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🎙ELICA | "Rainbow Scribbles" (Blocked in Business)

Here are Elica's drawings, the video, and the raw transcript from Episode 10 of the podcast DARK LIGHT TRUTH.


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my kid actually said stay away from me I've done a lot of work but there are blind spots that I cannot see like a grenade you just press one button and everything would explode even more like everything will fall apart she was in the kindergarten when they took her to the hospital very very sad she had to keep it down to stuff

it we didn't know how to help her then she stopped throwing it would have bring her

home she learned how to crochet she learned how to knit she did all these things but she didn't draw and she forgot her

Sparkle it's like I know who I am you know I don't need to prove any anything to you to you to you it feels so [Laughter]

delcious imagine that you're a Bulgarian single mom with a teenage son who is bursting with creativity you've been through your own journey of having suppressed your own creative spirit and now you really want to help others access theirs as well but anytime you think about approaching any body about you know this is what I do and this is who I am you feel blocked this is the challenge that Alita came to our session with it's the mystery that we're here to solve what is causing this block what is the part of her that needs to heal so that she can feel more whole and free to share with others the truth of who she is and how she can help them light up with their own creative Spirit but before we get to the part of Alita that holds that pain that needs to be healed so that the block can be released we are going to meet some other beautiful parts of her that show up to provide her with wonderful guidance and wisdom and ultimately also I think to prepare her for facing the wounds that are underlying all of this current struggle Elita starts by telling us the story about how she had suppressed her own creativity for so many years and the shocking and painful event that forced her to confront her true feelings and start her journey toward shining her own creative light by the way when she mentions the free offering she's referring to my free 45 minute course which lays out all aspects of the Chang light [Music] system I would connect a little bit through my child when my child was young uh because my child was wildly creative and I just loved the way my kid would go into these Journeys with all sorts of materials and all sorts of papers but then part of me would come like and my kid is wasting so much paper and my kid doesn't know how to use these things

properly and but it took me a while it took me to um I would say a big major event when my kid actually said um stay away from me and that that was a shock and that was shortly after I started looking into the emotions and and as I was doing this I was tapping into okay I want to try this colors and my kid is no longer using this what can I do with them and I would enter this state of flaw and I was like oh I want to connect with more of that I want to connect with people who do crafts and to see what that is about um and it led me to this journey and one of my struggles challenges kind of pain points is when it comes to actually presenting it to others that this is what I do and this is how I can help you or I can support you mhm I go back to the and let me go on another Journey uh uh oh honey I get it yes I totally get it and as I was listening to the session between you and Nina and I was just listening and doodling and all of a sudden it was like so who are you and who is my business and and who are the people that would most benefit from the support that I can offer to them so yeah I've done a lot of work but there are blind spots that I cannot see and there parts that just need a little bit more helping hand outside of myself MH I was listening to the free offering all these uh little parts that were popping in even though they wouldn't share their name with me but they were talking about me oh my gosh they're talking with each other about you

yes oh this is so fun and I was like okay so who wants to come now and it's a character I've never met

before so the eyes are in the upper chest you know the the higher heart where you would say uhhuh but the whole shape of it it kind of looks like incomplete infinity sign oh so the the bubbles from the lower part they kind of get a bit filtered what goes up towards the eye uhhuh so it's like this is the point of filtration you know not everything needs to go out yeah um in such a way okay and it has some wings and I said okay what's your name and say slos rocket okay I'll go with that interesting slashy rocket just so you know I never asked to see the person's drawings during a session why is that because it doesn't matter what I see in their drawings the only thing that matters is what they see and how they interpret what they've drawn what's come out of their subconscious but as you can hear elita's drawing is very abstract slushy rocket is kind of a complicated character and then in the later characters we'll hear that they're quite complicated and Abstract as well so in this case I highly recommend that you go to my website darklight where you can see the drawings of these parts as they show up in the session not to mention you get to see her beautiful

artwork so we've got slashy rocket are there other parts that are showing up right now possibly including the ones that were talking to each other sh wants to speak so instead of Shadow her her name is actually Shuffle and she just did this thing well it's not going to be D it's going to be F and you're going to stick with

it okay because you know it's been enough of me trying to conform and that's that's the main message that we are not here to conform um what does she look like well she's kind of flowy um it's you know like those squiggly lines yeah it's a little bit like a shell um and then there is the Pearl seed in the middle what is does she have a face no not a face but um it's just one color which is gray mhm she tells me which parts needs a bit more enhancement and which parts can be transformed okay oh interesting so she's the one who kind of has her pulse on everything in the shadow in your Shadow yes so she she's very happy that we're where we are right now okay um although she said um it feels like she's been holding me for a long like holding in a sense of mothering holding yeah let me have my Tantrums she feels tired now mhm be being the holder for this space for so long yeah how does she feel being drawn out like this she feels held now instead of the other way around okay cuz they are tears flowing yeah she just tells me to take my tears and bless myself because yeah it's

interesting she sounds amazing oh she's she's she's

incredible she's

incredible she sounds like she really loves you

yeah and now she asked me to add some colors to that Pearl suit really yeah like a purple a lighter pink and she actually reminds me that she's been giving me all this prompts lately mhm um with the rainbow pearl MH um as a way just to tell me

that yeah it's time it's time to to shine it's time to shine yeah that's what she's saying it's time to shine she feels lighter now like okay like that weights kind of dissolve yeah she's happy she would love me to spend more time with her a bit later but for now she's happy [Music] okay M such beautiful wisdom that shaffo has for Elita here we are not here to conform it's time to shine and notice how shaffo goes from Gray to more color ful and radiant as she is allowed to speak and impart her wisdom to Elita so Shao is a beautiful part of elita's wisdom that's come forward during this session to let her know hey I'm here and I've been here all along so so far we've met slushy rocket and shfo but we have a few more characters that we're going to meet before we finally reach the one that ultimately needs the healing next up is olly who's quite

cute I feel like they're all loving on me today oh well that's nice yeah I don't know who else wants to come okay

um right I'll just invite them in and

o o and then Double L and then I E and O is much more energetic and bold so he moves in a very purposeful way determined it's very clear it's very like yeah this is what I want and this is how we're doing it yeah and it's like what I want yeah stop fretting about the details can just write it down yeah O is just stuck it's like sticking the tongue out like I've been telling [Laughter] you he wants something else to

share and now he's feeling timid if he speaks up then they'll with the Roar and he would need to to step back again and that's scares him he doesn't like conflict

oh okay sometimes he'll roll if he's been keeping it in for too long and that's scares him too but uh yeah he's he's quite grateful that like there is no longer um that screaming on top of the lungs to to try and make him hurt yeah so he's had to scream at the top of his lungs in order to be heard yeah and he's glad that he doesn't have to do that anymore yeah but then she she would be like why did you do that and here she uh she's the one with the pencil so we've just heard from Olli who's very purposeful and driven but is also really glad that there's no more having to scream at the top of his lungs because he feels heard now next up is Blue Wave and while it may seem like these parts are sort of these random parts inside of her that what their chance to show up and to speak actually we will soon find out that they all have a connection with one another and they've all shown up together for a

reason Blue Wave yeah Blue

Wave it's like a big lens on top a lens yeah like I'll show you the things that you need to

see she's very happy to be in the in the background she's not fighting for space at the front seat told me that the background work is as much important as the front work oh she's very happy that I brought her here in this place with you we can draw and we can talk and we're just drawing that's what she she wanted to speak about that lately I've been doing all this work she wants more fun like free flowing drawing cuz so far it's been this is my intention and then deep Dives she's like no just want a little bit of time with you to just move the pencil like we used to there was a time where we would meet every morning and it will be like and what wants to come up what wants to be shown today yeah she misses those times she misses the time in the in the Moonlight when I would just reach reach and feel for the pen that was right or the pencil and leave it as a surprise till the morning oh that she was always right yeah Blue Wave has something more to add is like it's okay not to say anything you don't have always to prove whether you're right or wrong sometimes it's okay to just shut up U but know that I I'm here I'll hear you okay it's not so much if the others would hear you I will hear

you but also she's she's very clear when when I actually need to speak up so others would hear the words and and and that's why she wants me to have a little bit more dates with her in the mornings like we used to okay to just to just help me so then we'll be in a even more seamless

communication yeah she wants me to know that all these stories I've been telling myself growing up just Stories the truth is always been with her ah

I want to thank her yeah cuz she never let me

down she tells me it's okay how does it feel to hear that from her it's very

peaceful I have tears in my eyes but they're yeah they're very peaceful like I'm just in the all yeah just in

all like this Serenity that I've been looking for it's always been with me

yes the serenity that I've been looking for has always been with me ah I just love this moment in a session when people realize this this is what it's all about for us to discover that what we seek isn't outside of ourselves it's inside the serenity the peace the love the joy the presence the healing it's true for Alita and it's true for you it's true for all of us so so so far we've met slashy rocket shaffo OE and Blue Wave and some of them have had some absolutely gorgeous wisdom and advice to give Elita but what's the connection between these why have all of these shown up right now well Blue Wave is about to [Music] explain and she tells me she's part of the Sovereign oh yeah like The Sovereign is not just one thing it's more like a

beehive yeah she actually told me that all of them that showed up today they are part of this Hive each one has their specific at

all um but chafo is the queen oh she she's the queen be Queen Pearl oh wow she she's the one that connects them

all she'll go and touch whichever one is needed and they come online to help that's

interesting extremely interesting yes it's like they all work

together and all three of them are quite happy at the moment good that's what we want we want them to be happy they're doing like this wave dance oh I love you guys you know the big waste on the stadium when one person starts that's what they're doing right now oh my

God and they're having Giggles it's like yeah yeah

yeah so what Blue Wave just explained to Elita is that sloy rocket shaffo oi and Blue Wave are all parts of her Sovereign now let me explain what I've discovered through my work with the drawing out process is that we have within us three types of inner struggles which I call X powers and that those X powers are just distorted versions of What I Call our three types of empowers the three Empower types are free spirit impressario and The Sovereign remember the that earlier shaffo had said we are not here to conform The Sovereign is the part of us that knows what is right or wrong for us independently of anything or anyone else it is the voice of our truth and so what she just explained is that all of these parts form the Beehive of elita's sovereign and that shfo as she said is the Queen the beautiful thing about this is that when I teach teach about the three EMP power types I basically talk about them as though there's just one of each just to keep it simple and not too overwhelming but the truth is that we do have more than one of each type we can have multiple sovereigns we can have multiple free Spirits we can have multiple impresarios and each of them has their own special skill or type of wisdom or thing that they bring to our lives so what's fun is that elites' sovereigns have just revealed this truth to her so now that we've met the Sovereign bees in elita's Sovereign behive next we'll finally meet the part of her that we will ultimately discover is at the root of her block when it comes to sharing her creative

gifts somebody else wants to come and it's the one

who's and they want a new a new Sketchbook a new page a new Sketchbook totally new a totally new cuz the Sovereign had their space Oh and now it's like it's my turn interesting it's my turn to do some messiness and just scribbling here here and there okay and they're like Emily are you going to ask us what our name

is I'm speaking to them well I don't know lit has done such a good job of actually finding out but yes I can ask what is your

name we are just scribbles scribbles but we are rainbow scribbles rainbow scribbl rainbow scribbles thank you for telling me your name rainbow scribbles oh we're

excited sorry I didn't ask sooner it's okay she's been talking she's been handling it very well yeah exactly that's why it's just you know but we we we wanted to include you oh thank you that's so sweet

oh my God thank you so much for including me I was feeling a little left out no I'm kidding

yeah you have so much energy but we don't know what to do with it oh can you help us Emily yeah absolutely I'm here to help what's the difficulty of having so much energy why is that difficult for

you because it's like on top of each other it's like it's like a mess each one of us has a clear definition okay but we go in different directions lots of us lots of us um we're coming into a bowl okay a bow like if a Cut's been playing with the yarn and then it gets Tangled we're struggling a bit right now okay we want things to be in order but then it feels like too much yeah and give up oh okay so is it like the feeling of overwhelm is that one of the feelings that you had yeah and Overlord as well yeah like a grenade like a grenade oh oh that's new if you if you just press one button and everything would explode even more and more uhhuh so the rainbow scribbles in my hearing that you feel like you're really on the edge of exploding you feel like you're always losing it more of losing it of losing it losing it okay it feels like tightness in the throat tightness in the throat like everything will fall apart like everything will fall apart yeah have you felt this way for a long time rainbow scribbles

very long time very long time okay

yeah okay so here we've reached a core of pain inside Elita a part of her that feels like it's always on the edge that feels all tangled up like these rainbow scribbles that she's drawing the that's really in a lot of pain and wants things to be in order so why is this part of her in so much pain will'll discover that it formed when she was just 5 years old during a very painful and scary

experience when was the first time you remember feeling this way rainbow

scribbles when they took her to the hospital oh she was in the kindergarten kindergarten okay so what happened when she was in kindergarten how come she ended up on her way to the hospital oh she do know but she knew her aunt came in an ambulance yeah they took her to a hospital all the kids in the kindergarten had hepatitis oh so they had they had to bring them all in the hospital uh but then there was no space with the kids so they put her in a room with adult women and she just know what was happening okay when she had to stay still for a really long time oh how come I had those needles oh yeah I she miss her

mom but she could only see her from the window those were the rules they had those are the rules

okay the nurses and the doctors can go in okay yeah cuz they were treating her yeah but Mommy couldn't come in a a oh and she would watch them mom dad and her older brother and she wouldn't understand why she can't go

home the women were nice yeah they would tell her stories she still miss her mom yeah it's not the same as having her mommy there she was going through such a scary experience and of course that's when you want your mommy most first right yeah she had she had to keep it down to tough it oh oh to tough her feelings yeah oh gosh oh so that made it even harder yeah a poor sweetie and why did she have to stuff it did they tell her she had to keep quiet what happened it they bit quiet you know and she didn't know these people yeah and they will turn the lights off at night and she didn't know how long she'll be there

for and how did you feel seeing her go through that in those scribbles very very sof you didn't know how to help her yeah I was just going to say I bet you felt powerless yeah cuz what could you do yeah then she stopped

thrwing it wouldn't bring her

home and when we showed up later she was drawing it wasn't appropriate oh yeah who said it was inappropriate her mom oh yeah it was naked bodies and how old was she when she was drawing the naked bodies she was about seven he wanted to practice her skills mhm of drawing the human body male and female but naked so that's what upset her mom so she had to stop doing something that brought her Joy yeah oh gosh how did that feel you see that happen oh it was scary like what did I do wrong but then she started comparing herself with the way her mom would draw or the way her big brother would draw and she would put herself down and she would put herself down

she would call for for us mhm cuz she wanted to meet us

mhm but we don't want to show

her why didn't you want to show show up a be

yeah because of all the pain that was that had become connected with drawing that the act of drawing had had taken on so much so many painful memories yeah yeah it's like you were trying to protect her yeah from that pain having that pain again yeah yeah so she turned into reading she learned how to crochet she learned how to knit she did all the these things but she didn't draw and she forgot her

Sparkle okay are you hearing the dots connecting with what rainbow scribbles has just shared with us Elita when she was just 5 years old had to go into the hospital by herself when she was sick away from her mommy it was very scary experience she ended up stuffing her Fe feelings she stopped drawing which she loved to do and then when she went back to drawing later on her mother told her it was an appropriate because she was drawing naked bodies which she was only doing because she just wanted to get better at her artistic skills so you can hear why Elita has had this very fraught relationship with her own creativity and with the act of drawing because it's connected with so much shame and criticism and suppression and pain can you also understand why Elita now as an adult struggles with sharing her creativity with others and with helping others to open up their own creative spark it's all starting to make sense isn't it so now that we've solved this mystery how do we go about healing this pain so that Elita no longer has this block as I ask ask rainbow scribbles some key questions listen as they start to change

shape well so I'm curious about if you were to be allowed to just express yourself without any fear without any worry if you could just like show up in all of your beautiful Brilliance and light and rainbow colors and everything and you were just totally sorted out what do you think you would look like just for fun let's just pretend how do you think you would appear if you didn't have any of this old yucky fear inside would be like fireworks in the sky ah fireworks in the sky tell me about that how does that feel wow you feel like magical and mystical magical and mystical yeah we like one big

firework [Music] wow we come from the center and we go out oh yes lovely yes that's

fun we turned into a Big Fuzz

bow nice

oh how you feeling rainbow scribbles she wants to squish us she wants to tickle us uhhuh and she wants because we have all these fluffs going out she just wants to run her hand over

our oh we want to give her the sparkle now good yes rainbow scribbles I'm thinking you're a big part of her Sparkle I don't know what do you think we are are

we it's kind of looking like it it's not for me to decide but I gotta say it it sure sounds like you have so much light exuberant happy joyful sparkly light you shine that you can shine more Sparkles more

Sparkles I guess we are we are for

Sparkles that's so much fun is so much

yes now we look like a rainbow [Laughter] Hedgehog rainbow Hedgehog I love

it y why we all to protect cuz we're the rainbow Hedgehog

but we didn't want anyone to see our under B so we rolled in a bow so only the spikes would be out but we're happy

now thank you Emily oh you're so welcome and is your new name rainbow Hedgehog rainbow Hedgehog yeah even though the spikes are out mhm they're more like ticklish and fluffy and they're more like this invitation to just touch it and feel it and giggle with

it but we also want to go to the grenade okay because the scries they want to be

connected the grenade turn turned into an multicolored Apple really oh go have you drawn it yet yeah oh cool we just need to add the leaf okay and the morning um you know drawing that she's going to be doing with I think it's Blue Wave um is that a good time for her to connect with you as well oh that will be very good yes oh good so that can be the time when you all get to talk with her and ask her questions and yeah feel really paid attention too and care for yeah and and you can care for her too it sounds like you really do want to care for her too we' love her and we'd like to help her yeah cuz she's been holding it together for so long so we can we can be with her during that time and bring some sparkle those morning times would be good morning times will be good yeah those magical morning times like her it's like her magical mornings you know she can yeah she can do her drawing yeah she's totally magical we want her to remember that she's totally magical we feel more in charge oh yeah but more in charge how we will act uhhuh rather than react yes yes yeah yeah we'll go play with Blue Wave okay yeah good have fun playing with Blue Wave yeah it's excellent I have a feeling you're gonna cook up some pretty cool stuff oh yeah that's what out

yes yes thank you Emily we very very happy now oh [Music] good oh isn't it just delightful to listen to the giggles and the Sparkles and the joy emanating from Rainbow scribbles now who's become rainbow Hedgehog and exploding kind of Firework energy oh just delicious I love it so now that it sounds like rainbow scribbles has finished sharing what they want to share it's time to go back to talking to Ala and see what she has to say about the whole

experience W I haven't cried like this for a while but it's not like tears of powerlessness when you they're just pushing through these were more like oh she sees us she sees us yes and she speaks for us yeah I feel very loved by them I I feel honored that they decided to come

today the rainbow Hedgehog and rainbow scribbles rainbow apple uh yeah that's like a shape shifter there it's more the playful shape shifting like oh I get to be this and I get to be that and I get to be rather than the shape shifting that happened before trying to conform so that's when they shape shift into whoever uh they thought the other person people wanted them to be but now it's like oh and I can be this and I can be that just for the fun of it yes I just wanted I'm just checking in to see where everyone is like how's chefo I don't know maybe even House's chefo she she's good she's good I've given her enough time like I've poured so much love into her so she's yeah uh slushy rocket is like I told you

a oh slashy Rocket and how's olly OE wants a little bit more now that thank you for asking

em feeling better and looking at stop fretting about the details it's like I told you you can trust your your knowing thank you O Okay Blue Blue Wave is happy oh yeah Blue Wave yeah okay she's happy she's happy there

um you'll get together she'll get together with with Ollie and with uh Shuffle they they'll get in the in the Sovereign good headquarter love that theive that is genius I love that oh my gosh yeah and um what became clear now um with our time together

is one because there were so many different aspects of my wild creativity uhhuh uhhuh that they just developed their own own unique Persona yeah yeah they have um but then I would be um yeah because I was so focused on Surviving yes um and I'm so grateful that uh you know had the Insight that I need to change um when that um kind of separation between me and my child out um was so

abrupt but also bringing them all together um and they each each one of them are very very happy um yeah and and you know they no longer also fight with each other who's going to be more in my field um right uhhuh they they're happy that uh there'll be time for each one of them to to commune with me um yes I trust whichever one would be most helpful would show up yes yes they know what they're best suited for for you so they'll just show up they know their own jobs you can trust them you don't have to figure that out like it's just all about trust yeah yeah really really feel loved by

that just want to buk in then do it just go for it just take your time and breathe it in feel it just let yourself fill with it yay yay and we're not even done yet I've got a couple more things to do CU then I think you're going to feel really good

so what do you think does Elita sound better than she did before does she sound happier and more joyful yes indeed and I love what she says about how they all know these parts inside of her they know that they don't have to compete with one another anymore they can be in harmony with each other because they know that she's going to listen to them and honor the wisdom and the energies that they have have for her so now that we've talked with rainbow scribbles and heard from all those other various parts of her Sovereign beehive it's time to guide Elita to thank these parts of her starting with rainbow Hedgehog and rainbow apple and let's hear how they respond to her

gratitude how did rainbow apple and rainbow Hedgehog respond to that oh no like

yeah yes yeah yes good yeah did they change at all just giving you a chance if you feel like redrawing them or no it's up to you no they just want to come together uh you know these images of Hedgehog that carry up us um oh no

I you have the Hedgehog uh kind of walking on the ground and then there is an apple on top just stuck to the uh needles so they just want to come together um oh but they're okay for now they they you know like the apples like stuck on it on like yeah kind of likees or something yeah that's like my nourishment is always with me uh kind of thing you know um that's so freaking cute yeah yes so good okay so they're good they are they are they're [Laughter] [Music]

like next she thanks her sovereigns in the hive let's hear how they respond they they're looking at me with this uh mothered look of loving loving like really deeply loving oh wow how does that feel for you I feel so held and a bit braver and Bolder yeah because I know no matter what they they are with me and um they they're continuing to guide

me there is a deep relax in my

body braver and bold her because she knows that they're there for her yes indeed indeed they are her Sovereign team supporting her now and finally I ask if she wants to thank slushy rocket and she says Nah slushy rocket doesn't need to be thanked but she does have a technique that she wants to share with Elita oh yeah she just told me a practice right now that I can okay okay thank you slushy rocket yeah thank you um which is just to sit um and kind of um spend a minute or two just um kind of rocking in in a circle or a spiral oh um interesting yeah yeah she she Lov she would love that okay wow yeah you know I just want to say here like the some of these parts have such incredible Moxy I don't if you know that word but they're just so like bold and brave and Unapologetic in in what they know and I just want to say that's you that's you that's really they're your truth yeah that power is your

power yeah that's who you are and they're very clear on what what they bring to the table yeah they're so clear and that's your Clarity yeah that's what I mean that's yours

yeah yeah seriously it is it's it is like woohoo it's so exciting it's so fun to be like oh they already know I just need to turn to them or just let them speak through me yeah yeah it makes life so much easier honestly it's like so much easier yeah

yeah so now that Elita has thanked these parts of her and she's starting to really absorb the power they have for her it's time to explain to them that it's okay they don't have to keep doing that job anymore they don't have to keep feeling that way anymore that they can let it go most of them accept this except one one is a little like H are you sure about that and that's rainbow scribbles so let's see how we navigate our way through rainbow scribbles

skepticism what is Rainbow scribbles afraid would happen if you were to really let go of going into that just overwhelm and overload she have to do all the grownup things oh wow interesting explain well like you know making sure things are tidy um certain things that um yeah I don't want to deal with they just they just can stay in the corner there and eventually I'll get to them they are more concerned that that would be left on their shoulders that they have to go at it alone all right so in a way they're like but if I let this go then I actually have to take responsibility for things and I won't have a way of like chilling like chilling and relaxing and and having all the fun things and having all the funs are they part of an an internal a part of your internal system that is able to like help you recognize when it's like you really need to you really do need to rest and relax yes to tell me uh step step back a bit they've been serving a really good purpose for you but the way they've been going about it doesn't work for you anymore no how could they communicate with you that would feel good for you how can they like you know whether it's tap you on the shoulder or sort of give you a hug or something that would be an indication to you like okay I I hear you I need to slow down a hug would be nice a hug would be nice yeah okay yeah yeah just to say hey girl take it easy yeah okay good yeah they tell me also that they can touch my face they can touch your face yeah to just get my attention Okay I like both but the hug is for when when it's a little bit out of the Rails too much just stop me and be like hey girl look here um yeah like maybe if you're not really paying enough attention to their touching your face you know and that point next St yeah yeah good so we have a we have a system here now we have a process like first number one touch her face yeah if she ignores us number two

Yeah so basically what we learned is that rainbow scribbles have been trying to protect Elita and get her to slow down and relax by sending her into states of overwhelm but we also learned that that really doesn't work for Elita and so since rainbow scribbles has seen itself as having this job then it's just a matter of okay going yeah this is really great that you're trying to get her attention and get her to slow down and take care of herself but let's see if we can find a different way of doing that so we're not taking that job away from Rainbow skial we're just helping it find a different way of doing it that feels better for Elita so let's find out how Elita feels now about this new

approach oh how does that how does that feel for you oh it feels really good yeah I feel tingles all over my body yes really the tingling goes from the top of my head to my feet which is a connection to to the higher Realms which I would call yeah but also a connection to the ocean that's that's my goto place um but now it's flowing more freely there is vivaciousness um oh yeah yeah and Sass comes to mind it's like I know who I am assassin yes you know I don't need to prove anything to to you to you to you I have a new image okay I love

it it's it's a big big spiral and a baby spiral and then lots of baby spirals around it's like yay yeah oh gosh it feels so luscious oh good good I want to thank them okay because all this time when I was working intentionally uhuh they've actually been guiding me to develop the skills that I needed very lovingly and very patient l so I want to thank them for that you've been spot on all the time

team yes and it's

like so many things we can do together and uh like [Music] wow yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


oh yes so many things we can do together elita's got her team she's got her Sovereign Hive actually she calls them all her rainbow Hive now and they are here to support her and love her and help her shine her creative Sparkle into the world and to inspire others to find theirs that's what this is all about she is now more empowered to live her truth with sassiness and Joy about a week after our session Elita and I reconnected to find out how she was feeling and what changes she had noticed she said she's really noticed a change in her ability to speak her truth she's had to have some tough conversations and has had some tough realizations about the people in her life but she was really amazed at how she could be so much more forthcoming and less fearful with them she said it feels very liberating and very easeful she said it just comes out there's no ruminating no rewriting in my head and that's due to the work I've done with you she said that Blue Wave has been letting her know when to express and when not to express she also added more to the drawings that she did in the session to really make them more complete and she said that rainbow Hedgehog has gotten some gilding he's more golden now then about 3 months after our session I reconnected with her again and she shared some amazing breakthroughs she's had with her creative Pursuits she also sent me images of an incredible art piece she created using the drawings from our session she said I am I am all about having all parts welcomed at the table this is celebrating them all as well as truly receiving them as the blessings that they are and they are every part of us is a blessing every part of us is part of our power of our light of Our Truth so the journey is simply to rescue those parts of us that have just fallen into darkness that are stuck in fear and pain and struggle and bring them back to light to life to Harmony so that they can work with us and for us and help us shine our light more beautifully sparklingly and colorfully than ever before that's what Elita is doing now and the same can happen for

you you can see the drawings from this session at darklight if you enjoy dark light truth please give us a review and share about us on social media we would love this support and it helps us have a bigger impact if you want to learn how to draw out your own inner struggles take our free 45-minute course at community. changel light. world if you're interested in private sessions of the drawing out process with me go to changel lightworld coaching if you'd like to receive training in the drawing out process please contact me directly at Emily changel light. World the drawing out process is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist I developed this this work myself and I am its exclusive owner and guide whether you are a Seeker or practitioner please respect that this is my proprietary work and it must be properly LED in order for it to be fully effective do not try to do this process on your own [Music] thanks

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properly she [Laughter] is they really do all take care of you in different ways don't they but I can put the mic on the on the silent for a moment so I can do it yes of course h


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