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And, following all the instructions here and the live transcripts oh it's doing a live transcript i'm good there and record to the cloud i've got did I do it all focus mode all right, I think we're good Hello everyone.


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Sorry i'm trying to clean up my screen a little bit all right excellent so let's get started hello, and welcome to my show inner work for greater good it's so nice to have you this is a very exciting day I know the first.


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day of recording all these wonderful shows and i'm going to warn you ahead of time because.


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i'm currently at my parents house in Vermont and there's let's see a dog that barks This is like living in a steel drum as my mother loves to say everything echoes and not only that they are.


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installing a 2000 pound IBM right now in what will be the future family room, so if perchance there's banking or.


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God forbid a crash which there shouldn't be.


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But it can fit for chance, or some kind of noise in the background, I apologize in advance it's kind of a crazy time i've done my best to help them quite the dog and all that kind of stuff but obviously there's a lot we can't control.


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which is also why inner work for greater good, is really important to do that inner work.


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So anyway, again, my name is Emily Eldredge I am the founder and CEO of change light inner work for greater good, hence the name of the show and i'm also the creator of the ChangeLight System.


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Which is a system that transforms your struggles focuses your strengths and accelerates your power.


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To change the world So what does that really mean well for one thing, the people with whom I mostly work or what are called change makers, you may be familiar with that term or you may not so.


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In some circles it's defined as someone who takes creative action to solve the social problem, so, for example.


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You know, social entrepreneur someone who invents something to help you know, the environment or to help people in developing countries, you know get.


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Get lighter get power or you know sanitizer water, but it could also be philanthropists people who put their money towards making a difference, conscious capitalist impacts investors.


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But anyway, I personally, though I mean I mean that's it like it's sort of particular definition of change makers.


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But I would say that actually a change maker is someone who is driven to make a positive difference in the world to change the world for the better, and I would argue that probably all of us.


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Are change makers in some level and definitely Paula Fellingham is because, of course, she has this vision of bringing women together in this wonderful format, so that we can all be.


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You know connect and we can learn from each other and really to help empower women all over the world and to do it in such an innovative and unique way Hello Paula Fellingham wonderful changemaker.


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I of course i'm a change maker to i've always been extremely driven to make a difference in the world and the work that change like system that I talk that I teach is actually a system that I developed myself out of my own.


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Inner struggles as a changemaker and in being able to make the difference that i've always had this vision of of making so basically my mission.


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Is that by teaching change makers, how to do their inner work for greater good, my mission is to accelerate the healing.


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of humanity and our planet and the way I do that up here we go now we got to get into there so well, actually, this is the homepage of my website, you can see, you know here I am.


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And I think i've changed life as a light in the dark for change makers and i'm going to get into in this in the show, and we really going to talk about the importance of inner work for greater good, and what I really mean by inner work.


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And the kind of inner work that I teach so that you have a baseline understanding.


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Of what what I do and but also how you can apply this to your own life and then, of course, as the shows going forward we're going to go deeper into that really learn more and i'll share more about this work.


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But, as you can see i've been very blessed i've gotten to speak in some amazing places to change makers so.


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Next, this is actually an organization for philanthropists and entrepreneur and.


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Social entrepreneurs to come together and i've done a couple of TEDx is and i've spoken at the UN and Parliament it's pretty cool.


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So i've gotten to work a lot with, especially young change makers around the world who I mean so many of them come from developing countries.


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Where they don't have even remotely the opportunities that we have like here in the United States, and yet they they work with what they've got to make a difference, so.


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Honestly, I love change makers because they inspire me so much and so i'm really feel very honored to be able to bring this world.


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bring this work to the world and especially to help change makers, so the way I typically the way I do this actually is.


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This is the Community that I created and actually I will tell you launched it yesterday.


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In preparation for this, because this has been a vision that i've had of creating a Community for change makers where they can.


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You know, feel safe and supported in doing their inner work for greater good, so I have an online Community also have a course that ChangeLight System.


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And so, in this in this show i'm talking to women change makers and here, why here's why I think it's so important to speak to women change makers just because.


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I actually see that women change makers are some of the most extraordinary and powerful change makers on our planet.


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At the same time, though, and we could you know, this is a whole other topic of conversation, of course, this you know.


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patriarchal societies and male dominance and all that kind of stuff is that women have often been treated obviously as less than.


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You know we've been diminished for our unique gifts are our intuition or emotional skills or things like that, but at the same time, women are so Community minded typically and I realize i'm making.


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A blanket statement about women we're all different, but in general, I find that women are not so much about competition, as we are about collaboration.


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And that's one of my my missions as well is even in the world of change, making even in the world of, for example, nonprofits.


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there's actually a lot of competition and it's really too bad because it's kind of crazy to be competing for resources in that environment when everyone's really trying to make a difference and so.


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I would just say that sort of one of the subtext of my mission is really to bring change makers together more as well.


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So that we can really work together to solve problems and that women really have, I think, especially that capacity, nothing against them, I love men, I have wonderful men in my life, but I just think it's really.


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We have a special opportunity to be able to do that, obviously, when when women TV is an example of that as well.


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So change makers have what I call mission ambition so what's this ambition, that means that you are, you are ambitious, not just for yourself.


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But for the mission, you know you are here to serve.


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And so there's there's often among change makers again I include myself and i'm going to share more of my own story about that.


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But there's this focus on everyone else, and everything else and trying to be out there and make a difference and and really you know, have an impact, but what often happens is that we.


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Those of us who are so focused outwardly focused like we wanted to make make a difference and change the world.


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The problem with that is that oftentimes we fail to neglect ourselves, we fail to pay attention to what it is that we need saving to like when we're so busy saving the world.


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We fail to realize when we need saving to when we need help to it's something that i've seen in cheesemakers around the world, you know where it's just this constant focus on will everybody else has their needs are more important than mine but I tell you what that.


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Balance is what is key, and really valuing oneself in addition to others and really.


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You know, paying attention to the fact that it's kind of like that idea of the oxygen mask right it's like you've got to put on your own oxygen oxygen mask first in order to really.


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make a difference and the problem, though, is that when change makers don't spend enough time and energy and attention and care on themselves, as well as on others, that's when we end up burned out that's when we end up making big unconscious you know unintentional mistakes.


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that's what we end up.


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that's when we end up as I often say leading from our wounds and not as much from our wisdom and that's where there's all this subconscious stuff and i'm going to talk about what's really.


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going on there.


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By the way, i'm hearing some sound in the background, I don't know if somebody isn't muted so.


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Anyway, I don't know if that's me or someone else, but if you could mute that would be great um so anyway, the point is that.


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I try to make sure i'm recording my recording okay good.


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So anyway, the point is that if we don't pay enough attention to ourselves, and we don't address what's going on within.


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Then oftentimes we can end up sabotaging our efforts, we can end up sabotaging our relationships.


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We can really it can really wreak havoc on our lives when as much as we may be making a positive difference in the world, and I see this all the time it's like people who.


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The world season is wow they're so.


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You know, successful and they're making such a difference, or their head of this NGO or their you know this like famous social entrepreneur having an impact, and then you find out the well actually privately their their private life is a mess their.


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wife or their husband doesn't speak to them, you know their kids you know it's it's a problem and so that's where there really needs to be this balance, and not only that, as I often say.


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You know, when we light up we light up the world, and so I feel very passionate that change makers, those of us who are working so hard to make a difference in the world we've got to do it from a place.


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of health we've got to do it from a place of inner peace that I often say inner peace.


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Is inner power and so that's my intention is helping change makers be the most powerful and most impactful human beings.


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That they can be so that they inspire people so that we inspire people, not just by what we do.


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But by who we are, I mean think about people who you meet where they just radiate this light there's just something about them they're so self possessed they're so confident.


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And, and that and that those people can have it, you know, make a difference, even just by walking in a room so it's stuff like that, but it's also about how we react to situations.


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And so I find that by doing the inner work is how we can heal those triggers those blocks those wounds those inner saboteurs that get in the way of US truly having the ultimate impact that we're here to have, and that we know we can have so that's my intention.


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There is this wonderful quote by Marianne Williamson oh actually oh see see how that all these like wonderful little things that I forgot.


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My PowerPoint So yes, this is oftentimes what's going on inside of change makers, whether whether they realize it or not.


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So this quote from Marianne Williamson, I think, is wonderful until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world.


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And we find that we cannot, for all of the darkness in the world stems from darkness, in the heart and it is there that we must do.


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Our work so again it's that idea that that we rather than being so wholly outwardly focused, we also need to take some time to go within.


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Because I often say as well, is that when you look at humanity and you look at all of the problems that we have you know whether it's with the environment or whether it's you know societal strive for.


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You know, abuse and things like that it stems from within that's, not to say that you are either personally responsible.


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For the wounds of the world, but the world is wounded and humanity is when it because we are wounded, those are the roots of our problems, but when you heal humanity you help heal the planet.


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So that's what this is about so really if you want to make a change in the world.


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I always say it is absolutely vital that you do that inner work so that you can have a greater impact, so that you can achieve greater good in the world, and even more effortlessly then, if you don't do that inner work.


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there's another wonderful quote, that I love by renee brown only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness, will we discover the infinite power of our light.


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So i'll just briefly tell you about my story as a change maker, just so you know where this is coming from, because what i'm going to share with you is.


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Just basically that i'm, as I mentioned i'm a change maker, and I over the years i've had so many emotional problems emotional struggles for a lot of different reasons.


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And, but I knew I always know that i've had this purpose to serve I just I just had this strong drive and passion.


00:13:04.980 --> 00:13:13.140

And this, knowing that I was going to play a role and have a big impact in the world, a big positive impact of the world and yet, for decades, I was so stifled.


00:13:13.710 --> 00:13:19.530

By my own fears by my own blocks by triggers by wounds by insecurities like all these other things that often.


00:13:19.950 --> 00:13:30.960

affect women change makers men men challenge makers as well, but especially women, I think, and that hold us back, and so I was completely riddled with all of these insecurities and really.


00:13:31.620 --> 00:13:42.120

i'm, to the point where really I got to the point well, let me just share this with you, if this is a picture of me in India, I was doing a lot over the years, I should say I was volunteering in India, that was an agility, which is a wonderful school for handicapped kids.


00:13:42.450 --> 00:13:50.070

And this bottom photo is me at ground zero so I was living in New York, when when the Trade Center was hit and.


00:13:50.970 --> 00:13:54.600

So I ran down to help, and then I ended up getting involved with the Community Center so the point is.


00:13:55.020 --> 00:14:05.940

i've done things to try to help and yet all this while I was still struggling with trying to figure out what is my purpose, who am I here to be I know i'm here to do something, but what is it and how do I get there.


00:14:06.330 --> 00:14:16.650

And then, this final photo is a picture of me and my my husband and me, and he and I met I share I should actually show you this picture, because he and I met when I was in Los Angeles back in the early 2000s.


00:14:17.160 --> 00:14:26.190

Late 90s and 2000s, and I was volunteering at shriners hospital for children and he had been a patient there since he was two is born without legs and he has six fingers and.


00:14:26.430 --> 00:14:32.880

he's my buddy he's my best friend and he helps me to change like so in all of that volunteer work it's kind of cool I got a husband out of it.


00:14:34.590 --> 00:14:40.410

But the point is, though, that I was really still struggling for a long time and then he and I actually didn't even reconnect until like.


00:14:40.800 --> 00:14:49.770

2009 so it's kind of an interesting journey there, but in between that time, frankly, I really did struggle with a lot of self loathing and depression.


00:14:50.550 --> 00:15:04.110

And really just trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with my life and shaming myself a lot for not having figured it out and then, meanwhile, of course, having insecurities that you know developed throughout my childhood and so what happened was.


00:15:05.580 --> 00:15:14.370

That I I actually in 2009 I hit rock bottom and I was so deeply everything my life fell apart, I really right before that I thought, things were going great and I really thought.


00:15:14.550 --> 00:15:20.490

I was finally creating the thing that I was supposed to do, and of course I met the guy who I thought was the one you know sort of classic right.


00:15:20.790 --> 00:15:27.060

Anyway, the point is it all fell apart and I I was destroyed I fell into a deep dark night of the soul.


00:15:27.330 --> 00:15:35.550

I lost all sense of faith all sense of faith in myself faith and others faith in the world, whenever I thought about when someone asked me like well, what is it that brings you joy.


00:15:35.820 --> 00:15:43.560

Honestly, all I just saw was darkness, I could not envision a future for myself, I was that self loathing and and depressed.


00:15:44.010 --> 00:15:49.680

long story shorter during that time, without going into too many details, because of course I only have so much time here.


00:15:50.190 --> 00:15:56.820

But during that time is when I was in such a deep dark place it's an interesting how it was such a blessing.


00:15:57.330 --> 00:16:03.810

because, basically, I couldn't get away from my own inner darkness and because I couldn't get away from it, I had to face it.


00:16:04.710 --> 00:16:09.780

And by facing what was going on inside of me I learned the truth.


00:16:10.290 --> 00:16:19.800

About not just what was going on inside of me but also these more universal things what's going on inside of everyone, certain aspects of the self.


00:16:20.190 --> 00:16:29.880

And I started to learn like these parts of me that were causing me to be self hating the parts of me that were causing me to criticize myself the parts of me that made me feel blocked or triggered.


00:16:30.060 --> 00:16:41.580

by certain situations, you know all of a sudden, I get really angry if something happened, or you know that wanted to control things that were out of my control, so it forced me to really see the truth about what was going on inside.


00:16:42.180 --> 00:16:53.430

And it was out of that journey that I ended up creating a technique that permanently heals those parts like that inner critic that isn't you know we have actually multiple inner critics.


00:16:53.670 --> 00:16:56.040

But I can heal an inner critic and like two to three hours.


00:16:56.250 --> 00:17:03.540

And it's actually not that hard that may seem like people i've often times when I say that they're like yeah yeah whatever i'm like no actually it's not that hard.


00:17:03.720 --> 00:17:13.860

When you know why that inner critic, for example, is there, you know why it exists, what it's trying to do, and what it needs in order to heal.


00:17:14.640 --> 00:17:19.890

And so that it was by learning that and developing the technique and i'll tell you a little bit about the technique.


00:17:20.280 --> 00:17:30.210

But it was by developing that technique that I ended up discovering even more so it's like renee Brown said in her quote when we face our inner darkness.


00:17:30.450 --> 00:17:40.860

darkness that's how we discover the infinite power of our light, because what I ultimately discovered is that what we see as wrong or bad or week or dark about us.


00:17:41.130 --> 00:17:56.070

or flawed about us is simply our light in disguise it's our light that's been distorted by experiences that we've had in our lives and so that's what I discovered for myself, is that all those parts of me that were.


00:17:56.310 --> 00:18:02.310

You know, really caused me so many problems, it turns out, they were just parts of my power that were stuck in struggle and strife and all I had to do.


00:18:02.550 --> 00:18:08.940

Was learn how to actually transform them back to their original essences so that rather than get in the way they could support me.


00:18:09.390 --> 00:18:20.100

So I want to share with you right now the change, like the basics of the ChangeLight System and the basics of you know, the techniques that I teach and really the elements that I teach because.


00:18:20.400 --> 00:18:29.910

What I find is that a lot of times we are so misled by what's really going on inside of us, we are so so many people don't accurately understand it's not their fault, because it.


00:18:30.480 --> 00:18:37.530

says it and parenting and things like that, but a lot of times people don't actually understand what's really going on inside of them.


00:18:37.950 --> 00:18:42.930

And so let's see i've got 11 minutes left so i'm going to try to go through this but.


00:18:43.290 --> 00:18:55.770

So So these are the basic aspects of the change life system i'm going to introduce you to four concepts and that is the end, this is all the things i've discovered through my work, and you know inner work with my within myself and others.


00:18:56.100 --> 00:19:10.170

So, first of all, you have a truth, and these are basically these are parts within you okay within all of us so most people would understand you know you have a truth and i'm going to break this down in a minute, you have a truth, you have what I call your inner guiding star.


00:19:11.190 --> 00:19:18.270

You have your three emPowers or empower types and then, finally, you have inner.


00:19:18.690 --> 00:19:27.690

exPowers and i'm going to i'm going to go through these one, at a time, so when it comes to your truth, this is a really common term that people use right, you know I gotta trust my truth or listen to my truth and.


00:19:27.900 --> 00:19:36.210

follow my truth or what is your truth tell you and it's really commonly used but I thought well how would you define your truth so as I thought about it, I realized that your truth.


00:19:36.720 --> 00:19:51.630

Is the presence within you that knows who you are and who you are here to be so what's your true self beyond all influence and fear, but it's also your inner compass.


00:19:52.140 --> 00:20:01.500

It guides you to be and to become your optimal self, so I think it is like it's like this feeling inside.


00:20:01.800 --> 00:20:09.570

that's there and it's always there it never wavers it never changes it never dims we all have a truth and I have my own truth, you have your own truth.


00:20:09.930 --> 00:20:19.020

And my truth is for me to live in your truth is for you to live and that's our job that's how I see it, but the key is how do you how do you live it right, how you access it.


00:20:19.260 --> 00:20:24.930

And what are the parts that support us and doing that and that's what we're going to talk about next your guiding star.


00:20:25.590 --> 00:20:36.840

Your guiding star, at the same time you so you have your truth, but then you're guiding star is the vision you carry inside of you as your optimal self.


00:20:37.650 --> 00:20:51.810

So your guiding star embodies who you are, how you feel and what you do when you are fully living your truth, so your guiding star inspires and guides you to be and to become.


00:20:52.140 --> 00:20:58.620

Your optimal self so here's how I describe this your truth is like that, knowing that just that inner compass that feeling.


00:20:59.130 --> 00:21:05.490

That got you know you can feel whether something's in alignment with your truth or not, but your guiding star is that image of like.


00:21:05.940 --> 00:21:14.820

Oh that's what I look like when I am fully living my truth oh that's how I react to situations oh that's the kind of energy, I radiate that's the kind of presence in the world.


00:21:15.090 --> 00:21:21.630

Those are some of the things that I do so you're guiding star is this wonderful like it's you living your truth.


00:21:21.930 --> 00:21:31.320

And i'll tell you a little anecdote about your guiding star, at least from my experience is that my guiding star I told you, I was in that really deep depressed state it wasn't until years later.


00:21:32.130 --> 00:21:35.100

Well, after i'd clawed my way out of that depression.


00:21:35.730 --> 00:21:47.460

That I realized that the thing, if you will, that was keeping me so determined and committed to getting out of that depression and being a brighter light in the world.


00:21:47.790 --> 00:21:58.500

Is was my guiding star I saw her and I didn't even realize it at the time, but she was there and so that's why, even if you may not be fully aware of your own inner guiding star.


00:21:58.770 --> 00:22:05.490

He or she or they are there they're there and they are guiding you in whatever ways they can whether it's subconsciously or consciously.


00:22:06.330 --> 00:22:18.150

So that's another element you've got your truth you've got your guiding star, and then you have these three wonderful things that I call emPowers your emPowers are the parts of you.


00:22:18.600 --> 00:22:30.150

That empower you to live your truth, they enable you to survive feel alive and have purpose and drive.


00:22:30.510 --> 00:22:42.420

You have three emPowers so basically you have one empower I call it your inner impresario whose focus is survival and it has certain gifts and qualities and talents and aptitudes that it helps you to survive.


00:22:42.750 --> 00:22:51.840

Your other another one is called your free spirit, so it helps you feel alive it's basically like your inner child is really joyful and excited and creative and spontaneous.


00:22:52.290 --> 00:22:59.700

And then the third one, is what I call your inner sovereign and that's the part that enables you to have that sense of purpose and drive their sovereign is the one.


00:23:00.030 --> 00:23:05.430

That you're like it's your conduit for your intuition and for your truth, knowing your truth.


00:23:05.880 --> 00:23:19.470

So your emPowers hold the perfect balance of qualities talents and attitudes that you need in order to fully actualize your true so you have your your unique balance of them, I have my own unique balance of them.


00:23:19.740 --> 00:23:35.520

And so, and we have exactly like the blueprint, if you will, like the divine design within us have an powers to support us in living our truth, I often say we are divinely designed to live your truth and that all of the power, you need is within you.


00:23:36.660 --> 00:23:42.630

But here's the key here's the thing here's the little hitch so exPowers, you probably guessed about X power so.


00:23:43.200 --> 00:23:49.230

X hours or well that's the kind of stuff that gets in the way of us living our truth, so what are exPowers exPowers.


00:23:49.590 --> 00:23:58.020

Are parts of you that are stuck in chronic state of stress reactivity or pain, they are your subconscious.


00:23:58.530 --> 00:24:12.660

unhealed wounds and defenses X power think feel and behave according to what they learned from stressful or painful experiences, or that they developed in reaction to them.


00:24:13.470 --> 00:24:19.200

So exPowers are really those parts that obstruct your ability to fully feel at peace and empowered.


00:24:19.470 --> 00:24:29.280

And to actualize your truth So what does this mean well, basically, you know we're born, we come into this lifetime, and you know as kids usually we're joyful and things are pretty good and we're pretty carefree.


00:24:29.580 --> 00:24:39.480

But then, over time, we have things that happened to us, I mean we have traumas or we have certain stressors it doesn't even have to be something so traumatic for it to have a kind of traumatic effect on us, it could be.


00:24:39.690 --> 00:24:48.720

Some kids said something on the playground, well, we can have different exPowers that form in response to those experiences, in other words.


00:24:49.260 --> 00:24:57.450

Some people refer to them as like you know blocks triggers parts of the ego part to the pain body, but I call them next powers for two very clear, specific reasons one.


00:24:58.050 --> 00:25:05.880

Well, because the prefix X means against so exPowers, because they feel like they work against your power.


00:25:06.300 --> 00:25:17.070

The other reason is because X also means former like ex girlfriend ex boyfriend so they are former parts of your power, so let me just go back here.


00:25:17.670 --> 00:25:27.960

And powers, so you have your three emPowers the thing is as your emPowers are impacted by stress or fear or pain, or you know certain circumstances situations or what have you.


00:25:28.380 --> 00:25:32.490

They fragment parts of them fragment and darken and become.


00:25:32.880 --> 00:25:41.190

exPowers so when I was explaining earlier about basically realizing that all these parts of me that were I thought were like shameful parts of me.


00:25:41.370 --> 00:25:46.290

And that were causing me so much pain and I was fighting them and resisted them and arguing with them and trying to suppress them.


00:25:46.830 --> 00:25:50.280

That I when I finally had to face them I realized oh.


00:25:50.760 --> 00:25:57.120

Oh, my gosh you mean this part of me is just trying to protect me or take care of me, whatever way it knows, but it doesn't know that it's hurting me.


00:25:57.450 --> 00:26:04.950

that's often the case with exPowers is like so that, because in my work and i'll tell you what the processes that I do, I actually talked to these exPowers.


00:26:05.160 --> 00:26:11.880

So you see how you would take those three types of emPowers, but then they can get fragmented and that's when they can become basically like.


00:26:12.090 --> 00:26:18.600

unrecognizable and we struggle with them, because they don't feel good and they cause us to behave ways that we don't like.


00:26:19.590 --> 00:26:33.030

So this is where i'm going to just quickly give you an intro to the Drawing Out Process, this is a technique that I referred to before that I created it literally drawing out in fact that that funny looking scary Buffet dude right there.


00:26:34.470 --> 00:26:40.470

that's the very first monster that I drew up extra hours I call it no I don't call them monsters anymore, because they're not.


00:26:41.280 --> 00:26:47.520

But he's the first guy who I drew out and so and he's the one that's the one that actually led me to.


00:26:48.000 --> 00:26:59.190

develop the full Drawing Out Process that like I said in two or three hours can permanently healing and our and our wounded, I mean i'm willing inner wounds and inner critic you know triggers blocks blind spots things like this.


00:26:59.760 --> 00:27:20.040

And the read the way it does, it is by directly accesses your subconscious to heal inner blocks and struggles reveal your inner wisdom and strengths and accelerate your ability to achieve your optimum potential so by drawing out your truth and when I say drawing out, I mean.


00:27:21.210 --> 00:27:29.910

it's like a lot of times when we look at our emotions, you know we tend to analyze our emotions or think about our emotions you're trying to figure out what's going on with our struggles.


00:27:30.600 --> 00:27:38.610

Those are very left brained approaches right, left brain is more like analytical and words and you know, trying to figure things out and language.


00:27:39.030 --> 00:27:49.650

The thing is, where our subconscious tends to communicate in images images and emotions and things like that, so when you literally draw out.


00:27:50.010 --> 00:27:56.010

And just tune in and just let whatever you know tune into that struggle and then just whatever you see here feel notice.


00:27:56.250 --> 00:28:02.100

And then literally draw it out could be stick figures it's not about artistry it could be something so you know you'll have to know how to draw.


00:28:02.370 --> 00:28:13.350

But you literally put it out in that way we actually get a lot richer deeper information from the subconscious than if we just talk about how you're feeling or analyze how you're feeling.


00:28:13.560 --> 00:28:24.840

And so that's how it does this, and so that's why we can draw out your truth your guiding star and your emPowers in order to access their wisdom and guidance for you.


00:28:25.050 --> 00:28:33.750

We can also draw out your exPowers so that you can more quickly and painlessly healed him, and in that case we're dealing with what's at the root of the struggle.


00:28:34.020 --> 00:28:38.250

Not with what you think is at the root oh my gosh I have so many clients, where they come to me and they're like.


00:28:38.490 --> 00:28:42.990

You know, like well, I think this is my issue, I went to therapy for 10 years we're at now yeah, so I think this is what it is.


00:28:43.350 --> 00:28:52.710

And then we get in there and it's like they're like I can't I had no idea that what I haven't thought about that and here's that's what's at the core of it, yes that's what the what's at the core of it.


00:28:52.980 --> 00:29:06.000

And we hear from the horse's mouth, you know from those exPowers exactly what is going on why they're there why they're wreaking havoc in your subconscious and what they need in order to heal and so that's what that involves.


00:29:06.870 --> 00:29:15.990

So that's a quick quick overview of the ChangeLight System and the work that I do, and this whole idea of doing inner work for greater good.


00:29:16.410 --> 00:29:25.980

And that the whole purpose of this is, we want to heal those dark parts dark and parts right the exPowers that have been distorted by fear and pain and sort of fallen into darkness.


00:29:26.250 --> 00:29:33.900

And as we heal them you get so much more light than you reclaim the power of your emPowers you can more clearly see your guiding star.


00:29:34.140 --> 00:29:48.990

And you can more easily tune in to your truth and your truth, as I often say is the treasure that we are after you want your treasure to guide you and you want your truth to guide you through life because the way.


00:29:49.650 --> 00:29:59.730

For me it's all about actually using your truth, what is your truth telling you what is your who is your truth guiding you to become that guiding star and how do you actualize it.


00:30:00.000 --> 00:30:14.430

Without the distraction, and the disruption and all of the obstacles inner obstacles of those exPowers so that's what the ChangeLight System is about that's what inner work for greater good is about, because when you heal.


00:30:15.480 --> 00:30:27.420

You heal the world as we light up we light up the world we all have this extraordinary light within is, this is not some like woo woo concept, this is real.


00:30:27.870 --> 00:30:32.970

And as we access, you know, look at that darkness heal that darkness those exPowers and just.


00:30:33.870 --> 00:30:45.720

Like feel that light just felt like it's so fun actually to see people go through the Drawing Out Process know like Oh, you know kind of almost like speechless because it's all that stuff that we're stuck in struggle becomes part of their light.


00:30:46.020 --> 00:30:53.640

There joy their energy their power again and so that's what it is it's about healing the world from the inside out and frankly.


00:30:53.970 --> 00:31:07.410

Even if you're not you know, by definition, a change maker, if even if you know you just sort of want to be a better person, you know, or you want to just kind of like help other people, and you don't have this like driving force to invent some new thing.


00:31:07.920 --> 00:31:17.220

it's Okay, because the point is by doing the inner work you are achieving greater good, because when you do the inner work you show up better you show up more healthy.


00:31:17.520 --> 00:31:25.050

And and people respond to you differently, and you have a lot harmonious life and relationships so that's the.


00:31:26.040 --> 00:31:30.600

that's my presentation, I do have one thing I want to share with you it's if it's Okay, since I just launched.


00:31:31.140 --> 00:31:37.350

My the Community, I just want you all to know that for a limited time it's $100 off of membership and the change like course and community.


00:31:37.620 --> 00:31:42.420

Community change like world I would love for you to be a part of it, which just getting started.


00:31:42.690 --> 00:31:49.800

And we've got other courses in there to teach you the ChangeLight System and my husband's in there as well, and he's been wonderful and helping me to create it.


00:31:50.100 --> 00:31:59.670

And so it really is all about creating a safe and supportive space where people can do their inner work for greater good, so I hope that you will join us and I thank you so much for listening.


00:32:01.560 --> 00:32:04.140

So I take us off focus mode.


00:32:05.490 --> 00:32:07.920

All right, hold on one second let's see.


00:32:10.800 --> 00:32:15.240

Stop share and it's back to me Hello everyone.


00:32:16.500 --> 00:32:19.620

and stop the recording.


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