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OUR Values + Vision



At ChangeLight, we stand for inner and outer connection.  We know that the more fully connected we are with our Self and our own Truth, the easier it is for us to connect with others and with the All-That-Is.

At ChangeLight, we know that we - humanity - are all connected.  We know that we are all on the same team. We are all in this together. Therefore, we do not compete - we collaborate


We know that when we benefit others, we also benefit ourselves.  Therefore, we create mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships wherever and whenever possible so that we can all rise together


At ChangeLight, we know that hurt people hurt people, therefore healed people heal people.  We know that we are all responsible for our own healing.  It is not our fault we are wounded, but it is our own responsibility to heal.


We know that "wellbeing inspires welldoing".  When we are mentally and emotionally well, we shine brighter and have a greater, more positive impact.  We know that inner peace begets outer peace, which begets world peace. 


We also stand for balance.  We know that we cannot serve others from an empty cup.  In order to heal and light the way for others, we must heal and be lit up ourselves.  Therefore, at ChangeLight, we are just as committed to our own healing and well-being as we are to others'.  Just as we help others heal and light up, we heal our own struggles and do what lights us up!



We know that honesty and authenticity are required for us to fully live our Truths and to help others live theirs.  Therefore, with respect and appropriate boundaries, we tell the truth.  We don't play games.  We don't posture.  We don't pretend to be other than who we are.  We show up as fully and authentically as possible with everyone everywhere. 


We know that vulnerability is required for human connection.  When safe and appropriate, we openly express how we feel.  We know that integrity is required for trust.  We walk our own talk and live according to what we teach others.


At ChangeLight, we know that everyone on Earth is here to live their own Truth and that living our Truth sets us free.  When we are fully living our Truth, we shine our brightest light, and, when we light up, we light up the world.  Therefore, we stand for Truth, and trust that we ourselves are guided by the clarity, wisdom, and light of our own Truths.  We teach people how to fully live their Truths so that, collectively, we can heal humanity and light up the world. 


At ChangeLight, we know that inner and outer safety are the keys to healing and well-being.  We are most at peace with ourselves and most empowered when we feel safe in our own skin.  We also know that outer safety accelerates inner healing.  Therefore, at ChangeLight, we provide a safe space where others can heal.


We know that healthy relationships require healthy boundaries.  Therefore, we stand for healthy boundaries.  We do not rescue.  We do not impose.  We stay out of the Drama Triangle and firmly in the Healthy Triangle.  We respect the experiences, perspective, uniqueness, and sovereignty of  every individual.  We trust in the innate power, wisdom, and Truth of everyone we serve. 


At ChangeLight, we do not compromise on quality.  We work to deliver the greatest possible experiences, results, and impact for the people we serve.  We constantly seek to innovate and improve ourselves, our methods, and our results.  We constantly seek to achieve deeper and broader global impact with our work.


We do what is right - not just what's convenient. 



People are guided by their inner light and Truth. They are joyful, lit up, and shining brighter than ever. They feel connected with all and with the All-That-Is.


Thousands around the world are teaching the ChangeLight System to millions everywhere.  Globally, people know about exPowers, emPowers, Guiding Star, and Truth.


Millions around the world have integrated the ChangeLight System into their lives, using it to enhance their personal, professional, and community well-being.


Humanity is healed of inner emotional struggles. We've broken the chains of generational trauma. Bullying and other toxic behaviors are things of the past.  Equality and social mobility have greatly increased. Our societies are loving, compassionate, and just.  Humanity and our planet are healthy and thriving.

Image by Simon Forster

ChangeLight's MISSION

Imagine everyone on Earth free of inner blocks, triggers, and wounds - shining their lights brighter than ever.  Imagine everyone easily navigating their inner struggles and conflicts with others.  Imagine who we would be and what we could do - individually and together - if we were all living our lives this way. Imagine how much faster we could achieve our goals, do good, and change the world. 


That's what we at ChangeLight are about.  By guiding children and adults through our unique emotional education system and teaching them how to do their inner work for greater good, our goal is to vastly accelerate the healing of humanity and our planet. 

ChangeLight isn't just a company - it's a movement.

We are pioneering a new era of global well-being and leadership.

Won't you join us?

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