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Emily Eldredge: hello, and welcome to inner work for greater good, my show, in which I teach people how to do.


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Emily Eldredge: The necessary inner work to truly change the world and the fact that, when we do our inner work, we really are making a difference as I often say.


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Emily Eldredge: When we heal we heal the world, and the reason why I think it's really important to put forward this message is because I think.


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Emily Eldredge: A lot of times we have this misperception when it comes to really focusing inward and really looking at what's going on inside.


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Emily Eldredge: And thinking that somehow we're being selfish for doing that or we're being selfish for focusing on whatever it is that we need for on healing our own wounds.


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Emily Eldredge: And when it comes to change makers, which is the people, which are the people with whom I mostly work paint change makers are people who.


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Emily Eldredge: Basically, want to make a positive difference in the world, you know, want to really affect change in the world, using their gifts and their talents to do so.


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Emily Eldredge: Is it a lot of times as change makers we're so focused on the outside and how we can make a difference in other people's lives.


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Emily Eldredge: And unfortunately what can often happen, then, is we tend to neglect what's going on inside of us.


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Emily Eldredge: And so that's what's really important, but when we focus on what's going on inside of us and we heal those wounds and we bring forward those powers that we may not even know we're there.


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Emily Eldredge: that's when we truly change the world as I also often say is when we light up we light up the world, and so my whole intention with this show and with my work through change light and inner work for greater good, is to really teach you how to.


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Emily Eldredge: Understand what's going on inside in a really simple way that's another thing to this one of my other agendas, is a lot of times when.


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Emily Eldredge: people think about what's going on inside it feels very complicated it feels very overwhelming and my intention is to say no, no, it doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.


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Emily Eldredge: i'm here to make it simple i'm here to clarify what's really going on, so in my first show I talked about the change like system, which is the system that I developed basically out of my own struggles, with my own.


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Emily Eldredge: You know, inner wounds and triggers and my own struggles with wanting to be the most effective change maker, I could be exact, that I kept running into all these blocks and all these issues.


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Emily Eldredge: And I kept having trouble really stepping into that power that I knew that I had, and that I knew the power to really have an impact on the world.


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Emily Eldredge: And so I shared you know, last in the last show about the ChangeLight System so in the next in the next series of shows i'm going to break that down for you i'm going to teach you about.


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Emily Eldredge: You know what it's all about in terms of what you know what are those blocks all about, but then, what is it what are the powers that they're really pointing to.


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Emily Eldredge: And how do you really access those so that you can truly access what I call your inner treasure which is your truth and my attitude is, as we live our truth.


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Emily Eldredge: that's when we truly light up and that's when we truly change the world, so what we're about here are some pretty big things, starting from the inside out and really healing our planet and healing the world.


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Emily Eldredge: from the inside out again, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming Obviously there are a lot of problems in our world and a lot of struggles and issues, and you know things that we need to address and, as I say, you know.


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Emily Eldredge: A lot of times the wounds that we, the issues that we see in the real world really do.


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Emily Eldredge: originate from our inner wounded and us as humans and in civilization and all of these inner problems so as we heal what's going on inside.


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Emily Eldredge: Then we help heal the world because when we heal we show up so much better for others and for ourselves.


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Emily Eldredge: And we light up and we bring when we do what brings us joy, we bring more joy to the world when we feel more at peace with ourselves.


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Emily Eldredge: We bring peace to the world, so this is really, really important stuff and so that's really, what I want to focus on again making all of this really simple so that you can really learn how to do this, inner work for greater good.


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Emily Eldredge: So in this show i'm going to share my screen here and let's see.


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Emily Eldredge: Share hold on one second here we go, it will work for greater good so um.


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Emily Eldredge: What I want to share with you this, by the way, is my homepage just so you have an idea of that that change light is all about inner work for greater good.


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Emily Eldredge: And it's about helping us as change makers, those of us who really want to make a difference, helping teaching people teaching us how to do the inner work for effecting that greater good.


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Emily Eldredge: And, as I shared in my last show we've got that basically with my work what i've identified are.


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Emily Eldredge: The exPowers and powers your guiding star and your truth and I i'm going to share a little bit of my own story in this show because I want you to understand that it's not as though this is some sort of.


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Emily Eldredge: concept that I just sort of came up with you know some cool idea know these are.


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Emily Eldredge: very real things that are happening inside of us, and that when we know how to access or heal those parts.


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Emily Eldredge: Then, can we truly access that truth and live our truth and light up the world so we've got your exPower is your emPowers your guiding star your truth and in this show.


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Emily Eldredge: i'm going to focus on exPowers let's break this down exPowers but but actually first i'm going to share a little bit of my own story, let me go back.


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Emily Eldredge: So basically a number of years ago, back in about 2008 right, as I was on the.


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Emily Eldredge: precipice, now I described how i'm a change maker, and I really have always wanted to make a big difference in the world, and I always knew that I could, but I was so blocked and I was so triggered by everything.


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Emily Eldredge: And right but The thing is, it was like so I really struggled for a lot of years to figure out well what's my thing and how am I here to make a difference in the world and.


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Emily Eldredge: I tried, a lot of things over the years, so code to like 2007 2008.


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Emily Eldredge: You know, really think seemed like they were really starting to come together, finally, after all these different things i'd tried and.


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Emily Eldredge: All these different approaches i'd taken and using my talents in this way, in that way you know, and then I met the man, I thought I was going to marry and then I was you know we were starting a business with this other couple, and it really was like wow it's really going to happen.


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Emily Eldredge: Well, it did.


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Emily Eldredge: The opposite happened everything fell apart the relationship fell apart the business fell apart and I fell apart and my life pretty much fell apart and I fell into a really bad shame spiral.


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Emily Eldredge: A deep dark night of the soul, on which I lost all sense of any you know clarity or faith or belief in myself, and I was deeply deeply self loathing.


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Emily Eldredge: And so the point is is that what it was, it was extremely it was excruciating and I often say it's I would never wish that level of pain on my worst enemy.


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Emily Eldredge: And yet, interestingly enough, it was actually the thing that led to my discovering what is my truth and my purpose and the impact i'm here to have.


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Emily Eldredge: And, and how i'm here to have that impact, so it was in my worst dark night of the soul that things actually started to open up.


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Emily Eldredge: And truth started to emerge, even though I didn't necessarily realize it at the time, so i'll tell you that it started the worst the worst night when it really.


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Emily Eldredge: First kind of culminated was in 2009 I don't remember it was, I think, in February or something, but I was in a really, really bad place.


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Emily Eldredge: And, to the point where I wanted to end it all frankly I actually had these sad kind of loose visions of like jumping out of the window was really bad.


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Emily Eldredge: And I knew that if I didn't call someone I would.


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Emily Eldredge: It would not be good, and so my best friend at the time, who is now my husband I knew that he'd be busy with his daughters over in Arizona, I was in Texas, and so I called my mother who's a psycho therapist.


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Emily Eldredge: And she's been really, really wonderful, but at the same time, I never really wanted to bother her with my problems, but I knew that if I didn't talk to someone who could sort of help settle me down, it would be bad so anyway, the point is is I called her and long story shorter.


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Emily Eldredge: The conversation ended up helping me identify that all of this self loathing that I was feeling.


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Emily Eldredge: wasn't necessarily me, it was a part of me, she actually referred to it as a bully that all this, all this hatred that I was feeling towards myself and just.


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Emily Eldredge: You know you you're terrible you're awful you're ugly you're a failure you've you know you've never done anything right these this this messages that I was that I was feeling is really I was hearing it from a part of me.


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Emily Eldredge: And so, anyway, I ended that night, you know saying thank you so much, and she really helped me so the next morning I ended up writing a blog.


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Emily Eldredge: That I called living with a bully inside me and my intention really for writing it was to try to get rid of this feeling, but it wasn't working and.


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Emily Eldredge: It was it was I sort of felt a little bit better but interestingly, what ended up happening instead was, as I was writing about this bully that was tearing me down.


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Emily Eldredge: I started getting flashes of what this bully looked like and.


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Emily Eldredge: It was this really monstrous horrific bloody thing.


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Emily Eldredge: And I thought well you know what let's see i've already talked about how I feel that didn't really totally work i'm sitting here writing about how I feel and what's going on inside of me and that's not really working.


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Emily Eldredge: So what the heck I don't know, maybe if I just draw this monster inside of me, and so what ended up happening was I went home and I sat down with some crayons and paper.


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Emily Eldredge: And I was like okay don't think just draw, and so I sat down and started scribbling what I was saying, long story shorter I ended up.


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Emily Eldredge: Drawing this thing that I just you know flashed in front of you a second ago So this was the monster that I drew and I call him a monster and.


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Emily Eldredge: At the time, and the point is, you can see, without getting into too much detail.


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Emily Eldredge: Basically, you can see that here, he is you know sharp and spiky and you know everything about him is very sharp and scary and he's like got green for and he's got claws and fangs and there's blood coming off.


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Emily Eldredge: of him, so this is what came out basically of my subconscious and, as I looked at him I was kind of astounded.


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Emily Eldredge: Because I couldn't believe this thing was inside me and, obviously, this was not an actual monster inside of me.


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Emily Eldredge: But it was it was how it felt it felt that it felt like there was this monster actually ripping me to shreds and what I realized is I looked at him and saw all that blood I realized.


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Emily Eldredge: That was my blood and because he had ripped me to shreds shreds from the inside out and not only that it was that he was very focused on getting rid of any possible joy.


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Emily Eldredge: That was inside of me, he would just tear me down so.


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Emily Eldredge: here's the cool thing, and the reason why this is important, is because this turned this this moment turned out to be the first step of a technique that I ended up.


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Emily Eldredge: Discovering developing and discovering to to actually permanently heal these parts is that when I drew him out within a few minutes after I drew him out.


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Emily Eldredge: He disappeared, he was gone and I felt amazing I felt blissful I felt just free.


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Emily Eldredge: And I realized, you know what I think i've got something here, this is kind of incredible because i'd already tried all these other techniques to heal myself and to heal from all of these horrible things and feelings that I had.


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Emily Eldredge: So I ended up drawing and I ended up drawing out all of these vicious things inside of me or not even all vicious things sometimes it was a part of me that felt like I was just.


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Emily Eldredge: You know, it was holding me back you know it was causing me to procrastinate so I drew like procrastinator monster or I drew another part of me that was.


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Emily Eldredge: You know, you know telling me that I was never doing anything right and always trying to undermine my confidence, and so the point is, I had these different parts of me or I had a parts of me that I drew in which it was like you know.


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Emily Eldredge: I suddenly be enraged about something and I do feel really reactive and really angry, and so I drew out those parts of me, you know I caught like you know fighter monster punch me or something like that.


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Emily Eldredge: And so I would write down what they would say and i'm drew them out, and I felt more and more amazing.


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Emily Eldredge: So that then led to as I alluded to the development and the discovery of the Drawing Out Process which permanently heals these parts inside now I referred to.


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Emily Eldredge: At the time I called the monsters and actually some people might refer to them, as you know, in our triggers inner blocks and blind spots and.


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Emily Eldredge: You know, parts of the ego parts, the pain body I call them something else, as I refer to I call them exPowers, I call them exPowers for a couple of reasons.


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Emily Eldredge: But first of all let's just talk about what our exPowers so exPowers are the parts of you that are stuck in chronic states of stress reactivity and pain.


00:12:54.390 --> 00:13:10.770

Emily Eldredge: They are your subconscious unhealed wounds and defenses they think feel and behave according to what they learned from stressful or painful experiences, or that they developed in reaction to them.


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Emily Eldredge: They also, and this is what's really important, when we talk about the inner work for greater good and accessing that truth inside and really changing the world from the inside out, they also exPowers also.


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Emily Eldredge: obstruct your ability to feel fully at peace and empowered.


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Emily Eldredge: And to actualize your truth so basically that's what this thing was inside of me, it was this huge part of me that that first monster that I call him now and actually he's on my.


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Emily Eldredge: My my wall in the kitchen I framed him, and you know as a reminder that he is the one that tipped it off the worst one of the worst nights of my life ended up leading to discovering the truth.


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Emily Eldredge: About what's going on with these parts of us that get in the way and and that they get in the way of really the light that we already have inside as I often say say you have all of the power, you need to be everything you are here to be.


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Emily Eldredge: And so that's where exPowers that's that's where it's important to understand about exPowers, because exPowers are those parts.


00:14:16.380 --> 00:14:24.660

Emily Eldredge: That are getting in the way of that that feel like they're getting in the way of that, because actually actually there's some really cool secret things about exPowers.


00:14:25.290 --> 00:14:28.530

Emily Eldredge: So that i'll share with you in later in later.


00:14:29.130 --> 00:14:40.260

Emily Eldredge: shows, but the point is that we have to when it comes to exPowers it's really important to really understand what's going on, because if you don't understand then you're doomed to fight with them.


00:14:40.530 --> 00:14:46.230

Emily Eldredge: argue with them struggle with them, which is what I had been doing up until I started drawing them out.


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Emily Eldredge: So here's one of the thing is what do exPowers do well, they control you subconsciously.


00:14:52.140 --> 00:15:02.280

Emily Eldredge: it's one of those things where there's so much going on, you know, as I said, exPowers of those parts that form in response to those experiences that we have.


00:15:02.640 --> 00:15:16.770

Emily Eldredge: growing up or even in adulthood their risk they form in response to those situations that in some way or another, caused us fear or pain or actually, most importantly, what i've discovered when it comes to exPowers.


00:15:17.130 --> 00:15:21.960

Emily Eldredge: Anything that on some level cause us to feel unsafe.


00:15:22.920 --> 00:15:27.090

Emily Eldredge: It could be unsafe in the world unsafe, it could be physically unsafe.


00:15:27.390 --> 00:15:38.970

Emily Eldredge: Emotionally unsafe mentally unsafe but unsafe in some way or another, so, for example, if you had someone who criticize, you are many people who criticize, you and I think we all do right.


00:15:39.300 --> 00:15:47.370

Emily Eldredge: Some parts of you are going to form subconsciously to try to protect you from experiencing that criticism again.


00:15:47.850 --> 00:15:59.490

Emily Eldredge: And so that's The thing is that they're they're working behind the scenes they're deep in that subconscious and I just want to point out that's where actually drawing, and this is a whole other huge conversation we can have.


00:15:59.940 --> 00:16:13.860

Emily Eldredge: But that's my drawing is so important because here are these exPowers controlling us subconsciously, but when we draw them out, we actually bring them out of that darkness and into the light, so that they can't control us as much from you know under under the surface.


00:16:14.340 --> 00:16:24.000

Emily Eldredge: I love the way my mother puts it she's she's been a wonderful mentor of mine, and she says it's kind of like a computer and you see your desktop and you're like oh there's this file folder and that file folder.


00:16:24.690 --> 00:16:32.160

Emily Eldredge: But there's they're all kinds of programs going on behind that desktop that you don't even see that you don't even know are there.


00:16:32.580 --> 00:16:40.650

Emily Eldredge: And so to further that metaphor it's sort of like they're like glitches or they're like viruses I don't really like to see the call them that, because they're not bad.


00:16:40.890 --> 00:16:49.500

Emily Eldredge: And that's there's more to understand about exPowers but they're like these sort of glitches that cause our you know our computer, if you will, of our minds and our hearts.


00:16:50.370 --> 00:17:00.390

Emily Eldredge: In our consciousness to kind of not you know operate a full fully and effectively and so here it is they make you think feel and behave in unhelpful ways.


00:17:01.170 --> 00:17:09.930

Emily Eldredge: They are also at the root of your inner blocks triggers in patterns in this is really important, because a lot of times we behave in ways.


00:17:10.200 --> 00:17:20.100

Emily Eldredge: That we unconsciously, we just have these unconscious reactions and sometimes it's it's it's so interesting to me as the more i've done this work and the more I feel these parts of me.


00:17:20.400 --> 00:17:30.420

Emily Eldredge: Is that sort of more, you know as you do the work more and more, the more and more you kind of go oh wow I never even really noticed that I would have that reaction, but now that i'm aware of it.


00:17:30.780 --> 00:17:36.570

Emily Eldredge: Oh, I see, and so, then what I will do personally in terms of my own inner work is I will then.


00:17:36.780 --> 00:17:42.000

Emily Eldredge: pay attention and draw those parts out because I don't want to be having those subconscious reactions.


00:17:42.210 --> 00:17:50.820

Emily Eldredge: Because what ends up happening is they become triggers they become buttons that people can punch, if you will, and they really get in the way.


00:17:51.090 --> 00:18:03.360

Emily Eldredge: Of, as I say, obstruct your ability to connect with others in healthy ways and so going back to the whole thing about change makers and wanting to have an impact, positive impact on the world.


00:18:03.660 --> 00:18:10.560

Emily Eldredge: How we feel inside and whatever's going on with us internally, has a direct impact.


00:18:10.890 --> 00:18:19.140

Emily Eldredge: on how we relate to other people, and that a lot of times we may be having these subconscious reactions are getting triggered by things.


00:18:19.410 --> 00:18:30.540

Emily Eldredge: that are causing us to behave in ways or react to situations that are not entirely helpful that are actually counterproductive or that are even sabotaging they can cause us to end up.


00:18:31.170 --> 00:18:40.020

Emily Eldredge: You know as much as we may have good intentions for wanting to have a good impact we can ultimately unconsciously be sabotaging the impact we have because of.


00:18:40.350 --> 00:18:46.860

Emily Eldredge: How we're showing up in a particular situation, and not even realizing that how our behavior may be impacting other people.


00:18:47.790 --> 00:18:58.050

Emily Eldredge: So they obstruct our ability to connect with others, there are the roots of our inner blocks are triggers or patterns, which by the way, what's so great about that is that, as you heal exPowers.


00:18:58.290 --> 00:19:04.290

Emily Eldredge: You heal those triggers and those patterns, I often say, no one can punch your buttons.


00:19:04.590 --> 00:19:13.050

Emily Eldredge: Unless you have the buttons to punch so as we heal those inner exPowers and draw them out, then we don't have those buttons anymore.


00:19:13.260 --> 00:19:21.480

Emily Eldredge: than those situations that caused us to be so reactive in the past and we're like oh Why am I behaving this way oh Why am I reacting this way.


00:19:21.720 --> 00:19:29.310

Emily Eldredge: it's all good, because you know you heal that part of you and it's like oh wow that's not really bothering me so much anymore.


00:19:29.730 --> 00:19:36.030

Emily Eldredge: So anyway, and then finally exPowers fragment and dark and you, so in that in that.


00:19:36.360 --> 00:19:49.380

Emily Eldredge: The image that I showed before I mean you could see that, on the left, you see the power of their darker their fragmented well that's because they're parts of us that in some way or another, have fallen into darkness.


00:19:50.190 --> 00:19:57.360

Emily Eldredge: And so, finally, they obscure your truth, the truth about it is, and I talked about this in the first my first show.


00:19:57.720 --> 00:20:07.980

Emily Eldredge: Is that we all have a truth, you have a truth, I have a truth every single one of us has a capital T truth inside of us, and your truth is who you are.


00:20:08.460 --> 00:20:19.890

Emily Eldredge: And who you're here to be it's that knowing you have inside it's your inner compass it's that it's that knowing that awareness that presence that guides us.


00:20:20.220 --> 00:20:33.690

Emily Eldredge: In in our lives to become who were here to be to be who are here who to be who we are and to become who we are here to be so it's this wonderful you know simultaneous sort of paradigm.


00:20:35.340 --> 00:20:47.160

Emily Eldredge: Like well it's a simultaneity thing, if you will, where it's the both and my truth is, who I am and my truth is who i'm here to be it knows who i'm here to bait so when we've got those exPowers they get in the way.


00:20:48.210 --> 00:20:56.550

Emily Eldredge: So that's what it's all about So then, what do you do with your exPowers well i've already sort of shared that draw them out understand them.


00:20:57.060 --> 00:21:08.310

Emily Eldredge: heal them and that's what my intention is with ChangeLight System and inner work for greater good, is to is to teach you about the truth of your exPowers.


00:21:08.610 --> 00:21:19.050

Emily Eldredge: and about how to face them in a healthy way so that you can more deeply clearly understand them, because when we understand what's going on with these parts of us.


00:21:19.290 --> 00:21:33.960

Emily Eldredge: it's so much easier to heal them then we're not so afraid or triggered by or resistant to these parts as one of the things, one of the reasons why you know I shared that story about my drawing out that first monster of mine.


00:21:34.680 --> 00:21:47.970

Emily Eldredge: Is that when I drew him out he it was it was so interesting how, in that case I didn't need to argue with him i've been resisting him i've been fighting him i've been trying not to feel that way.


00:21:48.360 --> 00:21:58.140

Emily Eldredge: But when we turn around and we face those parts of us that feel like they're getting in the way or that feel like that are causing us pain it's interesting how.


00:21:58.440 --> 00:22:04.830

Emily Eldredge: You know, so much so, the time subconsciously we fight them, or we argue with them, or we resist them because we think that.


00:22:05.400 --> 00:22:14.430

Emily Eldredge: that's how we can sort of keep them at bay or keep them from over overpowering us or controlling us, but what i've actually found is it's the opposite.


00:22:15.120 --> 00:22:22.740

Emily Eldredge: That, as we actually face and draw out these parts of US that's how we can really understand them.


00:22:23.190 --> 00:22:33.330

Emily Eldredge: And some of the things that I came to understand about that first monster, is that you know there, he was hurting me but ultimately what he wanted he just wanted my attention.


00:22:34.020 --> 00:22:37.560

Emily Eldredge: And as soon as he got my attention, then he was gone.


00:22:38.250 --> 00:22:50.910

Emily Eldredge: I didn't have to like talk to him about anything he disappeared some exPowers need a little bit more and that's what the full Drawing Out Process is about it's about really guiding those parts to permanently transform.


00:22:51.240 --> 00:23:03.540

Emily Eldredge: And heal so that they're no longer in the way, but in his case it was really kind of fabulous and that's the case with a lot of exPower cystic just want to be heard, they just want to be seen, they just want to be understood.


00:23:03.960 --> 00:23:13.680

Emily Eldredge: Because, ultimately, what I also understood come to discover about exPowers is that every single exPower has good intentions for us.


00:23:14.190 --> 00:23:19.110

Emily Eldredge: Okay they're either trying to protect us or they're trying to protect themselves.


00:23:19.380 --> 00:23:26.430

Emily Eldredge: And the parts and i'm going to get into that actually in the next three shows where i'm going to i'm going to teach you individually about the three.


00:23:26.760 --> 00:23:33.270

Emily Eldredge: types of exPowers that exist inside of us, because there are two types that are trying to protect us.


00:23:33.570 --> 00:23:45.750

Emily Eldredge: And there's one type that's trying to protect itself, which, in essence, is actually trying to protect a part of us a very precious and innocent and wonderful yeah a types of parts of US inside.


00:23:46.410 --> 00:23:52.680

Emily Eldredge: So that's what it's all about you know what do you do with those experts draw them out understand them heal them.


00:23:53.070 --> 00:24:02.280

Emily Eldredge: And here's the cool thing the most awesome thing that happens when you do, that is, that when you actually face those parts.


00:24:02.640 --> 00:24:10.530

Emily Eldredge: And really understand and have companies like you start to have compassion for those parts and realize that a wait a minute.


00:24:10.920 --> 00:24:21.060

Emily Eldredge: That part of me developed in response to that trauma that I suffered or that part of me developed in response to that comment that that kid made on the playground, when I was six years old.


00:24:21.300 --> 00:24:28.350

Emily Eldredge: Or that part of me, you know, did you know formed in response to when my teacher said that thing to me and I really hurt my feelings.


00:24:28.560 --> 00:24:39.120

Emily Eldredge: I mean, it can be something massive like a major trauma or growing up in a very unsafe environment or it can be something even sort of seemingly minor I had a client once who.


00:24:39.810 --> 00:24:49.500

Emily Eldredge: You know, really, it was a comment on the playground that some other kid made that the kid later admitted was just a joke, but it's so deeply wounded my client.


00:24:49.710 --> 00:24:56.670

Emily Eldredge: That he ended up forming this exPower, it was all about trying to protect him from ever being ridiculed like that again.


00:24:57.120 --> 00:25:04.920

Emily Eldredge: ever being made to feel small like that again and there's a particular type of exPower and i'm going to share those in the next, as I said in the next few shows.


00:25:05.250 --> 00:25:14.400

Emily Eldredge: But the point is, is it can see it can be something that, as an adult seems so innocuous to us, but really as a child, it was traumatizing and it was hurtful.


00:25:14.820 --> 00:25:23.190

Emily Eldredge: But here's the thing, and this is what this slide is about is that we have these exPowers but what's so cool is that all they are.


00:25:23.700 --> 00:25:31.260

Emily Eldredge: are just distorted parts of what I call our emPowers yet i'm going to get into all of this we're going to talk about the three x power types.


00:25:31.500 --> 00:25:40.260

Emily Eldredge: And the three emPower types in this show so definitely stay tuned for more, but basically what we're dealing with when we're dealing with exPowers.


00:25:40.770 --> 00:25:50.550

Emily Eldredge: are just distorted parts of our power parts of our power that have been distorted by those situations situations that made us feel.


00:25:50.790 --> 00:26:00.330

Emily Eldredge: In fear or in pain that made us feel unsafe in some way or another, unsafe to be ourselves to show up fully as ourselves in the world.


00:26:00.600 --> 00:26:09.210

Emily Eldredge: You know it's interesting how even joy can be something that we have an x power exPowers that form to prevent us from feeling because.


00:26:09.690 --> 00:26:20.850

Emily Eldredge: Usually it's because we've had some experience, where we felt some kind of joy and someone criticized us or tried to tear us down or because there was some disappointment that resulted after that.


00:26:21.240 --> 00:26:30.390

Emily Eldredge: And so that's where it's you know we have this amazing system inside whose intentions is to protect us, but ultimately, our exPowers are just.


00:26:30.660 --> 00:26:35.790

Emily Eldredge: parts of our emPowers that have like it's like they fallen into darkness their parts of our light.


00:26:36.030 --> 00:26:46.560

Emily Eldredge: That have fallen into darkness and so it's all about bringing them back to light and back to life, and so this is all part of this inner work for greater good, because, as we bring them back to light.


00:26:47.070 --> 00:26:58.470

Emily Eldredge: What happens right as we transform our darkness back to the light, we become more light and when we lined up we light up the world and that's what this is about so.


00:26:59.610 --> 00:27:05.370

Emily Eldredge: This again is the full sort of your exPower so as we heal those exPowers.


00:27:05.760 --> 00:27:17.610

Emily Eldredge: And we end up revealing are wonderful emPowers and then guiding star, in truth, which I talked about in the first show, and that this is what it's all about we're all about your truth here your truth is the treasure.


00:27:17.940 --> 00:27:26.310

Emily Eldredge: That we are after here and so it's it's vital that we start by facing those exPowers those parts of us that feel like they're in the way.


00:27:26.610 --> 00:27:42.930

Emily Eldredge: Because the truth is the just fragmented parts of our life, as I said, you have all of the power, you need to be who you are here to be, but in order to access that power in order to access that light finding those parts doesn't work.


00:27:43.620 --> 00:27:54.270

Emily Eldredge: You know, one of the things I love talking about is how what actually happens is when we fight those parts of us like when we fight those inner exPowers, because we don't like them, as I said before their parts of our triggers are our patterns or our pain or.


00:27:54.540 --> 00:28:00.360

Emily Eldredge: They cause us to behave in ways that we don't like, but the problem is when we fight them we actually make them worse.


00:28:01.080 --> 00:28:07.260

Emily Eldredge: We actually cause them to fight back, and the reason for that is what I call the physics of emotion.


00:28:07.500 --> 00:28:18.330

Emily Eldredge: Is that it's just like for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and when we push against that part of US or push against it this way, it just fights back, and so this is really about.


00:28:18.750 --> 00:28:30.630

Emily Eldredge: Turning towards and embracing those parts of us and understanding them, and I say embracing I don't mean like I you know, like I wouldn't say like Oh, I should have you know embrace that monster that was so.


00:28:31.320 --> 00:28:47.160

Emily Eldredge: scary and go oh sure it's Okay, you can tell me, I have a how awful I am no but just turning towards them and facing them and understanding them and recognizing that ultimately every part of us is just trying to protect us or itself.


00:28:47.580 --> 00:29:01.350

Emily Eldredge: Whatever way it knows, and so, as we can do that, we can have compassion for that part of us, and then it would do says that resistance inside and then what you get is less fragmentation.


00:29:01.950 --> 00:29:11.040

Emily Eldredge: I mean it, you know it's amazing to me how like how we're all like so many people are walking wounded here and so fragmented because of the experiences.


00:29:11.310 --> 00:29:18.540

Emily Eldredge: As opposed to feeling one feeling Pole and so it's about reducing that inner resistance and realizing that those parts.


00:29:18.810 --> 00:29:27.450

Emily Eldredge: That may feel like they're working against your power, one of the reasons why I call them exPowers is because X means against working against your power.


00:29:27.750 --> 00:29:35.640

Emily Eldredge: Is that actually it's just been distorted and its intentions really are good and when we can understand those we can help those parts of US heal.


00:29:36.090 --> 00:29:43.920

Emily Eldredge: And, of course, the other reason why I call them exPowers is because they are former parts of your power so their former parts of your emPowers.


00:29:44.190 --> 00:29:53.160

Emily Eldredge: And so it's all about reclaiming that power that light within us and and and channeling it so that we can actually.


00:29:53.730 --> 00:30:02.100

Emily Eldredge: discover that truth and then channel that to really have the impact that we're here to have, so this is, I just feel it's really important to emphasize.


00:30:02.820 --> 00:30:13.050

Emily Eldredge: The importance of of having to have really facing those dark parts as well in order to really access that light inside.


00:30:13.650 --> 00:30:23.640

Emily Eldredge: So, and I shared this in the last Court and the last show, but I just wanted to share this with you again until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world.


00:30:24.240 --> 00:30:36.720

Emily Eldredge: And we find that we cannot, for all of the darkness in the world stems from darkness, in the heart and it is there that we must do our work Marianne Williamson, of course, wonderful.


00:30:37.680 --> 00:30:50.310

Emily Eldredge: We must do our work inside because, as we are transforming our own darkness back to light, we are bringing more light to the world we are having an impact, not just by what we do.


00:30:50.760 --> 00:31:03.480

Emily Eldredge: But by who we are, by the light and the joy in the presence that we radiate and also by the fact that we can be more present in every interaction, we have, or even as we face challenges.


00:31:03.780 --> 00:31:16.140

Emily Eldredge: Rather than being triggered and you know resistant and all of those things that we tend to struggle with that can really keep us from stepping into that power and really living the truth that we know we are here to live.


00:31:16.860 --> 00:31:25.230

Emily Eldredge: So really quickly my community, I have an online Community I just launched, I want to share this with you all, I did the mystical in this show.


00:31:25.500 --> 00:31:33.690

Emily Eldredge: Where share just just the basics about exPowers, but in my community is you've got the coursework a way more deeply into all of this.


00:31:33.960 --> 00:31:40.920

Emily Eldredge: And you know you get all of it at once, basically, you get you know understanding the exPower is in the three types and understanding the emPowers and the three types.


00:31:41.160 --> 00:31:53.520

Emily Eldredge: And how to access your truth and actualize it so that you can truly change the world in the highest way possible so just want to let you know about that Community change light dot world I would love to have you in there.


00:31:53.970 --> 00:31:58.830

Emily Eldredge: And thank you so much for watching I am so grateful to share this information with you.


00:31:59.100 --> 00:32:03.780

Emily Eldredge: As I said, i'm going to be doing, then we just talked about the basics of exPowers in this show.


00:32:04.020 --> 00:32:10.380

Emily Eldredge: But in the next three shows i'm going to break down the three different types you're not going to want to miss that.


00:32:10.620 --> 00:32:28.470

Emily Eldredge: it's going to be awesome because they're so interesting and fascinating and I guarantee i'm going to share some information with you it's just going to blow your mind in all kinds of wonderful ways alright, so thank you so much, and I look forward to us us talking some Oregon.


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