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Are you an impact-driven person who is seeking life-changing personal development with fast, exceptional results?



"I can honestly attribute my past 6 months of achievements to Emily's process."

As a survivor of violence, I always felt like I was worthless, that I did not deserve love or kindness.  Emily helped change all that - within 10 minutes!  During the Drawing Out Process, I felt a transformation like no other.  Emily helped me get down to the root cause of my pain and transform it into power. 


Since my time with Emily, I have been able to rediscover my voice, share my story in front of 700 of Australia's most influential people, and become an Ambassador for a national organisation.  I can honestly attribute my past 6 months of achievements to Emily's process.  For 15 years, I had lost my voice, and, in less than an hour, I found it again.  I am no longer ashamed of who I am or my story, and I have the confidence to stand up and become an activist for those without a voice.


I wish Emily's technique was available all around the world.  She is a gift, and I am so grateful for spending some time with her and learning her process.  If you ever need help rediscovering your power, give Emily a call.  Trust me, it will be the best thing you have ever done!


Caitlin Figueiredo
Founder of Jasiri | Australian 100 Women of Influence Winner

BE Honest.

As an activist, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, thought leader, politician, creative, impact investor, conscious capitalist, or other purpose-driven leader or changemaker, you're working so hard to make our world better for others... but how are you feeling?


  • Are you fully on track to achieving your goals?

  • Are you having the greatest impact you desire to have - personally and professionally

  • Are you firing on all cylinders?

  • How are your relationships - balanced and healthy?

  • Are you as happy, energetic, vibrant, and inspired as you wish you could be - as you know you can be?  

  • Are you fulfilling your sense of mission?

  • Do you feel you can offer more than you currently do?

Do you feel fully "lit up"?

Or, rather, do you feel...

  • blocked

  • over-reactive

  • anxious and stressed

  • burdened and overwhelmed

  • insecure, inadequate, or suffering from "impostor syndrome"

  • lacking clarity of purpose and direction

  • uninspired, unfulfilled, drained, or burned out

  • struggling in your relationships

  • joyless and depressed

  • unsupported and alone

YOU CAN Feel Free.

Here's the truth:

  • You can feel energetic and fulfilled in every area of your life. 

  • You can be free of blocks, triggers, and wounds. 

  • You can be in healthy relationships that are supportive and deeply fulfilling.  

  • You can have the greatest impact you desire - not with anxiety and stress, but with clarity and joy

You can feel whole, clear, and lit from within.


This is what's waiting for you... at ChangeLight. 


The more you follow our exclusive ChangeLight System, the more...

  • your stress level will plummet

  • you will be less reactive and more responsive

  • you will have stronger, clearer boundaries

  • your clarity and intuition will sharpen

  • you'll have a clearer sense of purpose and direction

  • you will radiate exceptional confidence and wisdom

  • you'll feel more free, whole, at peace, and empowered to be who you are here to be and do what you are here to do


Our techniques work - and fast.  Our inner work can get you feeling more whole, clear, and free so that you can have an even greater, more wonderful impact on the world.  This is why we call it "Inner Work for Greater Good™".


Unencumbered with old blocks, triggers, and insecurities, you will become the ultimate mission-driven leader and changemaker - leading with exceptional clarity, wisdom, and courage.  You will inspire others not just by what you do but by who you are. This is what we mean by "ChangeLight":

You will be the light of change our world

so desperately needs.


(Read testimonials.)

"I am turning into the person I've always wanted to be!"

I feel so fresh! With Emily's guidance, I resolved an inner struggle that I was unaware of (or was refusing to admit I had) and started for the first time in my life to feel as "One". The [ChangeLight] framework enabled me to understand the root cause of my inner struggles, fully appreciate who I am, and draw a crystal clear vision for myself.  Knowing my Truth, owning it, and then declaring it has changed the person I am. I am turning into the person I've always wanted to be!


I recommend every single person go through this process. Trust me, it is life-transforming.

Fati-Zahra Ma-el-ainin

Psychology Practitioner, Partner, and COO at InspireCorp


THE Course

Membership in the Community includes our 6-part, easy-to-follow Course, which teaches you our revolutionary ChangeLight System™ to transform your struggles, focus your strengths, and accelerate your power to change the world. 


With our ground-breaking discoveries and techniques, you will be able to:

  • quickly cut through mental and emotional distractions

  • navigate challenges with greater ease

  • have a direct line to your optimal self so you can receive its counsel and wisdom

  • be more focused and empowered to lead with wisdom and achieve your visions and goals

At the crux of The ChangeLight System is our very simple yet extremely powerful technique, The Drawing Out Process® (The DrOP).  Everyone from executives to inmates have used the DrOP to transform their struggles and maximize their strengths.  You do not need drawing talent nor drawing experience to effectively do the Drawing Out Process and receive its wonderful benefits. 

    In this first section of the course, you will learn the key concepts, discoveries, and techniques of the ChangeLight System. You'll learn what your "Truth", "Guiding Star", "emPowers", and "exPowers" are and what they do. You'll also learn why Emily's "drawing out" is so powerful and effective and how you can use it to clear your blocks and triggers, access your inner wisdom and guidance, expand your mental and emotional clarity, enhance your sense of purpose and direction, navigate personal and professional challenges, and become your optimal self.
    exPowers are parts of you that are stuck in chronic states of stress, reactivity, or pain. Left unhealed, they can make your life a living hell - corroding your relationships, sabotaging your efforts, fragmenting your sense of self, and perpetuating untold stress and struggle. In this section of the course, you will learn the first 3 steps of The Drawing Out Process® for exPowers - an 8-step technique which can rapidly alleviate and fully eliminate exPowers. Just these first 3 steps will help you feel instantly lighter and clearer. You will also learn "the 4 D's of the Dark" - the four types of life experiences that cause exPowers to form.
    Within you are 3 types of exPowers: Defenders, Controllers, and Woundeds. In this section of the course, you will learn what they are, what they are trying to do, and what they want. You will also learn how to identify them within you, draw them out, and understand them so as to reduce their negative effect on you and help them heal. Ultimately, you will learn the truth about exPowers - why they exist and where they come from.
    Your emPowers are the parts of you that empower you to actualize your Truth. They fuel your productivity, purpose, and pleasure. They enable you to thrive, feel alive, and have a sense of purpose and drive. Your 3 emPowers are the Sovereign, Impresario, and Free-Spirit. In this section of the course, you will learn how to draw out and connect with each one so that they can provide you with answers to your questions, keep you headed in the right direction, and help you feel more clear, balanced, and fulfilled. You will also learn a simple, daily technique that clears out the "noise" of your exPowers and brings in the clarity of your emPowers so that you can feel calmer and wiser throughout the day.
    Your Truth is the presence within you that knows who you are and who you are here to be - your inner compass. You will learn how to draw out your inner Truth, thus strengthening its ability to guide you and light you up. ​ Your Guiding Star is your inner vision of you as your optimal self - who you are, how you feel, and what you do when you are fully living your Truth. You will learn how to draw out your Guiding Star so that it can inspire and guide you to reach your optimum potential.
    It's one thing to feel and know your Truth inside. It's another thing entirely to bring it out into the world - to make it real. In this final section of the course, you will learn Emily's 4-step process for actualizing your Truth. This is where the rubber finally meets the road - when your "inner work" results in "greater good".

THE Community

Surrounding the Course, you will find loads of inspiration and support from Emily and your fellow changemakers through interviews, in-depth videos, cause-focused groups, and a live feed within the course community, as well as the main community.


Inspiring Interviews: Watch hour-long interviews with leading changemakers.  We discuss their (inner and outer) journeys to get there, what they've learned along the way, and how their inner work has enabled them to be more powerful and effective.


Wisdom Wednesdays: Every month in the course community, Emily posts videos with additional insights about what you're learning in the The ChangeLight System so you can get your questions answered, deepen your self-understanding, and feel super encouraged and inspired.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.39.24 PM_edited.png

Connections & Contacts

Our community provides multiple ways for you to connect with your fellow leaders and changemakers, including...


Causes: You can join groups for the Causes you support, meet others with similar knowledge and passions, and form potential partnerships and collaborations.

Professions: Member profiles include professions, enabling you to share stories and struggles and potentially collaborate on ventures/ projects.

Inspiration & Support

Whether through group engagement or an inspirational quote, our Community is all about supporting each other. We have groups where you can receive exactly what you need:

  • Inspiration Station: Quotes and stories that get you going.

  • Mistake Break: Hey, we all make mistakes sometimes.  Share yours and learn from others'.

  • Celebration Station: Big or Small, let's hear about your wins!

  • Daily Breaths: Emily's words of wisdom and encouragement...


Live Feed

The moment you log into the ChangeLight Community and/or Course, you will immediately see real-time activity by your fellow members - their updates, ideas, conversations, questions, and breakthroughs - and you can share yours, too!

This running dialogue is where you can post videos and articles, swap ideas, and receive focused feedback - without all of the noise and negativity of social media.

Image by Ian Schneider


Are you driven to change our world for the better?  Then we are here for you.

















...and anyone else driven to make our world better

Mission-driven leaders and changemakers around the world have learned the ChangeLight System - from executives to activists, artists to entrepreneurs, philanthropists to prison inmates.


ChangeLight is more than just a community.  We are a movement.  Together, we are accelerating the healing of humanity and our planet by pioneering a new era of global well-being and leadership.

Image by Kimson Doan


  • ...have the tools and techniques to rapidly overcome inner blocks and struggles

  • ...have instant access to exceptional clarity, wisdom, and courage within you

  • ...know exactly what steps to take to fully actualize your purpose and your Truth

  • surrounded by people you can trust, with whom you feel safe, and who are just as passionate about making our world a better place


This is how it feels to be in the ChangeLight Community.


What are you waiting for?

Surround yourself with leaders and changemakers who are not only doing good but feeling good, too.  

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