowed to that must be really upsetting and frustrating that is so frustrating to me you cannot believe it I spoke already to the Unicorn about it and you know I just like to make complaints really because it's been a long time since this has been promised to me and it's still not coming it's still not you know I'm not here as as if I wouldn't be here well let me ask you this who promised that to you the big one big one okay and when did she promise you that

well age is probably a girl when I was Tiny I guess I don't know at some stage I can't remember and I mean it's not I mean sometimes I get to play it's not always that I couldn't play but I wish I could do it more often so what is it that feels like it gets in the way of you you know having fun and being creative

where she has a job so she has to take care of people and where she's not taking care of me really I mean not as much as I would like to be taken care of so what would help you feel taken care of Pinky pixie

I want more creative time no matter what time on a daily basis please and what would feel good for you pinky pixie what is it that you and the big one could do or the big one could let you do that would give you that feeling of ah good I'm getting to do what feels good for me

where at least an hour of painting at least an hour of painting and drawing okay would be better two hours or sort of like you know just until the time where I just feel filled up you know when I feel you know when she does a lot of drawings and paintings and stuff like that I get filled up so I don't feel like I don't know I'm getting hungry if she's not doing that

and then what happens when you get really hungry when I'm getting really pissed you get really pissed right because it's like you're not letting me do this it's like I'm starving yeah and then what happens what do you do well I'm just getting really [ __ ] and nasty and you know like a dragon and just to make her aware you know I'm starving you know everyone would get really nasty if he's hungry or she's hungry so it's just my right to be nasty then because I'm hungry I'm starving yeah promise me that so many years already when you when we grow up She said you know we can do all day drawings and paintings and creativity and now she's grown up it's not happening so I don't know I just I really have to do something about it because I don't really want that she has a really I don't know that she's not fulfilling her life because that was the that was the plan at the beginning when we both sit together I remember those times when we sat in the corner in the kindergarten and we just did it all day long all day long and you loved that didn't you of course I loved it yeah yeah that there's um there's a feeling as well that partly I can understand the big one sort of okay you know there are other things that we wanna that she wants to move on and bring on but I'm starving and this is not this is not good I I don't want to starve and you're not getting what you need then it sounds like it doesn't necess you know it's kind of hard on everybody and everything exactly

pinky pixie is what I call an inner wounded an inner wounded is a part of us that feels hurt sad scared angry oftentimes it's throwing a temper tantrum and a lot of times it is a child in this case pinky pixie is sort of a child sort of teenager it's hard to tell at this point but the point is that she is very very angry at Nina because she feels like Nina has been shafting her has not been letting her be as creative as she wants to be even though Nina has been kind of ignoring or suppressing pinky pixie for some very valid reasons the truth is Pinky pixie has a lot to bring to Nina's life let's hear what some of that is thank you yeah so how just out of curiosity if you I don't know if you can answer this question but how do you think it would benefit her the big one oh if she were to let you get fed she might be created she would have different energy every day she would get so inspired so creative people would just like would be yeah I don't know it's like blowing their minds because if she's more in a creative flow she's very intuitive and you know she will have calls with people or helping people but it's gonna be so different and at the same time I'm not starving and she's not starving because it feels it fuels her as well at the same time so by allowing you to be refilled and feeding your hunger and keeping you satiated then she feels that way too that's what I'm hearing yes yes you're really trying to it sounds like you're trying to get her to wake up and say hey you have all this amazing creativity and joy and flow that you're not allowing yourself to tap into and to be in yeah sounds like you're trying to fight for that and I think the big one is just scared as well oh what's she scared about do you think I don't know that I don't know probably because with creativity and art and so forth it's not so easy to make a living with that and I think she's just scared about it that it might not be successful and to go more towards in the direction of trusting herself are you saying look I want you to be creative and you have to make money at being creative are you telling the big one that yes oh so you actually do want her to build a business from her creative yes but she doesn't believe in it so much oh that's the problem not a hundred percent there sometimes she believes in it and I can feel it and the energy is high and then there are doubts and all the crappy thoughts and weird feelings and I don't know so I can see that and I'm just getting sad when this is happening because there's so much energy and creativity in her and that could really create a beautiful business

but she's not trusting it a hundred percent and that's the problem

her curiosity is there any other part inside of her that's making it hard for her to trust herself and her own ability to I guess the guys from the controlling side um

uh I kind of like them they're a bit like out you know they're wearing glasses and all the rest of it and they kind of keep track of everything but they have tried they have trust issues I like them but they have trust issues right they're cute and they're funny because they always run around with those you know lists Exodus and just checking lists and stuff like that they're really funny but also they're kind of a bit fearful and that's why I think they're not so much fun I mean they're not mean or anything they mean good okay but they're just like a bit stuck so they don't have this creative flow they're kind of like like in the Box and also when it comes to new ideas there's they instantly say no no we don't want that um so it's a bit hard kind of have a conversation with them because of it they're reminded

they just want to keep it safe that's the problem do you know what these owls look like

um where they look like owls right um they've got big eyes and um they have like uh like a checking board do you say that checking board with pencils yeah like a like a to-do list yeah they're always running around with to-do lists some of them have like you know from Laboratories like those coats those white codes as well um it's a bit more like the scientific owls as well like okay we checked the experiment and we just keep it safe and try to control everything so they're a bit like that but amongst them they're also kind of funny owls because sometimes I try to break out of the system as well and they go into a into a spa and then they just wearing like masks and girl keys on their eyes and stuff so they're not all bad some of them are quite funny they know they're kind of like trapped in that group and some of them they just want to relax as well so they some of them just want to go to the spa and then they just like have the towels on their heads and you know oh okay well here's a this is wonderful thank you pinky pixie I love how you're describing these owls

so let me just pause a minute here to talk about what's going on so we've got this wounded and sometimes with certain woundeds simply listening to their feelings and giving them permission to release those feelings can be the thing that helps it heal but I was noticing that simply listening to pinky pixie and letting her talk about her feelings just didn't seem to be enough and so from where I'm sitting I'm thinking okay so then where is the struggle here or if anything why is Nina doing that to pinky pixie why does she feel the need to push her creativity aside maybe there's something else going on inside of Nina that's causing her to behave that way which is why I asked that question of Pinky pixie hey is you know is there anyone else who's you know keeping Nina from really trusting herself and of course that's what led us to the owls so let's listen as pinky pixie draws out these owls yeah thank you um just can't I curiosity does it feel to you like if maybe if we were to help the owls relax then the big one might let you be a little bit more free does that feel like that that would help it could be an idea yeah possible yeah sure okay you could give it a try because I mean they can be also funny right they're not they're not mean or evil they're just like no they're just in their control system so they're a bit stuck so so curious pinky pixie does it feel like should we have you draw the owls since you're seeing them or should we have the big one draw the owls I think I will draw them yeah because they're quite funny I can already see them a bit scared and they're just like having the hats popping up and down and up and down so they just get a bit nervous right now um but I think in a good way because they're also curious what's going on here okay so I might just I might just take the the crayons for now and the big one can just have a rest okay all right sounds great okay yeah okay let's go

by the way thank you picky pinky pixie this is so much fun doing this with you thank you I really enjoy that with you as well

it's funny they look a bit skeptical right now and a bit nervous and they don't really look like owls at the moment more like I don't know some weird cartoon figures a bit like minions just as an owl if you can imagine because they're as busy as minions as well ah and they have a little bit something of not only minions but like soldiers they look a bit like soldiers but I don't think they're like that kind of feeling very much hmm they don't like feeling like soldiers well it's like they feel a bit tensed about having to feel like soldiers they don't really like it they've been put into this position it seems as if some of them are a bit sad as well that they have to you know act like soldiers and be in control

and some of them having some ticks even you know when your eyes keeps being nervous all the time so it's like some of them have issues with their nervous system oh oh wow because they're so tensed which makes it funny at the same time when I look at them and some of them even say don't laugh at us sort of like don't mockers oh yeah they're like we don't want to be this way no oh I feel already bad about myself so don't mock at me oh I know

I know I told you they're quite sweet in this way oh they do they sound really sweet oh it's a bit awesome they just want to obey the rules um you know they don't want to cause any friction or any conflict

um you know they they like it when everything runs smooth

and if everything has a certain structure they have up for that I guess some of them they are not so fond of that it's so tight and tense

okay wow thank you thank you pixie do you want to tell me what you drew there what you got yeah [Music] um well a bunch of owls I count them seven owls seven hours yeah wow so like a group they always come in groups right owls come always in groups and they're all a bit different they look all a bit different they have a different expression um some of them have long lashes others look a bit nervous and be intense um others just a bit confused so they all have a certain expression and do any of them have names or like different names oh well I would need them to go through it so we have Betty Betty we have call Carl we have Toby Toby we have oh my god um Johnny Johnny with Fred

um Lisa Lisa and we have

oh wow hang on a second what's his name Leo I'm just curious how do they seem being drawn out like this but they don't feel so comfortable about it it's like be naked for them ah yeah and it feels like even Betty is sort of like very shy and sort of trying to cover herself though I mean she's got feathers there's nothing to cover um

but this is how she [ __ ] with it feels like with her uh-huh so I'm like I feel naked it's like yeah but you have feathers on kill the matter I still feel naked

right oh she seems really cute

yeah excellent it's excellent

are you do you have a sense of like which ones are more nervous than others oh yeah Joni Johnny is extremely nervous you can see it in her in his eyes sort of like this I don't know you know when someone is really nervous got these ticks right it's sort of like uh-huh moving the head very quickly it's Johnny I guess it's over a period of of years that he seemed quite stressed he's one of the most sensitive ones from them oh and that's why you know it really hit his nervous system eventually yeah so your journey is kind of sweet well so pinky pixie um I guess if it's okay with you and the big one um is it okay if I have a conversation with the owls yeah sure go for it they're funny good all right wonderful well then um if you want Pinky pixie we can always come back to you so if there's more you need to say sure um you know we can always come back but let me ask you before I I do talk to them how are you feeling right now I'm feeling so much better because I have that feeling there's a solution coming maybe much more than in the past sort of like I think the big one hurt me and she texts more seriously I have that feeling yeah well you've been working so hard for so long to try to get her attention and you know what it worked you got her attention remember here now and then you've led us to the owls so I'm excited to talk to them too yeah so thank you for that that's fantastic it's cool to talk to them they're funny may I ask which of the owls most wants to speak uh uh Toby at the moment it seems like the like the most grounded one and speaks once or speaks for the group it's like a okay actually I mean he's like an owl but um he's a bit like a teddy bear as well okay okay so Toby wants to speak so is it okay if I have a conversation with Toby yeah

I invite Toby to speak with me and he agrees to speak Nina as always is awake and aware through our whole conversation [Music] so Toby so tell me about you I hear that you're there in a group of owls and you you're an owl too tell me about you

I I'm the one who's the most well I'm slow let's put it that way okay I'm I'm a bit slow um but the owls don't mind because it seems as if I can calm them a bit more down because they seem very hectic nervous sometimes always in control and I guess I'm more like a teddy bear instead of an owl so for some weird reason I am still an owl but by nature is a teddy bear so I keep them grounded tell me about then you all as a group have you all existed did you all sort of come along at the same time like tell me tell me what you can about everyone [Music] I think all of them they just evolved differently and it seems as if I'm there from the beginning of the time I know it sounds a bit weird but it is as it is um yeah and the others I don't know they just evolved over time you know with the big one together was it particular event in the big ones life that caused the different ones to form yeah or circumstances yeah for sure especially Johnny had a hard time you know Johnny was born when the big one was yeah on the edge let's put it that way so Johnny was born then um and we take care of him because he's still a bit like a wreck um but he's good you know we protect him let's get really the hell out of him and so he's still having this ticks at the moment but he's getting better you know we take care of him we nurture him we hug him so he's getting better oh okay well you are really really sweet to do that so what are the kinds of experiences then that have led to you all forming in terms of being nervous or anxious or having struggles like are there particular memories or it's so different some of them have been involved during school time you know when there was a system and later on in college so whenever there was a system implemented some of us just evolved some of us were born Whenever there was some kind of system that the big one had to let's say conform to yes or follow the rules oh yes okay I see so it sounds to me correct me if I'm wrong that you all form to help her you know get along follow the rules not get in trouble yes you know within any system she was she was living yes correct that's correct yes we helped her get along in this weird world it is a weird world isn't it yes it is a weird world yeah what are you afraid would have happened if you hadn't you know formed and and helped her in those ways I don't want to think about it you know I don't know maybe something different would have evolved maybe but I don't know I'm I'm glad we're here

yeah so how do you feel about the big one do you like her ah she's good she's a good one yeah yeah tell me what you like about her well let me think you see I'm a bit slow um

I like how efficient she is because you know we're the we're the group of control and efficiency yeah we keep things in place so she is highly efficient that's what I like about her also she can create her own systems which is not so common that's pretty rare That's Unique that's pretty cool not a lot of people can do that oh yeah yeah that's very unique it sounds like it's one of her gifts too yes to be able to do that it is and I tell you one thing she could break out of the old system as well if she's just going for her own system oh explain yeah I think she's really clever

she's so clever that she could create her own system so she doesn't have to follow the other system any longer oh

so can you give him an example of like if she were to create her own system do you mean in terms of how she lives her life or how she conducts her work yeah everything she could create her own business not a lot of people can do that yeah very true and not a lot of people are that brave and she has a lot of potential what would be a system that she could create for herself that would feel really good for her and support her in her dreams and in what you know the life she wants to create I think we would like just examples yeah I think we would need to ask the other groups as well because we are just one part right we're just one part of the system yeah we would also need to ask you know pixie Pinky

and other other groups if she would just listen to us it would make her not happy

I know that I know her well

oh if you were to only listen to her yes if she were to only listen to you to the old system if she just listens to us it wouldn't make her happy just out of curiosity has she been mostly listening to you lately I guess she did but it's can I say something I think it's still good that she listened partly to us but now she needs to combine it it's good to create structures right to give her security and also a system that might work and she's tweaking it anyway right but she needs to I don't know I just want to see her more happy

yeah and I think we have to get pinky pixie on board okay yeah

yeah okay

I just want to take a moment to point out something really beautiful that we've heard so far from both pinky pixie and Toby so pinky pixie when we met her she's really pissed off at Nina but at the same time she did Express her faith in Nina her belief in her creativity and in her ability to use her creativity to build the business of her dreams and then meanwhile here's Toby who's you know slow and grounded expressing the same thing he believes in Nina's ability to build a system and to build the business of her dreams as well so we have these two very opposite type Parts expressing their love and support for Nina what's also beautiful about what Toby expresses here is that he's very collaborative and he says no nina shouldn't just consult us she should talk to everyone to help her build her business design her life do these systems Etc so in contrast to pinky pixie who's in a more demanding uncompromising place right now he's much more collaborative and balanced and willing to connect with other parts to help make this happen for Nina Toby and I continue our conversation but listen as Parts start to pop in and out seamlessly better buckle your seatbelt for this guys because we are in for a wild ride

is there anyone else that you're aware of that she should get on board it's okay if you don't no let me think about

I can only think of the Unicorn the eagle and the Phoenix um right now maybe later on I remember other groups but I guess at the moment they seem quite important they sure do seem quite important we've they've shown up earlier Yeah in our conversation they definitely seem like they're there and ready to help and support so that's lovely yeah they're from a different realm they're not like us they're completely different they are I don't know from a different planet I don't know

we're quiet you know foreign I don't know we're owls you see you see if I try to talk to them I don't understand what they're saying oh wow okay I don't know maybe it's a different if we can see I don't know they they speak differently okay yeah but this is the call I mean they they're nice to look at right they're shiny they got this glitter and other things so they're quite magical to look at but I can't talk to them it's weird to talk to them okay okay that's cool yeah but the big one is able to communicate with them and yeah they both can okay yes yes it's just perfect it's just we out we're a bit more practical yeah yeah well that's great as long as there's a way to get their input and their wisdom to support the big one that's what matters yeah and we respect them you see it's the only thing we cannot talk them is like a different radio frequency is sometimes when you have these quechy noises you cannot really understand what's in the radio it's a bit like them trying to communicate oh wow yeah I know fascinating yeah I wished I could talk to them but it's not not at the moment it feels like it okay yeah well so in this moment I'd love to help you all feel more at peace I mean it sounds to me like I could be wrong but you seem like you're pretty chill but it does seem like some others on your team are really anxious and and and you know not feeling too good um you know maybe Fred looks a bit um anxious and Leo they don't know what's coming next I guess you know I'm Toby I'm more I'm more grounded but they're a bit younger so yeah and they haven't been I don't know they're not that old that I am so obviously they're younger and they're a bit more fearful mmm what is it that you get the sense that they're afraid of

and I can always ask them too so just letting you know I think better ask them because I would tell you okay yeah if that's okay okay yeah that's great that's great yeah so um who is it that most wants to speak next

I guess it's Leo Leo okay very cool is there anything else you want to say Toby before I talk to Leo um it might take him a while to get warm right but don't take it personally okay

excellent excellent I won't it's okay sometimes it can be hard to share so I fully understand that okay yeah okay all right thank you so much Toba you've been so helpful I so appreciate it thank you Emily you're very kind oh thank you well so are you and I so appreciate how uh for for all the years that you've taken such good care of the big one thank you oh thank you thank you all right I'll talk to you later now

oh my dear are you are you talking to me um whoever this is I'm talking to Okay

um I'm Leo oh hello Leo hi wow well well you're quite ready to go how are you I'd be honest I'm a bit um I'm a bit nervous oh what's you nervous about

what you're gonna ask me oh okay

is there anything in particular you're you're scared I'm going to ask you or about about a particular subject or I'm just afraid I cannot answer it you see if you ask me a question and if I cannot answer it it's one of the most horrible things for me oh I see so it's like you're afraid I'm gonna ask you a question and you won't be able to answer yes yes yes yes that's horrible so I don't know I don't know I don't know I feel a bit scared okay but it's okay yeah have you been hurt because you know we're attacked or criticized at all because you couldn't answer a question yeah it's like you know I was never interested in numbers it's like oh you know I'm more like a like a language person right and um oh I found numbers so boring as well so very boring so I wasn't interested in them and then well people ask me sort of weird number stuff I don't know 15 plus 36 or something right and it takes longer for me because I'm not fond of numbers it's like oh my God why do I have to think about it so and it took ages and I've lost in mathematics tests all the time so oh I don't like it I don't afraid you were gonna get it wrong yeah we had competitions I hate competitions right I hate it I don't like it so yeah that's why I'm just a bit more yeah yeah I'm not sure I'm not such a talkative person or owl more to speak yeah and you know what I'm now in a group they're all about to-do lists and excellence and sometimes they also have numbers I don't know I could I could end it up at the owl group I don't know I would have preferred more being in the literature group or in the art group but I'm just stuck now in the I mean sorry guys right I like you but it's you know I don't fit perfectly into this group here oh I see so it sounds to me like you're feeling kind of out of place there I am out of place here right I like him but it's not it's not my group ah okay yeah yeah it's not where you feel most safe and at home and relaxed yeah so if you could be in any group where do you think you would feel most safe and relaxed and yourself

I guess I'm pinky pinky Pixies group

s this group yeah are you there thank you pixie yeah I just heard a loud sound yeah I'm here oh okay Leo is this Leo no it's Pinky pixie right now oh it's Pinky pixie now oh okay all right I just heard a loud sound and so I wasn't sure what happened yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I heard my name so I just came up oh okay okay well hello again pinky pixie hello so did you hear who said your name well it was Leo wasn't it so you know about Leo huh yeah I heard about it he's in the wrong group yeah he said he'd like to be in your group how would you feel about that come along you know oh good leave the owls and come along yeah yeah oh good oh you're so sweet to have him that's wonderful yeah sure if you you will see more comfortable in our group them up we are pretty chilled we are all Arty we'll open you know he will fit in perfectly oh great wonderful yeah is does it feel like he's joining you now or what's going on yeah I mean he seems a bit like the funny thing is he's a bit loyal now to the owls because he's been stuck with them for a while so maybe he just needs to say goodbye to each of them and then you can join us but I think that's okay with the owls okay okay all right so what if we were to have uh you know what if I were to talk to him again and have him go ahead and do what he needs to do with the owls yeah sure to show that he cares sure okay all right is it okay if I talk to Leo again yep sure okay excellent I'll talk to you again pixie bye-bye thank you thank you bye

[Music] so we went from talking to Toby then Leo then pinky pixie showed up again and then back to Leo and what's so interesting about Leo's situation is that he's been doing a job for which he was never designed and we know that he wasn't designed for it because he was so unhappy doing it it just didn't feel right he's anxious he's scared he's nervous he's afraid he's gonna answer questions wrong I mean this poor part has been struggling to do something that he's just not cut out for but it's okay because he doesn't have to stay there he can go where he belongs so next we get to hear Leo's delightful response to learning that pinky Pixies says yeah come along join our group [Music] hey Leo are you there hi I'm there well so did you hear what she what well all right how do you feel I'm pretty excited right now um at the same time a few bit sad because you know I like the olds maybe we can make a compromise that I can sort of like commute between the groups also I cannot decide you know I don't want to be stuck forever in one group I don't like that I want to commute to groups I think that's my thing yeah yeah a few I've been more comfortable with that yeah I think I I just need to break out for a while from the owls and then I just need to explore a bit more what's what's out there and I think pinky pixie will be a good guide oh good good yeah but I'm excited now yay I'm excited for you that's gonna be fun yeah yeah yay yeah excellent do you is there something that you want to say to the other owls right now just to you know help you transition I'm just grateful that you were always there for me guys and but I have that feeling I need to move on a little bit and I will visit you in the future no worries but I have to explore right now nice and how did they respond to that a bit slow and responds [Music] um

some are a little bit shocked um Toby's fine with it that is a bit sad

call Elizabeth said as well you know with the owls they're all a bit like they're like their routines and if something is not you know going the same way over and over again they get a bit nervous about it um but overall I I have that sense that they have an understanding that I need to explore okay right even if they if they're sad and stuff yeah yeah yeah well and it's normal to feel sad you know anytime even if you understand why someone might be leaving or making a change it's totally normal to feel sad and it's okay to feel sad yeah so um Leo is there anything else that you need I'm I'm just want to make sure that you're feeling more at peace is there anything you need to share or do or say I think I'm fine now I think that was most important that I could just transition to another group that's how I feel about it okay yeah yeah and then it's out and the owls know about it it's important for me as well because otherwise it's hard for me to communicate so thank you for that oh you're so welcome well thank you for your courage in communicating that and really knowing what you need that's huge so important and so important thank you yeah well so um is there anyone else that you're aware of who wants to speak next it's one of the owls or should I talk to the big one what are you feeling um I guess Betty would like to talk to you she's a bit sad about the situation now okay okay all right all right then I guess I'll talk to Betty now um thank you so much Leo for showing up and for sharing I really really appreciate it thank you and I'm so excited for you your new adventures this is great yeah I know thank you oh you're welcome [Music] so far we've talked to pinky pixie Toby and Leo now we get to talk to our third owl Betty I invite Betty to speak and she agrees to as always Nina is awake and aware through our whole conversation

so Betty so tell me about you I heard you were a bit shy before are you still feeling kind of shy little bit I just feel a little bit sad about this whole situation right now Rising With You Know Leo leaving I don't know who's next and I don't know you know I like my family I like my family owls here right and I don't like when it's changing and yeah that's all I wanted to say really yeah oh I hear you yeah yeah yeah as I said to Leo sometimes that's hard you know going through changes like that well do you feel like you're in the right place among the owls yeah I feel very comfortable in here yeah I could say that you know we have our we have our little meetings with cup of tea and biscuits and stuff and um you know we just we just discussed the next week's always ahead and I love those meetings right I really love going through the calendar you know planning and calculating and um eating so I like that sort of thing very much oh good oh good it's just when emotions are coming up I cannot handle it that well you see it makes me a bit nervous right uh also I like just the mental stuff I like to Chin a little bit and to discuss things and stuff right I'm not such an emotional owl right um well is there anything that you need from me or anything you feel like you want to share with me or with the big one [Music] maybe she shouldn't worry too much the big one about so many things she shouldn't worry too much yeah you see it's not normally the kind of you know calculation person right the you know we are we're like calculations and plannings and stuff she likes to plan as well but she's mother creative one right she's secretive and so we help her we help her on that side yeah and we like her a lot because not a lot of creatives are that structured okay we'll love that yes

I see so you find that she's got a good balance uh within her of the ability to be creative and structured oh yes that is really rare that is really rare Emily I must tell you yes yeah well thank you so much for supporting her and helping her and being that wonderful balance for her creative side that's just fantastic thank you Emily for acknowledging that

of course of course she's a very special person and you're a big part of that she will love that so is there anyone else that you're aware of who'd like to speak next

I think they seem quite quiet at the moment here it seems as everything is said and I think the others they don't really want to talk but they don't think it's necessary I think they would talk if it would be necessary but they they kind of like nod and they say where everything is said already so does it feel like people that some of the other owls are sort of grieving a bit because of the changes yeah they do we all do right and they just need a little time and space to grieve yeah bad things okay if it feels like no one else really wants to talk right now then I guess is it okay if I talk to the big one again sure she'll love that okay thank you for all you do for the big one I know that you really enrich her life in so many ways of course we love her talk to you later Raymond bye Betty bye bye [Music] after our conversations with four of her parts we go back to speaking to Nina [Music] hey Nina are you there I am here yeah

how you doing there honey I'm good thank you this whole time I'm thinking is she okay back there

I'm good this is just like movie time for me

and observing okay interesting what kind of voices are coming out of my mouth oh my gosh totally I loved that oh my gosh they're all so distinctly different yeah wow how did it feel on your end to give voice to all these parts of you oh that was quite a bit um of voicing but it felt really good yeah especially because they seem all very cute and I mean these parts that I was talking to very cute and um sweet and likable right yeah there wasn't any nasty part um yeah coming across not at the moment right now yeah so I'm happy I have this uh I I've created that in a word that is um yeah a lot of them is just purely supporting me oh lovely lovely yeah I just want to check in with everyone basically because I want to see where we are with these these wonderful parts of you and how they're all feeling and so how whether it's the owls whoever we want to check in with first just want to get a sense of what are they looking like now what are they doing what's going on well at the moment I can't see the owls having a meeting right now

they're just like let's talk about it let's talk about it we have to discuss this like being on the football uh yeah is it football yeah right let's talk about it let's strategize let's strategize guys you can just see the fluff balls just you know hopping and doing their things and uh I love it strategize yeah that's funny which is I'm sure their favorite thing to do yeah have meetings and stuff yeah they love that yeah right right oh my gosh so funny well so okay good do you feel like drawing them in their huddle or no what do you feel like um I could do I mean it's just like a big fluff ball right at the moment with different colors I can do that yeah sure I quickly do that yeah it's just a Fluff ball a big one so funny yeah yeah I do that I just huddle up and also there which like can they hear us can they hear us she's she's drawing us now she's drawing again and that is just saying you know what I don't feel that naked anymore I don't care I think that's funny oh God I love them they're so fun

because I can sense I need a bit of um group time okay I don't want to don't want to get intruded right now

[Laughter] oh my God this is so darling I know tell me about it tell me about my inner world oh my God they've been through a lot today you've never been so exposed to a conversation it's really like group meeting group meeting yeah

oh I love it oh they're darling

um and then how's uh pinky pixie doing let me check with her and also Leo yeah you know I got just one picture of her and that's not her any longer I think I have to draw it quickly out and then we can see how that relationship with Leo goes on yeah just give me excellent excellent yeah absolutely all right

what I can tell you already she's in a much better mood already oh God she's got this kind of cheekiness around her coming out and but it's a good it's a good sign okay

this is kind of like cheekiness and sassiness sort of

he's just telling me I shouldn't draw her boobs right now so I just have to remove it again

sorry [Applause] yeah you're a bit younger than my the big one that's true [Laughter] I love it I I just she's so awesome no she said yeah that's better okay

go ahead and hold back does she yeah

it's funny okay that's better now okay she also wants a bit longer hair not just the punk style that you know I gave her in the in the earlier pictures she wants a bit longer hair so she gets one now I'm trying to make her happy

yeah draw me right lady yeah demanding

[Laughter] I think she always says but you can do it so just you know make some effort okay well right that's the other side of it right it's also that she has faith in it yeah yeah she's like come on exactly exactly oh my God but she seems to be already in such a better mood which is great I like that about her yeah yes great

and she's sassy in terms of I can hear already something where she's saying yeah in this session we talked a lot about things but we have to put this in a kind of contract so you keep your commitment oh oh okay this is uh getting a bit I feel a bit tense now okay yeah yeah a little bit tense about this but we we see how how we are getting there yeah we'll work through it yeah yeah yeah I'll make sure you're not feeling tense but yeah we're done yeah it's just because she knows pretty well what she wants and um you know otherwise I can't I can feel her sort of like yeah and if you're not gonna do it I'm gonna escalate yeah let's see okay yeah so she's a bit of the rebellious one as well a bit like teenager Style mm-hmm

and I think that's that's the only thing that makes me a bit worried sort of like escalating um yeah okay but yeah it will work yeah yeah we talk with her about that


she's a bit complaining about her hands but let me just quickly talk to her okay so I just need to talk to her okay because she's also a bit of perfectionistic and this is not about I need to talk with her about it that we just need to get the idea right you know roughly it's not about perfectionism yeah okay because she moans about her hands right now

and I guess that is also one thing if I start with drawings and paintings and stuff she doesn't want to stop and it it's like up like 3 A.M in the morning or so because the creativity is running so much through me and sort of like oh now now we have the time let's do it and um yeah I think we have to discuss this as well

um because it's not so good for my body just uh having a lack of sleep and she's just going wild at that time then because I can see her point of view I can feel her at the same time I also know other parts other groups that need to be taken into consideration absolutely yeah [Music] so what we're hearing is Pinky pixie is that she's feeling better which is wonderful but at the same time she's also very demanding and she wants to make a contract with Nina to ensure that she gets her needs met as well and there's nothing wrong with having a contract with a part so long as it's done with trust and peace and balance but what we're hearing from pinky pixie and you can tell by Nina's reaction is that her energy is still very controlling and that it's very fear-based she still doesn't trust so what we want to do is get pinky pixie to a place of peace and calm in a balanced relationship with Nina and with the entire system within Nina so we still have some work to do with pinky pixie [Music] all right I have her I like her good what have you got there okay so she's got this wild haircut uh yeah with some more long hair at the back like a fukuhila I don't know what this like a mullet you know can okay in the 80s like a mullet thing and um she's got a really rainbowy shirt on and her skin is kind of like yellowish pinkish you know she she seems very alive and at the same time quite happy you know she's just spreading her hands and she just said to me well the hands are still not great um that's so good for now because like my hands are ugly they look like sausages

okay it's okay um but I think yeah I'm happy that she has a complete different energy right now she she like a happy yeah sort of like yay good yay it's sort of like you you see me she says yes good

just asking me shall we go on an on an adventure oh

how do you feel about that hmm I don't know what type of Adventure I think the owls are getting already nervous in the background oh okay they're kind of busy with their meeting but with one ear they're still listening to what's going on around them yeah I feel a bit threatened through all these circumstances right now not not threatened but sort of like oh my God what's going on right now again right who's who's disturbing the peace here um yeah and

I can't feel a little fear coming up with this adventure because you know I don't know what kind of Adventure that is but then it wouldn't be an adventure if I'd know already because I I have that feeling um she sometimes going a bit too far um it's like for her it's like either or there are no gray areas so either she's on fire or she's not on fire

and with her she just wants to have fun and adventure as much as you can and she doesn't care about the other groups I think that's the issue a little bit yeah and then she's getting into this kind of teenager rebellious sort of like ah I don't care about the other groups that's right because you have ignored me for so many times it's my turn now it's my turn now and I don't wanna have a compromise with the other groups hmm and I guess that is the part that kind of stays anxiety in me because she's this either or she has this either or mentality and um yeah I wouldn't say it's evil but all or nothing yeah All or Nothing sort of like radical

and there's a part of me that says yeah that is too much that is too much you're just taking completely over if she has the permission or if someone would Grant her for permission she would just completely take over

and now I can censor already getting a bit angry when I say that mm-hmm and also I can see her eyes tearing up a bit and

it's a little bit like um

when you have only one child and you don't want to share it you don't want to share your toys with other with other children it's a little bit like that and um I have that feeling I would need to teach her how to share with others without having the fear that she will get ignored there you go yeah and I can see her nearly going into a hump again about this uh-huh sort of okay why is that uh-huh

and yeah yes because we already have other groups in this inner World here it's not only you that exists we also have other groups that are important to make this to make everything work

so what you're about to hear me say to Nina is partly me saying it to Nina but it's also me saying it to pinky pixie because pinky pixie is a huge part of Nina's power and her creativity and her ability to build this business and a life that she desires but it's not going to work as long as pinky pixie is still trying to control the show we need all parts on board working harmoniously together

so okay let me go back to something that the owls said I remember when I said okay so what would be the system that you would design for you know or what do you think the big one should do and their response was well I think that all of the groups should be involved in designing that system right so they were like they're collaborative they say let's all work together because we're not the only ones and from where I sit that's really what this is about it's about bringing in all the parts to contribute to whether it's decision making or you know project creation or any of those things or life in general right we need a balance and we all have our own let me put this way we all have our own unique balance right some of us just really do flow Better In The Free Spirit spiritedness than others and others want to be more like the owls but the point is is that we honor whatever balance is right for us based on the way we are designed up to now it sounds as though pinky pixie has been that more free what I would call your inner free spirit that free-spirited part of you that has gotten a bit shafted you know she's like I want to do all these things but I feel like you're always doing other stuff and you're not valuing what I have to do you know to contribute to your life so it's totally understandable that now that she's free she'd be like okay then it's my turn and kind of like a child you know who's like all right then and they want to take control because they've been so out of control or because they've been so controlled by others for so long at the same time it's not about all or nothing it's not about okay now one part gets to control everything and everybody just has to sit there it's not healthy when any one part of us controls us more than others the important thing is that you are quote unquote in control now that doesn't mean you're controlling them right like suppressing but but that you're the one who's the decision maker and they are contributing and you're listening to their wisdom without them like taking over you because that is fear-based when we have parts of us that react that way that's a reaction from Fear there is a way to give space and allow space for Pinky pixie to feel filled up right to feel like she's getting her creative time while at the same time honoring the other parts and the other needs that you have so I don't know if that resonates for you or that makes sense totally okay so I think it would be helpful to then take her through the next couple of steps

I then guide Nina through a short script that helps pinky pixie feel valued and appreciated here's how biki pixie responded [Music] she's jumping now into the air you know like excited teenagers with the hands and stuff um yes um and sort of been very happy and excited about it um

yeah she's happy and she's also got um she's got tears of joy right now sort of like she feels touched and at the same time is also tears of joy

wonderful and how does it feel for you to see her that way it's touching and at the same time I feel quiet um relieved that she's not this kind of like either or um kind of character you know this kind of radical character so that has calmed down is that what you're saying okay that scared me a little bit this radical character um because she hasn't got as I said she cannot oversee all the physical um conditions that I've experienced in the past right um so yeah it feels good that she feels more relaxed now and not so much yeah on the edge yeah good excellent good that's what we want yeah okay good

I then guide Nina through a short script that helps pinky pixie know that she no longer needs to feel think or behave that way that it's okay to let it go here's how pinky pixie responded

and how does she seem now how she feeling hearing all that much more relieved right now sort of um more relaxed

more understanding she seems also true have grown out of this rebellious sort of child-like attitude stage you know when I first met her she was around 14 15. she seems like 17 18 now do you want to draw her again or no it's up to you I'm just checking

yeah I might just give it a go

it's so fun to see how they change right it's like well let's see what you're looking like now

she's already telling me I got some boobs now so

yeah yeah she she wants her boobs right now she's awesome cheeky monkeys awesome

it's quite funny she's very specific with her makeup but we're getting there I get in there it's okay and with the hair and everything right like but she seems more relaxed she's not like that bossy like she was previously with her hands she's like no no take your time if I stress you it's not gonna work

he seems more patient oh perfect yes she seems more patient now

and I guess she realizes the more patient she becomes the better she will look like

and I can feel there is like a like the energy has shifted for the very positive there's more peace there's more calm

she just said you know what it doesn't have to be perfect we can get used to each other and get to know each other much better so don't worry too much about it [Music]

yeah baby because I said I apologize your hands again right drawing hands is really tricky and I haven't been drawing hands for ages so um I can feel that coming up as an issue for me personally with the big as a big one okay and

she just says I don't worry my hands are she's now the one being like my hands look like pancakes don't worry about it

I get what it where you're heading no worries we're getting in there

and it's also interesting because the um well her closest changed a bit um okay she's got more like um I wouldn't say a corset it looks like a dress that she's wearing um but the upper half looks more like a golden armor type of thing um it could be it could be and the the skirt still got the dragon skin as well

all right all right what do you got there honey oh I have um it's funny uh she reminds me of um of my iconic Essence and um the thing that I actually Drew out here reminds me so much of her with the red hair and you know with the fiery costume and um yeah this is my iconic Essence picture actually that I did back then of her enormously this kind of patience at the same time this kind of self-confidence but it's not this nastiness anymore um yep right the radical the radical part is uh it's not there anymore um and how do you feel about her I feel really good it's like an old part being reactivated again and also it's not just an old part it's just this combination of the free spirit connected being a connection with an old soul you have a certain depth to it not just this yeah I just do my thing and no matter what

um it has depth now it is so depth [Music]

this transformation we're hearing in pinky pixie is excellent rather than being critical and demanding now she's being patient and supportive and complementary of Nina rather than throwing a temper tantrum she's being loving and kind she's no longer a wounded now she's back to her original Essence as a free spirit which is one of the three types of powers that we all have inside of us I call them empowers because their job is to empower us to live our truth and the fact that pinky pixie resembles Nina's iconic Essence well that says it all she really has aligned with Nina's truth and can now support her in living that truth holy and fully bringing all of her beautiful exuberant creativity to Nina's work and her life speaking of which let's find out some of the ways that pinky pixie can support Nina going forward [Music] what do you feel that she can offer you in your life going forward what gifts does she have for you do you feel

definitely the flow of creativity for sure okay I'm not struggling with creativity at all it's more like closing the tab of creativity as I said when I start being creative in the evening or afternoon it's hard for me to finish or it used to be let's put it that way it used to be hard for me to finish

before 12 yeah

and having that she can offer me a more healthy way I guess with creativity as well um maybe even so that in any aspect as we spoke about it in any aspect of my life that I invite her into and give me insights and more um different perspectives also because I mean creativity yes on one part creativity is this flow is this drawing is the painting it's the expression in itself on the other hand side it is also about new ideas and supporting people with New Perspectives that's also creativity yeah and if I invite her maybe also the creative part of that other person comes up right and they can just exchange a little bit

ah so it's like your creative self can connect with their creators exactly ah so I'm a bit like it feels like she's a bit like a fire starter igniting Sparks in other people because she she is Pinky pixie creativity yeah and um so but creativity's got different facets different size to it so she was just getting really impatient because it's tense at the moment currently what I'm experiencing with the full-time job plus building up my business at the same time so whatever hours I can take I'm just putting so much energy and effort in that and she just felt a bit neglected and so um yeah we see how this is going to evolve in the future what are some ways that would feel good for you that she could support you and feel you basically I I would go outside just to get some fresh air and stuff and then really just get my papers out get the colors out and just sketch and draw without any intention I think that's most key and I think where she could just play a big role in it because from that onwards it could lead me really into let's say creating posts but they have a different energy they've got this different creativity um that's what I experience right so we see how I can inter Weaver in um before I would let's say go into content creation or writing a post or creating a reel so she would just be there first obviously I'm an artist okay and this artist's heart needs to breathe every day especially in this phase where you know it it goes more into a different area wants to create his own business based on creativity Etc um so I need to really be aware of okay what do not my what does my body needs my body needs some fresh air I have some walking and then go back and at least have half an hour of scribbling painting writing whatever but expression and um afterwards then obviously also Consulting as you said the different parts um for the business basically so we will see and I will just um keep her I think at the wall so I can see her on a daily basis as a reminder first of all anyway just to connect with her it feels easier to connect with her if I can see her as well and um yeah right yeah keep her right there in front of you yeah absolutely it seems as if she's getting now a glimpse of the whole picture instead of just her own kind of tragedy or drama so she's getting more like a full picture of oh okay there are other groups as well okay there's this business okay okay okay okay um instead of just being focused on herself uh you know like this egoistic part um so it's it's gonna be interesting how the next weeks will evolve with with both of each other and see how we can get let's say the Unicorn the eagle on board as well because I would love to see them being at my table right to have committee meetings with them

and yells you know they love their meeting so I'm sure they're yeah they're like oh my God yes I love it

Pinky pixie keeps rolling eyes a little bit which is of course they love it um we see we see how it go maybe we keep a bit unconventional the meeting maybe we just don't need to have a table where we would just have a sit-in and stuff right to keep it more yeah keep it more casual exactly a bit like you know Alice in Wonderland kind of tea parties I think she would like that sort of thing and I think I could get the owls on board as well because they like tea and biscuits right so oh my gosh because okay so now I'm kind of like can I come to your party can I can I come to your meeting oh [Music]

about a week after our session I caught up with Nina and Pinky and the owls to find out how they were all doing Nina said that the session was very deep and it brought up a lot of issues that were ready to be released in fact for a couple three days after she felt kind of vulnerable a little shaky emotional and raw she felt a lot changing and actually this is normal because in a session we move a lot of energy and emotions and a lot of memories come up and it's kind of like the internal system reorganizes a bit now that there's been this big change which obviously there were some very big changes in her session but that since our session she's been drawing a lot she's really kept her promise to pinky pixie creating Art For Art's Sake not necessarily to post and in fact she got an overhead light to record herself during her painting process she also framed the drawing of Pinky pixie and put her on her desk as a reminder and she said pinky pixie is doing great now she's having a blast she's much more relaxed and Nina says you know it's because I've been doing the things I said I would do in fact pinky pixie has been helping her with some of her work projects she she said that pinky pixie understands if Nina's too tired and she only has half an hour to paint that's okay so I asked and how are the owls and she said well they they prepared for our talk today and she said that Leo is still commuting between the two groups and that the atmosphere between pinky pixie and the owls is totally peaceful now and that is what we want for all of our parts to be freed of fear and reactivity and working harmoniously together to support us in living our own truth and lighting up and I think if there's any major takeaway from this session is that it illustrates the incredible need to reclaim the power and purpose and wisdom in our inner children we all have more than one inner child and they're all a bit different in this case pinky pixie was you know highly creative and exuberant there are other inner children who are really sweet and kind and others who are all about relationships and connection and love hugs and then others that just want to play and be silly and have fun all of our inner children are valuable and when we can free them from their fear and reactivity that's when we can reclaim their Joy their gems their Sparkle their peace their wisdom their fun their freedom and as we help them reclaim that for themselves we feel that more and more within us the more we can allow our inner children to shine the brighter and more radiantly we shine too [Music] if you'd like to see the drawings from this session go to and scroll down to the drawing section if you want to learn how to draw out your own inner struggles and strengths you can take our free 45-minute course in our free change light Community simply go to community.changelight dot world where you can also discuss episodes of dark light truth in a safe supportive space and get my insights about them if you are interested in going through the drawing out process privately with me over the phone or in person go to forward slash coaching if you'd like to apply to go through the drawing out process for this podcast please apply at forward slash apply if you enjoy dark light truth please post a review and share an episode with your family and friends this raises our ratings and enables us to help even more people darklight truth was recorded on and edited with GarageBand the music is from tribe of noise and soundstripe I especially want to thank my parents Susan and Linc Eldredge and my husband Paco Torres all of whom have been incredibly loving patient and wise mentors for me in my work the drawing out process is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist I developed this work myself and I am its exclusive owner and guide whether you are a Seeker or practitioner please respect that this is my proprietary work and it must be properly LED in order for it to be fully effective do not try to do this process on your own thanks


how was it for you oh my God so much fun I was like they're so cute like all these cards are so cute I enjoyed it very much as well thank you so much Emily


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