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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Hello Hello hello, and welcome to Inner Work for Greater Good, my name is Emily Eldredge always I would ChangeLight.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And we have the ChangeLight community and a ChangeLight course ChangeLight system course it's all about.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: doing the inner work that is necessary to affect even greater good in the world, so if you are a changemaker, if you are someone who is passionate.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: about making a difference, who is driven to make a difference, a positive difference and leave the world better.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: than the way you found it then welcome i'm so glad you're here because we have a lot of good information that I share.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: about how to accelerate that process for you so that you can make an even bigger difference even more effortlessly with greater peace and love and joy and happiness and freedom.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's what it's all about so that we're not struggling as we're trying to help people's lives, be better and help our planet heal etc so i'm so happy to have you here.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Today, the topic comes from an experience I had actually multiple times over the weekend this past weekend, so this past weekend I was at an amazing amazing event called the nexus global summit now nexus was formed 10 years ago.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's all about bringing together social activists changemakers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know impact investors social entrepreneurs with philanthropists and so it's about basically bringing together people.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: who are in a position to have an impact, whether it's through the financial resource that they resources that they have with through the work they're doing on the ground to really have an impact.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i've been a member of nexus actually I first spoke, I first heard when I was first involved with them, I should say back in.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: in which this wonderful woman who's a philanthropist invited me to be on one of her panels.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it was funny just a side note just a funny little anecdote to that, so this woman was three years behind me in high school and when she said, oh i'd love you to be on this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: panel it's at this event called nexus back that it was helping nexus global youth summit and when she said nexus minute I think, is that Jonas.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And children with camper who's a Co founder of nexus was in my classically in college, there was this funny meeting a world where like my high school in Texas, and then my college in Massachusetts.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I ended up getting involved with nexus and i've just been so impressed with them all of these years and they've really grown and evolved and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So many amazing things the Members have done, to have an impact, I mean everything from having an impact with climate and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Investing in climate or even developing new technologies to you know be really quick on the ground with Ukraine to limiting the amount of.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Non reusable plastics that are used at the super bowl I mean just amazing big and small ways that these people have made an impact, and so I feel unbelievably blessed and grateful to be a part of this Community.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The point, though, is this was the first big event that they've had since the pandemic So this was a really wonderful homecoming and i'm also a member of what's called their impact society, which is a yearly.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Membership in which we get together and we connect with each other, those of us who are very impact driven.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that we can support one another and meet amazing leaders throughout the world and become those leaders ourselves ideally.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And really have an do a lot of inner work as well, so nexus is all about inner work so anyway, the point is that I went to the nexus global summit this past weekend.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I just showed up excited I was happy.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Each day, I thought to myself, you know how do I want to feel, and I wanted to feel lit up and I wanted to feel like my Guiding Star which, if you've watched some of my previous episodes I explain what your inner Guiding Star is.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I think I might have shared with you even like what my how my inner Guiding Star appears to me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the point is, I really went in with a lot of excitement, because I was going to get to see friends, some people i've only seen on zoom that gotten to know well, actually give them hugs.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And and get to learn about some of the current day issues and the people who are having an impact in those spaces and connecting with them and then learning about my work, etc.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that there was something that kept being repeated throughout the weekend to me and I want to share with you what that was but also what my response was.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and actually in this episode i'm going to go more deeply into what my response would be if I were to really sort of give a sermon, if you will, on this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But it was so so cool because so many people came up to me, and some people I knew, some people I didn't but within sometimes second sometimes minutes.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They would say you just Emily you recreate this light just you just radiate and someone also said, he said, you radiate such light and safety.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And when people said this to me, I would often just put my hand on my heart, I would do it now, except i'm wearing the microphone.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I put my hand on my heart and i'd say thank you, that means so much to me and sometimes i'd share the story about the fact that I actually came I actually had a been through such periods of darkness in my life.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that, when I was in those dark periods I kept seeing a version of myself all lit up.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Happy joyful radiant and just kind of shining this lightness this was when I was really, really dark so it was like this unreachable thing.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it was eventually a few years later, that I really realized, and I got a kind of download that told me that's your Guiding Star.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Meaning that's who you are here to be that's who you're capable of being that's who you are when you are fully living your Truth and shining your brightest light.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so, when I was in the dark dark dark periods, I would see that see my inner Guiding Star and I had no idea, no idea how I would get there, but somehow or another, I just knew I knew.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That I could be this presence and so when people said that to me at the nexus summit.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And, mind you, I want to point out, I didn't go in going i'm going to shine this light I just, I just wanted to be myself and just shine my light that's all I didn't try to.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I just showed up and was pulling myself like joyful happy excited to see everyone and wanting to connect self and so when people said that to me, and they reflected.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That back to me that how much light I shown and how they felt so safe around me they put my hand on my heart and say thank you so much, and I will explain.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: How the read the reason why that meant so much to me because that's always who I wanted to be.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And they occasionally i've been a real having a longer conversation I would get into the story about how I went through so much darkness.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And sometimes one of the comments that I would make is Thank you so much i've worked really hard to be able to do this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it was it was fun to see people's reactions to that like What do you mean like you worked hard and I would say yeah i've worked really, really hard on myself.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to shine this light to be this present this presence to be safe for others I love and explain more why.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I love that that was even one of the new things that I heard that someone felt so safe with me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I shouldn't say new things i've had people say that but for people to just walk up and say I just get this from you, you know, without even knowing.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That they felt this safety for me meant so much on a lot of different levels but it's mainly because it's the realization.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Of what i've always wanted the presence i've always wanted to be so, to have people who didn't even know me a lot of them.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: just say that they saw that in me and they felt that from me, was a basically a dream come true, and a confirmation, for me, of Yes, this is what I always wanted to be, and this is who i've always known I could be, and here it is it's happening, but when I say that it takes a lot of work.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm not talking about I don't let's put it this way it's not kind of like the kind of work where it's like I work really hard to shine light, you know it's not like stress energy and effort thing, and you know this kind of energy it's more about being consistently.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: focused on really well i'm actually going to explain to you the steps that I take, and that I that I guide people to take to shine their brightest light, but it is about.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: doing the inner work that it takes to be able to shine your brightest light and it's really, really important, I think that we understand this, because sometimes we can.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, go through life, and we see people, and we see some people radiating light or you know shining in certain way or being a certain presence.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And a lot of times we can assume that somehow that's you consciously or unconsciously assume that somehow that's just effortless that's just what they do and it's true, I mean there are some people who.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: sort of shine a brighter light, if you will, in certain ways, or maybe there are certain circumstances are scenarios situations where.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Excuse me, where some people shine brighter than others, so there may be certain circumstances like this past weekend was one of those experiences where i'm like I was lit up because I was so excited to see everyone.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But then there might be other situations where you know, maybe my my life doesn't shine as brightly because you know i'm just not as excited you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whereas for other people they might be like Yes, this is my thing you know, like if you're a scientist and you really light up and you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: get excited talking about your work, you know, focusing on your work that might be when you people are like wow you're so lit up.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And for me, I was so good up and a lot of other people were lit up, but my point is that a lot of times we can mistakenly assume that somehow this is easy to do or.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Or rather, that people it's like it's like well, they just shine that light and that's just it and they're sort of embedded in that this idea that well, they have something that I don't have.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Or you know or say Oh, I really want that, but we think that we can achieve that or be that presence or shine our light as brightly and yeah I mean there are some people who, I think.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: For any number of reasons, have a kind of charisma to them a sort of magnetism and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And some people use that for good, and some people use that for not so good so just want to acknowledge that, but sometimes people have that gift.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And they don't always use it for good or sometimes there are people who can kind of.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: pretend to be bright and pretend like you know they're so shiny and charismatic and everything but what's really underneath that you know they're basically good at cloaking.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So i'm not really talking about that, but I just want to acknowledge that sometimes you do have people who know how to turn it on, if you will.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I mean actually i'm just going to tell you Marilyn Monroe was actually one of those people, she even talked about how she could just turn it on.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: For me, I see it, and this has always been my intention, I don't want to be someone who just turns on my light to me and the snow judgment.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Against Maryland row or anyone else, but I just would rather that feels artificial to me as though, like I turn it on or turn it off i'd rather just radiate i'd rather just shine i'd rather just.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: have an impact and help people feel safe and good without even trying to by just being myself, not because i've turned it on return to offer and playing a role or persona but because I really am just showing up as my full self.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that, by doing so, I radiate a shine even brighter and I help others feel more at peace with themselves just merely through my presence so that's always my intention and to me that I think is like.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: A lot of what it's all about, frankly, at least for me, I should say.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But I know that we're all capable of it, and so what I that's what I mean it takes work it takes a lot of inner work to be able to shine your brightest light effortlessly.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: without it being anything artificial without it being any sort of persona that you put on to certain effect or to achieve certain results so with that said.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I want to share sort of I guess my tips, or you know sort of steps for really shining their brightest light and what I mean when I say it's taken a lot of work and I shared with some of the people.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That this is what you know, this is what I mean by work, no, it really does take a lot of inner work.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to shine your brightest light and obviously my whole show is about this that Inner Work for Greater Good, obviously i've dedicated a lot of episodes to this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But in case this is helpful I just think that I want to share it for for list of four things.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That are basically my approach to being the brightest light that you can be and having the greatest impact just simply by who you are not just by what you do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But by who you are again i'm going to use myself as an example here wasn't doing anything in that moment, when people came and started speaking to me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so it was I was just being that's it, I was just standing there having a great time and just being.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then people felt that and they felt shifted and they felt safe and they felt better, you see, so this how it works.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And this is always my intention for others that we can help them be that presence, so that it's a lot easier to achieve that impact that they desire to achieve so with That said, the first thing I would say number one.


00:14:10.470 --> 00:14:14.040

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: No, no, that.


00:14:15.120 --> 00:14:24.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: First of all, you have a unique light that you are here to shine so first of all know that you have light within you.


00:14:24.930 --> 00:14:31.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That may sound so simple and so basic, but a lot of people don't even stop for a second thing when they put if i'm already shining a light.


00:14:31.920 --> 00:14:44.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Now, or what if you know what, if I were to notice when I shine my light or when my I feel brighter or what lights me up the reaction that's that's basically based on the the understanding that you have light within you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And you have your own unique light that you are here to shine.


00:14:52.230 --> 00:15:00.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So it's not about competing with anyone else it's not about trying to prove yourself or prove that you're something enough you already have this light.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So start with that basic knowing that basic understanding that it is already within you period, full stop without exception there's light within you that you are here to shine I love this book.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That there's a quote was that, when I was preparing this episode on immediately this book came to my mind, now, this is one of the best books on the planet.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It was, I think it came out in the 80s and i'm just kind of shocked that it's not this like massive I know a lot of people read it, and everything and it is very popular in some circles.


00:15:35.100 --> 00:15:44.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But a dear friend of mine introduced this to me years ago and, as you can see, I mean look at it, you can even see like this fine as all messed up it's kind of like my own personal Bible, I like with notes and.


00:15:45.240 --> 00:15:53.340

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: underline so that can tell you how much it means to me, but the point is that, when I was coming up with this and we got coming up with this when I was.


00:15:53.670 --> 00:16:01.500

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Writing down some notes for this episode and I saying that we each have a unique like to shine, this is the quote that came that I was reminded of.


00:16:02.280 --> 00:16:07.230

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Now, mind you, this is a book that was channeled by a light being.


00:16:07.830 --> 00:16:19.320

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whatever your beliefs are okay, I find just put it this way, I find that whether you believe in that or not, there was unbelievable wisdom in this book that can help everyone shine brighter light and greater July.


00:16:20.070 --> 00:16:25.800

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So it's called living with joy and by scenario Roman and channels, this being called orange anyway.


00:16:26.460 --> 00:16:37.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: oren says, if you could see yourself so ordinances being of light if you could see yourself, from my perspective, you will view yourself as a crystal.


00:16:38.280 --> 00:17:03.150

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: With many facets, each of you is completely different a unique combination of energy each of you is beautiful special and one of a kind as is each crystal you reflect light in a unique way, thus your aura varies from those around you.


00:17:04.260 --> 00:17:21.420

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: If you could appreciate your uniqueness see that the path you've chosen is different from anyone else's it would be easier to detach from others views and to follow your own guidance.


00:17:22.680 --> 00:17:37.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's all by way of saying you have a light with you, you refract lights or flips light in your own unique way the light shows up differently, for each of us and you have your own unique and beautiful pattern that you radiate.


00:17:37.860 --> 00:17:56.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I love, how it ends with it would be easier to recognize as it would be easier to then follow your own guidance and that leaves leads to the second part of my first point is knowing, you have a light and knowing that you have your own unique Truth.


00:17:57.060 --> 00:18:05.880

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that you are here to live so it's almost like saying you have your own unique purpose and presence that you are, that you are and that you're sure to be.


00:18:06.270 --> 00:18:16.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: With that light it's like that light is there to help you be that presence and that Truth is that compass that inner knowing of who you are and who you're here to be.


00:18:17.430 --> 00:18:26.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so start with that premise, you have this period, full stop without exception, you have your own light, you have your own Truth.


00:18:27.480 --> 00:18:39.660

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You are here to live your own light you're here to shine and your own Truth that you're here live and i'm going to get into people often say, well, where is this live and how do I shine this, this is the second point.


00:18:40.770 --> 00:18:45.810

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You then notice the light that is already within you.


00:18:46.950 --> 00:18:54.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And honor so I mentioned before, that we can it's about paying attention to what lights you up.


00:18:55.590 --> 00:19:04.140

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So it's it's it's sweet because, like in nexus we don't ask each other, what do you do, and in fact there's a whole rule that non solicitation you're not allowed to.


00:19:04.620 --> 00:19:13.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: solicit like you asked for money or ask for business, no it's about getting to know one another as human beings with the understanding that we all have our own things that were there to do.


00:19:13.890 --> 00:19:19.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And impact that were there to have, and so we can connect in those ways, but organically and appropriately.


00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:29.460

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But first and foremost we've connected people and the two questions that they guide us to do in nexus is to ask each other, what are you passionate about and how can I help.


00:19:30.270 --> 00:19:35.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I actually like to ask it a little differently, the first question is what lights you up.


00:19:36.120 --> 00:19:47.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because my attitude is if the lights you up, then you light up our world, then you're doing what is in alignment with your Truth, because your life is like responding to that to doing that.


00:19:47.730 --> 00:19:55.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And you feel more light inside you by doing that activity or feeling that way or thinking in those ways, or what have you so what lights you up.


00:19:56.130 --> 00:20:06.060

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's how you can start to notice the light within you and the fact that certain things, make you feel more full of light and that certain things don't.


00:20:06.840 --> 00:20:15.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That certain choices feel more like filter you and certain ones don't that certain people being around certain people make you feel more radiant.


00:20:15.780 --> 00:20:22.290

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and certain people just less and it's again it's not trying to criticize those other choices are those ones that don't like you up as much.


00:20:22.590 --> 00:20:39.060

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But it's a way of recognizing when you're lit up and when that those sparks get brighter inside of you, I have a client who talks about how he loves to sparkle of that he's always like an eye sparkle so so darling I love this fan so.


00:20:39.780 --> 00:20:50.790

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: notice the light that is already within you and honor so in my work if you've seen the previous episodes Are you familiar with my work, you know that I identify those three.


00:20:51.270 --> 00:21:04.950

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: types of light or like expressions of light within you are, first of all your Truth that is your core light your Truth is your inner knowing of who you are and who you are here to be.


00:21:05.910 --> 00:21:16.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that there are parts of you who whose job it is to empower you and to support you and guide you in living that Truth.


00:21:17.430 --> 00:21:26.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And those parts are what I call I already mentioned your inner Guiding Star so that's the vision of you living your highest Truth being your full of self.


00:21:27.570 --> 00:21:37.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's your inner guidance starts that image that basically it's like the Truth gives you that says, this is what you look like this how you feel this is who you are when you are living Truth.


00:21:37.830 --> 00:21:47.040

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: so that you can use that as inspiration as guidance as your Guiding Star your North star to say oh that's actually where i'm headed.


00:21:47.520 --> 00:21:55.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it may not be that you will get there absolutely in every single detail that you see, but the whole point is it gives you something to move towards.


00:21:56.310 --> 00:22:03.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's your integrating start and you also have your three emPowers, and I did full episodes about your emPowers so you gotta watch this.


00:22:04.020 --> 00:22:14.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But you're empowered are those bright lights inside of you, whose job it is to empower you to that Truth so whatever skills or you know attitudes or.


00:22:15.420 --> 00:22:22.110

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know tendencies or talents, or whatever it is that you need in order to live the Truth that you are here to live.


00:22:22.410 --> 00:22:28.110

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Those are in your emPowers they have those those ways of thinking those ways of feeling all that good stuff.


00:22:28.440 --> 00:22:42.540

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So those are in your empower so that's number two notice the light that is already within you and honored so you honor your empowers you honor your Guiding Star and honor the Truth, listen to it and tap in and you tune in.


00:22:43.200 --> 00:22:57.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Number three is harder, and this is one of the things that I share with the people who would say you know well, how is it that you, you know or or they would say wow you shine so.


00:22:58.440 --> 00:23:12.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's amazing and one of the things I would say to them, thank you, I I I I shine I forgot how I put it, but I would say let's say I can shine this light because i've faced, my goodness, and there was.


00:23:14.640 --> 00:23:33.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Like because they faced my darkness because, so the number three is notice the darkness inside of you be curious about it, face it understand it empathize with it and allow it to transform back to light.


00:23:34.980 --> 00:23:45.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then align it with your Truth, so I know that was like a lot of things, all in order, again I have previous episodes that explain some of this stuff but the whole point is that.


00:23:45.720 --> 00:23:59.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You shine a brighter light when you have faced your darkness and when you continually face your darkness, now we don't mean you go digging for darkness inside of you, I mean that when when it comes up you go.


00:24:00.360 --> 00:24:06.750

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And when i'm in darkness, again I talked about this before darkness can be your inner triggers your blocks your wounds the inner critic.


00:24:06.990 --> 00:24:13.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Walls all those parts of you that have that have our our carry some kind of fear or pain.


00:24:13.260 --> 00:24:19.650

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That feel like they get in the way of your power that field dark to you and they're basically parts of you that are parts of your light.


00:24:19.890 --> 00:24:25.800

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That had been distorted by fear and pain and have fallen into darkness, if you will have gotten stuck.


00:24:26.100 --> 00:24:37.290

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In certain certain States or with certain beliefs are certain emotions that have caught that are causing you to be in struggle with yourself, or some kind of pain or fear or resistance, etc.


00:24:37.830 --> 00:24:50.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so, that is a huge way and it's so counterintuitive I know it sounds contradictory, but a huge way to shine a brighter light.


00:24:51.270 --> 00:24:52.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is my face in your darkness.


00:24:53.970 --> 00:25:05.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: By facing it, bringing it out of the darkness into the light and letting it transformed back to its original light to its essence, because every part of you is light.


00:25:06.690 --> 00:25:13.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's just that it feels like it's dark feels like it works against your one that's because it was distorted.


00:25:14.580 --> 00:25:23.550

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But ultimately any darkness, that is, parts of us that we feel inside of us is just our light in disguise.


00:25:23.850 --> 00:25:29.550

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So for me that's been my biggest one of my biggest things is to face my own darkness, so that it.


00:25:29.790 --> 00:25:35.850

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: transforms back to life, again I talked about all this stuff in the ChangeLight system in my work in the Community and the course.


00:25:36.150 --> 00:25:44.640

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So you can learn the techniques for how to do this, but i'm just putting this out here number three is notice and face the darkness within you that that is a huge way.


00:25:45.000 --> 00:25:54.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That you can find even more just vast amounts of your inner light and shine effortlessly shine and then finally number four.


00:25:55.890 --> 00:25:58.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: alluded to this already but.


00:26:00.000 --> 00:26:13.260

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's trust honor and to live your Truth, so I already talked about the fact that you have a Truth, I have a Truth we all have our own Truth that we are here to live.


00:26:13.680 --> 00:26:18.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And some people might it might express itself differently, I know that my Truth is like I am driven.


00:26:18.930 --> 00:26:24.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To make a positive difference in the world, you may not be you know you may be more like I just kind of want to like.


00:26:24.510 --> 00:26:34.260

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, have my kids and live my life and drink the coffee and enjoy my life well great if that's what lights you up, then you are making a difference, you are bringing light to the world.


00:26:35.100 --> 00:26:44.700

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the whole point is, you have your own a Truth that you are here to live, just as I do, just as everyone else does, and when you are fully living the Truth.


00:26:45.390 --> 00:26:54.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That is when you are fully lit up, and the reason why this is really important in terms of shining and even brighter light.


00:26:54.750 --> 00:27:00.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that and i've and i've experienced this myself, where I went through periods, where I was like okay.


00:27:00.540 --> 00:27:11.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm i'm you know i'm seeing on my darkness and i'm doing my Drawing Out Process on it i'm feeling lighter and feeling get it later right less heavy but also lighter so i'm feeling lighter and feeling better.


00:27:12.600 --> 00:27:25.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But then I noticed that it wasn't like I felt that up and then ultimately that's What, then, guided me to do the emPowers and discover work with them already discovered them, but to start to work with them and then I felt more lit up and I felt more good.


00:27:27.750 --> 00:27:39.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But then there's that final thing of the Truth, your purpose, because that's The thing that it's like all parts of you will design and are meant to work together to enable you to live.


00:27:40.050 --> 00:27:49.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because that is the ultimate power that is the ultimate power is when you're fully living the Truth, I have been through periods in my life, where i'm doing the inner work.


00:27:49.650 --> 00:28:05.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'm feeling better like I said feeling lighter i'm doing my healing my expertise i'm honoring my emPowers and yet, and I was brighter and I was later, yet there wasn't this just like explosive in a good way light inside of me like there is now.


00:28:06.510 --> 00:28:10.380

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that's because I wasn't completely fully honoring the Truth.


00:28:11.250 --> 00:28:22.890

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I was letting my energy get diverted in different ways, I was thinking that I needed to focus on other stuff that really wasn't in alignment with my Truth, I wasn't fully fully paying attention to and honor my own Truth.


00:28:23.520 --> 00:28:34.230

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The more i've done that all war it's been amazing because that's been the wow, this is what I know I could feel this is how I know.


00:28:34.650 --> 00:28:41.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I could feel and who i've known I could be is when you really do live the Truth now, this is not necessarily.


00:28:42.330 --> 00:28:54.960

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: a straight line okay number one know you have a light your hair shiny new Truth you're here live number to notice the light already within you and honor it so those the Truth, the Guiding Star in the empowers.


00:28:55.350 --> 00:29:04.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: notice the darkness within you face it empathize with it, let it transform and align it with your Truth and then finally trust honor and live your Truth.


00:29:05.820 --> 00:29:11.340

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's not sort of like well first i'm just going to well, I mean you can actually go first i'm going to know, I have this.


00:29:11.640 --> 00:29:21.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But you know what it might take you might actually need to start with the dark part and just go, you know what I just have so much darkness inside of me that I don't know if I really do have a Truth, so you know what i'm just gonna.


00:29:21.540 --> 00:29:26.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm just going to work on the healing the inner darkness Okay, or for other people that might be like.


00:29:27.030 --> 00:29:40.290

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To start by knowing that I, you know sort of noticing how I light up, I mean this woman Emily is telling me, I have a Truth or have some unique like our know so maybe i'll just do one of those things my point is, you can start anywhere in those points.


00:29:41.190 --> 00:29:49.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then go from there, and also like, for me, I mean it's not like i'm on number four and i'm like oh i'm trusting and the monitoring and i'm living my Truth and i'm done no.


00:29:50.130 --> 00:29:59.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I go through dark periods, I get depressed or I get scared or i'm feeling off Center or you know I have something that comes up shows up that triggers me.


00:29:59.970 --> 00:30:13.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it can be really upsetting but my point is then I go back to this case number three okay let's process that darkness let's reveal more the light that's in that darkness and then I feel more whole more free and more empowered to live it.


00:30:14.610 --> 00:30:25.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You see, so you might bounce around but, ultimately, this is what I found is that these are the four main things that really, really, really help you like that.


00:30:25.800 --> 00:30:35.940

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And if you got to start by just sort of doing something that feels good for you, because, and then you kind of feel a little more lighter a little more radiant and do those things and just go from there again.


00:30:36.270 --> 00:30:39.180

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This wherever you start it's all good okay.


00:30:39.690 --> 00:30:46.650

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I hope this has been helpful, as always, this is Emily Eldredge with ChangeLight and the ChangeLight System ChangeLight community and course.


00:30:46.860 --> 00:30:53.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I really hope that you'll check us out and join us and learn more about this work and really do it for yourself, because this is.


00:30:53.640 --> 00:31:05.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Really really powerful and again it's like such a it's such a sweet the confirmation, for me, for me personally and also hopefully it's inspiring for you.


00:31:05.580 --> 00:31:20.100

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: For maybe you have experienced this past weekend, where it is a manifestation is absolutely what i've always desired happening, where people are saying what they're seeing and me and able to have this impact on others for the light that i'm shining.


00:31:20.490 --> 00:31:26.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I know that you can do the same okay Thank you so much, and I will talk to you next week.


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