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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Hello Hello hello, welcome to Inner Work for Greater Good, my name is Emily Eldredge i'm the founder of ChangeLight and the creator of the ChangeLight System.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Where we do inner work that accelerates your power to change the world so welcome to the show, if this is your first time are welcome back if you've already watched some of the episodes.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And every week when i'm trying to figure out what am I going to talk about.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know it's it's funny when I first started doing the show I sort of had it all planned out if you look at the episodes you'll see I had it all planned out according to.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Teaching well elements of the ChangeLight System and then ever since then it's been like a what's sort of the theme this week.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: or what's the thing i've been struggling with or working on.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And this week I just noticed that I had a number of conversations that i've had similar conversations in the past, but I noticed that i've had a number of conversations.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Where I see people I meet people I get to know people who are really making a difference.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But they don't realize that they are, or they don't fully recognize how much impact they're truly having or even how, in the past.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They were having impact as well, even when they weren't trying to like it's just so interesting to me how those of us who are here, trying to make a difference don't always recognize.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: When we're making a difference, how we can make a difference and also, I just want to speak to the fact that there are those of us and I count myself as one of these people, and I know a lot of people like this, who.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: We just know that we're here to make a difference we don't necessarily know why we know this, we may come from some influences our lives, but a lot of times it's really this self directed thing it's like this fire inside that says.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm here to have an impact i'm here to make a difference, but it doesn't mean that we always knew what that was I didn't always know i'd be doing this work, in fact I didn't really start discovering this work until.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: 2009 so that was 13 years ago and I just turned 47 so we're talking or is that 34 years.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Old so I wasn't until my mid 30s until I really started to get a sense that maybe I could do something in this line of work to make a difference.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And prior to that i've been doing sort of similar things more informally, that is, like helping people with their emotions helping people shift their perceptions of themselves and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: their sense of purpose and value etc and but it wasn't doing it in an official capacity I was doing it, you know as a friend or a colleague and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the point is, you know I didn't always know what i'm supposed to do and I know so many other people who had that fire, but they didn't necessarily know how they were going to have an impact.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And what I find so fascinating is that a lot of times the way we end up having impact is by doing the things that come naturally to us.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That we don't even realize is the thing that we're here to do to make a difference because it's just so easy it's just so natural it doesn't feel like anything special because it is so easy and natural for us.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so I just want to say, I guess, two things one if you're one of those people who's like I know i'm here to make a difference, but I don't know what that is yet or i'm not really sure how or I don't really feel like I am.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I want you to listen to this episode, because I want you to hear how you actually might be making the difference, without even realizing it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'll tell you a story from my own past, in which I actually thought i'd done the opposite like that I really had made a difference at all, and yet it turned out that I really.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: made a difference and i'll tell you the story and then also other ways in which we may a lot of times we can be criticized.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And torn down told story about that, for the very ways in which it's our super power to make a difference, we are making a difference and yet let's say the powers that be or parents or other people in society.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Really criticized us, for the very things that we are here to do our superpowers, that we have in order to you know that we have in order to make that difference and how that impacts that we feel driven to make.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And also, I just want to say, even to the people who already if you already know, you know I know what i'm here to do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'm here to make a difference, I think that this is a really important message, because a lot of times and I sort of already touched on this we don't always value what it is that we're bringing.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And we always think we've got to work harder or do more, or somehow you know, be more than we truly are in order to have a bigger impact.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I just want to point out and tell some stories about that as well, where it's like well what if actually you are having an impact just doing what you naturally love to do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So anyway i'm going to tell a few stories today and some from my own history.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But, but you know these are some of the stories that came up this past week and then i'll tell some other stories.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: From my experiences and others about ways in which we've had impact when we didn't even realize that we were and so.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then, as usual, at the end of the episode i'll do a little call to action and say well look at look at your own life and i'll give you just three simple steps look at your own life.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To really determine how you're having an impact or how you could have an impact, if you want to have more of an impact, and you know and and to be more.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to realize that you actually don't have to work so hard to make a difference that's one of my other messages here.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So, first I want to tell the story about this wonderful man and I haven't been given this is really permission to tell these people's stories just because it's just came to me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To talk about this, but i'll just tell you very simply, that he's an amazing man who currently leads an organization in an African country.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's helping children who and their families, children were very sick.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In the hospital and so basically what he's created is you know kind of like a for those of us in the United States or who might be familiar with this kind of Ronald McDonald, for you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: kids use kids in their families well Amazon house and sorry Ryan McDonald houses if you're familiar with the Ronald McDonald House you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That it's all about trying to support that those are places where they support the families and I think even how's the families of.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Children who are sick in hospital, because, of course, if your child is sick in the hospital.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That requires long stays, and it can be a whole super expensive if you don't have a family member or a friend to stay within the vicinity.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so you're going to end up costing a lot of money with hotels, etc, and also there are all kinds of emotional and other needs that families have, and of course kids have.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: When they're dealing with a hospital stay and turnips they're very, very sick or they have terminal illnesses so anyway.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The story of how this man came to this work is really, really interesting because he wasn't actually intending that when he started.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: helping out in hospitals, he was actually more of a performer and then he realized that.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that this was needed, and so he ended up starting this organization, but anyway, the point is, is he and I had a conversation because we met at a an event.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The well being Summit as a matter of fact and we met at this event in early late may early June and we instantly clicked and he's just the loveliest guy.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Anyway, he he and I hadn't talked since then, so we had a long conversation on the phone this past weekend and I learned more about his history.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it was, or rather, let me just tell you this, what actually happened was he explained that during the pandemic so here, he is running organization.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then, he said that during the pandemic, he was visiting this other city and he said, you know people need food, so he started a feeding Program.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he was excited because he just come back to that city and Sure enough, the feeding program was still going on, so that was really made me really happy and then, of course, I already knew about the work that he does.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Now so i'm hearing a pattern in this, and I said, you know what what i'm hearing i'm hearing that you really have a special gift for bringing people together for a good cause.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that people continue to stay and continue to do that, and they love to follow your direction in in in doing this good work.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he said he said, you know I never really thought of it like that, you know he just he just does it she just does what he does, and he hadn't really thought of as anything different or special.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: um but then, in the course of our conversation he ended up telling me this amazing story and i'm not going to give too many details again because I didn't officially get his permission to share his story and because you know it's.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: there's no need for me to to give too many details, but the point.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Was that years ago, when he was younger he saw that there was some not good things going on in this powerful organization that was the whose job was to do good and to make a difference, but he saw that there was some correction.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That there were some things that were that were bad or just not not good, and so he found out about those things and then he brought people together for.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To try to bring light to this issue and to you know alert people in this organization that this was a bad thing he ended up basically it sounds like leading this movement within the organization.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Now, of course, what happens when we start to an activist know this right when we actually highlight injustices or.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Things that are not on the up and up within a powerful organization well that powerful organization usually feels threatened they feel like their power is being threatened.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And a lot of times they fight back and so apparently that's what happened with this organization is they fought this man and they fought his organization or his his movement, I guess, and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It ended up according to him, really, it was torture and destroyed his life for a while and he lost his job he lost friends, he lost.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: support and he went through a really, really dark time, but what was so cool about him sharing this story.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that he then saw the connection there to where wow I did the similar thing, where I was bringing people together and yet I was torn down for it and I was criticized, and I was ostracized for it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so the point is, we ended up having this awesome like conversation about the through line of back then he was doing something that he just felt called to do that's it he wasn't like.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, it just was right it felt like the right thing for him to do, and he was using his natural gifts and abilities and talents and skills and attitudes.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And and his heart to make a difference and, sadly, of course, as I said, you know he went through a lot of pain and a lot of torture and was was ripped apart for that.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And yet, one of the things I celebrated within him was the fact that you know I mean that that really did destroy him for a while, but then here's What did he do years later, now, when he realized, there was a need for the support for these kids.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is he brought people together and created this organization and then What did he do during the pandemic.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In this city where he realized that people weren't being fed he brought people together and said let's do this and I just said, you know it's such an incredible gift and such an incredible talent.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And how you know how he's used it for good and as i'm saying this, I remembered it actually he also shared with me in this, you know that wasn't the first time he'd been torn down for bringing people together towards something he said that when he was a kid he was a real troublemaker.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he was doing a similar thing when he was a kid where apparently it was a really tough school environment and so he's like yeah.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So I would bring kids together, but it wasn't always for good like we didn't always do the right thing, we were mostly rebels, we were rabble rousers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I don't think they hurt anybody necessarily but the point is.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It was so cool to look at that and as i'm sharing this story, this is what I want you to do if you feel called to as I want you to look at your own life and be like what are the threads in your own life.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In terms of how you've had an impact, so the point is is that even from a young age, he was bringing people together.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But it wasn't necessarily towards like a good cause, it was more you know, causing trouble or sort of fighting against.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, whatever the situation was at school, he said that schools, they were pretty abusive and not very nice and so he was acting out against that he said.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the point is that that attitude that superpower that gift that he has that just comes naturally to him.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That he doesn't even think about it so easy for him is that that showed up when I was a kid and then, when he was a teenager and then, when he was you know into his adulthood.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he was able to see how it was the same way, we talked about this was the exact same gift aptitude superpower, whatever word, you want to use.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But it was just expressed in different ways, and then he learned how to take that gift and now he uses it for good.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But what was so what I love if this happens all the time with change makers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that it's there it's right in front of them, or even people who want to have an impact is there, like I I really want to make a difference, but I don't know what my thing isn't I don't know what to do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's almost always right in front of us and that's part of the point part of my message, especially if you're one of those people who's like but I don't know how to make an impact look at what is right in front of you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What are the things that you do naturally easily effortlessly that you don't value them because they don't feel that special to you, but they're so special to others, like, for example.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I know that I have certain gifts and I know that I can do things very naturally and easily I.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Think about them, in fact, I was just having lunch with another amazing man having an impact and when he was sharing some some something you know emotional or a sort of a recent change in his life that was.


00:14:50.040 --> 00:14:57.600

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Probably pretty big and catastrophic I immediately went oh gosh i'm so sorry and he was sort of taken aback by the fact that I was empathetic.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, and not not that surprising, I was empathetic but just more about like oh thanks you know and to me i'm like, but of course i'm going to be like why wouldn't die.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Well, that just seems really natural to me and that might be something that really natural to you, but it may not come entirely naturally to other people either to to immediately feel bad or even to express it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's just one of those things anyway so that's the first gentleman, I wanted to talk about the, this is the first man.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And, and how he has how he in the course of our conversation realize how he'd actually been using the same gift, but how it was expressing itself differently.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And what an incredible power that is because, as I said to him i'm like that's not something that comes naturally to me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, is trying to point out, but it's like this isn't necessarily something that everyone can do easily and well so that was my point is like i've got my other gifts, but I can tell you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Like bringing people together and like a movement, I have such respect and admiration for people who can do that.


00:15:57.840 --> 00:16:06.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because it's just not something that feels natural for me, if anything, i'm always like I don't know what people care about what I care about if anything it's more like.


00:16:06.450 --> 00:16:14.190

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know i'm going to doing this thing that are people going to show up so whereas you have other people like him who's just like this is what a.


00:16:14.790 --> 00:16:22.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: cool let's do it and let's make it happen, so I just want to tell his story and then another manual actually just had breakfast with this morning.


00:16:23.250 --> 00:16:38.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It was a an interesting conversation in which he talked about how he has a business and he's from another African country, in fact, and he said he just you know he and I and i'll just say I met him through another event.


00:16:39.930 --> 00:16:47.100

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That I was that I attended and the event was all about you know for people who are working to have an impact and change makers and.


00:16:47.460 --> 00:17:02.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And philanthropist and people like that, and so he came to the event, not knowing what to expect and but someone had said here, you know you've got to go to this event, and he was, like all right, he didn't really think about it, but what's fun is what he expressed to me was that he suddenly.


00:17:04.500 --> 00:17:12.810

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Oh i'm actually having an impact by what i'm doing so, in other words he's been doing what he does, but he didn't even.


00:17:13.290 --> 00:17:22.140

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Like think of it in impact terms, he didn't even think about it wasn't like the desire to have an impact consciously not that he was aware.


00:17:22.410 --> 00:17:33.900

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's not what was driving him now it wasn't as though you know money was driving or something else he was just doing what feels good to him just natural and yeah sure i'll do that and that's easy for me, then, I want to do that.


00:17:34.440 --> 00:17:47.190

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that was another moment again that sort of led to my wanting to do this episode about how he's somewhat yeah It made me realize that oh that me just doing something that's easy for me is actually having an impact.


00:17:48.360 --> 00:17:51.270

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's having an impact, are you starting to hear a theme here.


00:17:52.680 --> 00:17:58.530

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I want to share with you a story also about how.


00:18:00.120 --> 00:18:01.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: How I.


00:18:02.460 --> 00:18:11.790

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: All i'll just tell you this that I said i've always been driven to have an impact, not always I shouldn't say that it really didn't start to light up or I wasn't aware of it.


00:18:12.270 --> 00:18:26.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And my my deep desire to really have an impact that didn't come until I would say after I graduated from college so not until I was done with school and I think that it's because school had taken up so much bandwidth for so long.


00:18:26.790 --> 00:18:32.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And you know it's like always focused on school, but I wasn't really thinking about the bigger picture of you know.


00:18:32.940 --> 00:18:36.750

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Who do I want to be in the world, or how do I want to make a difference and so.


00:18:37.170 --> 00:18:47.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: When I did graduate from school that's when it was like that calling that need that drive that fire started to awaken are starting to be aware of it, inside of me.


00:18:47.370 --> 00:18:56.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because I was like well if i'm going to do what am I going to do with my life right often after college or before we're finished with college, we ask ourselves that question what am I going to do with myself.


00:18:56.550 --> 00:19:00.180

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And for me I realized having you know after trying, a lot of different things.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That I wanted to have an impact, no matter what I mean I could do stuff because it felt good but I knew that I realized that needed to be a core part of whatever I do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that it is having an impact that i'm making people's lives better in some way or another, that i'm healing this planet somehow or another.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so the point is that I did a lot of things over the years I volunteered at hospitals, I met my husband actually at shriners hospital for children in Los Angeles, although we didn't get together until many years later, but we became friends and then.


00:19:33.900 --> 00:19:44.100

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I met him I did hospitals and I was just basically helping out in a lot of different ways and then, when I was here and Richard to New York and.


00:19:44.430 --> 00:19:49.710

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: 911 happened and I don't think i've ever told you all this story, but the point is that.


00:19:50.190 --> 00:19:58.320

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I spent a lot of time helping firefighters and their families, and you know really trying to be that emotional space for them now I didn't think of myself as.


00:19:58.620 --> 00:20:02.460

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Having anything special or different it was just naturally started doing that.


00:20:03.240 --> 00:20:12.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And, and I may have shared some of that with you, but I just naturally when I was at ground zero everyone else's running supplies and I just naturally I could just see when someone was really hurting.


00:20:13.110 --> 00:20:20.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: or or checked out because they were in shock and I would just sort of take them again other people reported this back to me they said I saw you do this.


00:20:21.030 --> 00:20:31.440

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I was like oh okay I didn't realize, I was doing this another thing here that sometimes we don't all we aren't always aware of what we're doing and sometimes we need other people to point it out.


00:20:32.280 --> 00:20:42.270

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But anyway, so the point is that I then spent the next year and a half, afterwards, going to fire houses around New York City and helping firefighters and I was known as the hunger girl or huggy.


00:20:42.660 --> 00:20:48.570

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because I would give hugs and that's what that's part of what I do is I give them hugs that just desperately desperately needed.


00:20:48.900 --> 00:20:54.450

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: punks and there was nothing untoward about it, it was just simply human to human i'm just giving you a hard and they were.


00:20:54.840 --> 00:21:02.670

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know needing that hug and and actually some of the guys would even say like you got to have this girl oh my gosh I don't know what it is, but it really, really helps.


00:21:03.450 --> 00:21:11.820

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So the point is is that often when I would go to a firehouse I would show up, and you know there'd be someone there, who was in pain hurting and needed to talk.


00:21:12.720 --> 00:21:25.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so I would go and then they talked to me, and then they feel the cry on my shoulder and then they feel better and there was some kind of catharsis and then I would feel like i've made a difference oh good I feel good now I had an impact.


00:21:27.030 --> 00:21:33.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: One night I was at this one firehouse and I went because I was trying to be helpful and I show up and guess what.


00:21:34.320 --> 00:21:46.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Nobody really needed my help nobody really not bad, how they didn't really mean my support these it seemed that way, and you know everyone was like oh hi i'm like book good to see you know that was it like they didn't there was no sort of like okay.


00:21:47.970 --> 00:21:54.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whatever, and so I left the fire house or I walked outside I should say, and outside, there was this.


00:21:54.960 --> 00:21:59.790

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: lieutenant who was standing there I think he was smoking a cigar smoking a cigarette or something.


00:22:00.420 --> 00:22:09.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And we started chatting and he was a visiting the the the officers will sometimes go between firehouses and so he was visiting so we didn't really know anybody in the firehouse.


00:22:09.480 --> 00:22:16.950

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he was just standing there by himself long story shorter we ended up having this conversation, and which we joked.


00:22:17.520 --> 00:22:27.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: About flying off to Vegas like this is, you know, this is, like all these pain, all this death is is also depressing What if we just let's just get out of here let's just go to Vegas like hahaha you know and get.


00:22:27.450 --> 00:22:39.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Nothing i'm toward just kind of like let's like escape escape and go what's the craziest adult place we could go to right now, that would be sort of fun and free and forget your worries and the thought that came to mind was Vegas.


00:22:39.930 --> 00:22:54.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so we were laughing about it up front and kind of joking about it and then that was kind of it, you know, and then you know sort of sort of like the conversation was done and I said Okay, well, I hope you have a great night and I left here's the thing when I left.


00:22:56.520 --> 00:23:00.540

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I felt like a failure, I felt like I had not had an impact.


00:23:01.140 --> 00:23:11.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I felt like well that was useless that was pointless Why did I even you know why did I go there, I didn't help anybody nobody cried on my shoulder nobody told me their deepest darkest pains and worries and fears and wounds.


00:23:12.060 --> 00:23:17.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I felt like i've done absolutely nothing and I felt the opposite like a failed failed.


00:23:19.710 --> 00:23:31.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: cut to a year later, I was in a bar and I wish because that's where a lot of firefighters would hang out and they are I was friends with all of them they're all doing me so.


00:23:31.350 --> 00:23:39.300

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It was an emotional day I forgot exactly I don't know if it was it wasn't the anniversary, but it might have been at 911 but it might have been something else I forgot.


00:23:40.080 --> 00:23:49.890

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Anyway, the point is i'm in the fire I in the pub and i'm just standing there talking to some of my friends and my buddies and I hear my name.


00:23:51.150 --> 00:23:59.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'm like you know, but although, although I would hear my name a lot, you will love it guys, so it was, like all right, no big deal, but then I see this man pushing through the crowd towards me.


00:24:00.360 --> 00:24:10.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I didn't really familiar I don't know you know, but he said Emily i'm looking for you all year and I was like.


00:24:10.620 --> 00:24:19.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Oh okay hi you know any except you don't remember me do you and then he said we met outside of this firehouse a year ago.


00:24:20.190 --> 00:24:38.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he said, and we joked about flying off to Vegas and that started going to oh oh oh yeah okay yeah I kind of remember that Okay, and then I started to remember to try that was kind of like a kind of a bad line for me like I didn't know I left feeling unhappy.


00:24:39.810 --> 00:24:41.850

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he said Emily you saved my life that way.


00:24:43.200 --> 00:24:58.080

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I was shocked and he said he said, up until then everything has been doom and gloom and miserable and I lost all of these friends are deep in grief, I was having trouble with my with my marriage.


00:24:58.710 --> 00:25:04.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: He said everything was awful and he goes, but then you came out and we started chatting and he goes and actually.


00:25:04.860 --> 00:25:10.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I take that back he actually added because I was, I was actually considering ending at all, he said, I was so depressed and so unhappy.


00:25:11.250 --> 00:25:20.400

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I just felt like there really wasn't any point that I would never feel joy, again, is what he said, and so I, he said that, then you came out.


00:25:21.030 --> 00:25:32.700

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And we just joked about going to Vegas and he said that suddenly lit that spark within me again and I realized that I could feel joy again.


00:25:33.180 --> 00:25:44.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And he said, and it changed everything and because i've been looking through ever since I didn't know how to get in touch with you because I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you saved my life that.


00:25:47.310 --> 00:26:00.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I was in such shock, but the point is that notice that even when I thought I wasn't having impact remember thinking about you, even when you think you're don't you don't you aren't having impact.


00:26:01.170 --> 00:26:19.770

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The you probably are I was I I really just by being myself and kind of being like whatever that night and having this conversation with this guy and not trying to be there and let him talk about his emotions, but just having a moment with him it saved his life.


00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:28.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So it's all by way of saying that we can have massive impact, without even realizing it.


00:26:29.610 --> 00:26:39.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And here's what I always recommend when people say, well, I want to make a difference, but I don't know how or or if i've noticed that they're trying too hard.


00:26:39.540 --> 00:26:50.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Or if they're you know, or even if it's like there yeah if you're there already maybe having an impact, but they are overwatch or burned out or.


00:26:51.780 --> 00:26:55.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, need to kind of re prioritize reassess.


00:26:56.820 --> 00:27:08.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You don't feel like their work isn't fulfilling or whatever it is, I always like to remind people that number one you can be having an impact, when you don't even realize it.


00:27:09.360 --> 00:27:23.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But it also that we don't necessarily have impact by doing things that don't feel natural for us for good for us things that may feel like.


00:27:24.990 --> 00:27:33.600

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know just just not like a reflection of who we are, or or how I put it just that feeling too much.


00:27:34.170 --> 00:27:39.720

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's too much of a stretch stretch i'm not saying that it's something that is not about trying to stretch ourselves.


00:27:40.560 --> 00:27:48.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because, sometimes we do, and our colons often call us to stretch ourselves but, in other words, that it really just comes back to that word natural.


00:27:49.260 --> 00:27:57.960

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's about doing what feels natural and easy for you and that part of the issue is that we often don't recognize the value.


00:27:58.710 --> 00:28:11.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Of those things that are natural easy for us because they are natural easy for us, and because we're not really noticing that that's what we're doing and we're not really noticing and valuing that it is actually having an impact.


00:28:12.000 --> 00:28:23.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So very simple three things if you are trying to think about ways that you can have impact or what it is you're here to do what's your purpose what's your calling, you know I talked in.


00:28:24.150 --> 00:28:31.950

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Previous things about that we are divinely designed to do what we're here to do so it's not about trying to be anyone other than who you are it's about being.


00:28:32.520 --> 00:28:46.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Completely fully holy who you already are and trusting that to take you where you who you're meant to help trust that that will guide you to become who you're here to be so number one simply notice.


00:28:47.160 --> 00:29:04.200

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What is it that feels natural for you to do and, especially, what is it that feels natural for you to do from your heart from a place of caring place of of just it feels good it feels natural and it feels right.


00:29:05.250 --> 00:29:08.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: There number one just nervous number to.


00:29:10.350 --> 00:29:20.040

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: value that so stop and look at that and, by the way, I should say in terms of noticing, you may need other people outside of you.


00:29:20.520 --> 00:29:30.450

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to reflect back to you, who you are and what it is that you're naturally get to that a lot of how I finally realized that this is what I need to do is because other people reflected that back to me.


00:29:31.050 --> 00:29:41.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it just took me a little bit of time to realize like Okay, maybe that is what i'm supposed to do, I haven't had a call the good friend of mine who's you know she's this amazing natural leader she's incredible.


00:29:42.480 --> 00:29:48.300

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And you know, took her years to realize that that she was because, for her it was just like oh yeah it's the big deal.


00:29:48.780 --> 00:30:04.650

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Well, it is a big deal it's just that it's so easy for you, you don't realize it's a big deal so value that value it see how that makes a difference in people's lives see how that has an impact see just value it and.


00:30:05.700 --> 00:30:18.660

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It looks really simple and easy for me, you know, maybe it really does it's good you know I can I can use this gift in different ways to help others, and there is value in people will value me for it very important.


00:30:19.290 --> 00:30:22.230

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then finally three do it just do that.


00:30:22.860 --> 00:30:37.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Life doesn't have to be a struggle that's part of the problem, we think that life always has to be a struggle that we have to struggle to be something we're not, but if you were to just be who you are and let that be enough and know that that's enough to make a difference.


00:30:38.250 --> 00:30:47.940

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I hope this is helpful and I hope these stories were inspiring for you, as always, you can find us at ChangeLight dot world, and you can contact me if you want directly Emily a change like.


00:30:48.270 --> 00:30:53.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: World i'm not a time but I love you and I so appreciate you listening and I hope.


00:30:53.400 --> 00:31:01.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That what I share with you is inspiring and makes a difference in your life because for me this feels good to national for me to share these stories and to share these experiences.


00:31:02.310 --> 00:31:16.440

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And to to teach and to guide, so my hope of courses that I can have an impact, during this, this is what feels good and natural for me to do alright have fun doing what feels good and natural for you to do i'll see you next week.


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