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Listen to Your emPowers

Two weeks ago, I was peacefully drinking my morning tea and asking my inner emPowers what they needed from me that day. They gave me their answers, but then my Impresario added "create a CEO presentation".

I have worked privately with CEOs before but had never spoken to groups of them specifically, and I didn't have any such talks scheduled. Still, the message felt so clear that I dropped what I was doing and started crafting a new presentation for sharing my work with them. I had no idea when it would be needed but nevertheless trusted the guidance I had received.

Last week, the Human Development Plus conference in Guatemala asked me to speak at their event in June. The organizers said it would be geared towards "HR executives", so I began crafting a presentation specific to this audience.

Yesterday morning, however, they informed me that it would be an audience of CEOs (as well as HR and other executives).

Only this morning did it hit me: my inner Impresario knew before I did that I would soon be speaking to CEOs!

Moral of the story: Listen to your emPowers.

As I often say,

When you honor your emPowers, magic happens.


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