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Drawing Out Process Session

3-hour phone session
+ 30-minute follow-up call

Emily will personally guide you through her 7-step Drawing Out Process to permanently heal an inner struggle, and transform it back into a strength.  Within a week after the session, you will have a 30-minute follow-up call.


$150 OFF for 3 sessions

1 SESSION | $525

3 SESSIONS | $1,425


Private Retreat Day

8-hour in-person session
+ 1-hour follow-up call

Emily will guide you through elements of The ChangeLight System​​ to permanently heal inner struggles, access inner strengths, receive exceptional wisdom and guidance from your inner Truth.  Within a week after, you will have a 1-hour follow-up call.


$950 OFF for 3 retreat days

1 RETREAT DAY | $2,625

3 RETREAT DAYS | $6,925

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With your phone, scan QR Code OR open Venmo app and send payment to @changelight


Since our clients are in all parts of the world and not all payment apps are available everywhere, we offer a variety of methods.  By the way, if your work with Emily is to support you in business or leadership, you may be able to write it off as a business expense.


If your bank or credit union uses Zelle, we prefer payments that way.  Otherwise, you're welcome to use Venmo or Paypal.  Please send payments to



If you are outside the U.S., we prefer to receive payments through Wise, which is a trusted company with lower transaction fees for both parties.  Let us know which currency you prefer, and we can send you our account details.  Otherwise, Paypal is good.  Please send payments to  


If neither of these apps is available in your country, please let us know which ones are, and we'll arrange to receive the funds that way.

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