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📺 IWFGG | The 3 exPower Types: Woundeds




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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Hello hello, and welcome to another episode of Inner Work for Greater Good, my name is Emily Eldredge I am the founder of ChangeLight Inner Work for Greater Good.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And the creator of the ChangeLight System, I teach change makers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: How to do inner work that accelerates their power to change the world, and this is work that came out of my own experiences as a changemaker as someone.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Who was driven to make a positive difference in the world and yet at the same time.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I always felt so blocked and so insecure and I had all these different triggers and all these inner emotional turmoil and issues that really kept me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: From stepping into my power as a change maker and doing what I know I came here to do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And even sometimes even trying to figure out what would that what's you know what is it that i'm here to do, who am I here to be, but just knowing nevertheless that i'm here to make a difference.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And yet feeling blocked and triggered and all of that, so the point is what I share in this show is.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The work that I discovered the discoveries that I made the techniques that i've created that actually have freed me of my own inner struggles and turmoils.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and brought forward my true powers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's what I love to share with you and my show here in case, this is the first time, welcome i'm so happy to have you here if you've been here before great we're going to keep trucking along with this wonderful series that i'm doing so just so you know I have.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: here's my website, I always like to show my website, because I, like you know it's a little bit different when you sort of, say, oh let's.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know that's the person's you know TV show, or what have you, but no, I mean we actually have a website i've got a whole setup there so that you can after the show check it out, look at what's available i've got a course.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The ChangeLight System course and it's inside of a wonderful community which i've just launched i'm very excited this is December 21 so 2021 so I just launched it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: very, very excited about that we're change makers can do their inner work that accelerates their power to change the world in a very safe and supportive space, because, as you see.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whether this is your first time watching me or not you see that we talked about some pretty intense things that, as you start to really look inside and start to pay attention to what's going on and then do that inner work stuff comes up.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that stuff can be really painful, it can be really, really hard to deal with, and so that's why i've got techniques and i've got a lot of support and they're doing monthly regular Q and a's.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and interviews with change makers and all kinds of fun stuff I also have a VIP program, as you can see, in which I work privately with people who are passionate about making a difference.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I take them through the whole change like system and we heal those inner struggles, I mean when I talk about inner struggles, I mean we can I can heal an inner critic in two or three hours.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's actually not that hard and as you'll see and if you watch the last episode you'll see that I actually talked about what those inner critics usually are and what it is that you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That they that they had the impact they tend to have on this well my technique, the Drawing Out Process permanently heals those things.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So I just i'd like to reinforce that because, as i'm sharing this inner work and we're talking about these parts of the self that are really troublesome really problematic.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I want to reassure you that this stuff can heal we are doomed to struggle with a lot of these things, and there are ways to do that.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So anyway VIP program I do a lot of speaking I spoken all over the world and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i've been very honored to speak at the United Nations and British Parliament a couple of times i've done a couple of tedx talks to spoken in China Morocco all over the world, so.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Really really excited and an honor to share on this platform, as well and to really help you recognize that perhaps you may not identify yourself as.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: A change maker, but you know if you know that you want to make a difference and if you know that you're driven to have a positive impact in the world, and you don't even necessarily know what that is.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's Okay, because this is all part of the process i'm going to share more about what about how you can actually do that really start to know what your truth is and how to actualize it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Speaking of which, again, the change lie, I say again, if you've seen the show before.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But basically, this is this, these are sort of the basic elements of the change like system this this doesn't show the techniques necessarily but it shows the discoveries that i've made.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Through my own journey through my work with other people around the world.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that, basically, what happens is is that, as we go through our life experiences we end up with what I call exPowers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that it's all about healing those exPowers, and as you heal those exPowers those inner struggles those blocks triggers blind spots wounds.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They actually transform into n powers which we'll talk about later and later part of my show another episode.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that, ultimately, you also have inside of you when I call your inner Guiding Star and that's the vision of who you are here to be doing what you came here to do it's really that sort of like almost like this, this this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This is like it's one thing to know your truth, which is what this is really all about is accessing your truth and actually using it, but they're Guiding Star is like that vision of you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Living your truth and so there's some really cool ways to access that and work with your own Guiding Star so that your Guiding Star can guide you to live your truth and to feel fully whole and fully empowered.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And, as I often say your truth is the treasure that we are after here, this is what it's all about you already have.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Your own inner compass inside of you, you already know who you are you already know who you're here to be so it's simply a matter of.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Excuse me, clearing out all those exPowers those inner struggles and bringing forward those emPowers those parts of you that know your truth and know it feels good and right for you.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And and tapping into your Guiding Star, so that you can truly know and actualize your truth and my process and the ChangeLight System actually is a Ford has a four step process for.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Actual realizing your truth so we're continuing in this series talking about exPowers so exPowers again another reminder for those of you who have already seen the previous episodes For those of you who are new welcome.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: exPowers is the that's the term that I use for any part of you that feels like it gets in the way of you feeling fully at peace with yourself and inside yourself safe in your own skin.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and fully empowered there are a lot of other terms for it, you know, have you use the term blocks triggers blind spots, you may be familiar with.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: A car totally his work, and he talks about the pain body or a lot of people talk about the ego and parts of the ego that get in the way and cause us to behave in certain ways.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Well, basically exPowers is the term I use to describe those parts of you those those those aspects of your shadow there's another term right the shadow part of the self the shadow self.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so extra hours are those parts that are inside your shadow that are parts of the ego that are parts of your pain body that cause you to react.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: in different ways in ways that may not be so helpful ways that may have protected you at one time but note don't necessarily protect you anymore so as I defined exPowers of parts of you that are stuck.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In chronic states of stress reactivity or pay, they are your subconscious unhealed wounds and defenses.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So there you go exPowers and that's what we're talking about again, this is the third one in the series talking about exPowers again now, if you've seen the previous two episodes you'll see that I talked about Defenders in the.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Last episode with the one before that, and in the last episode, I talked about Controllers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This time we're going to talk about Wounded, before I jump into women's, let me just say that Defenders and Controllers are basically parts of us that form.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: they're trying to protect us from pain, they are basically our defenses in one way or another, and they try to protect us from pain from from future pain from you know from potential pain.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In various different ways Defenders have their ways of doing it and Controllers have their ways of doing it, so if you missed those previous two episodes I highly highly recommend that you watch those.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because it also kind of sets us up for where we are now and now we're going to talk about Wounded so let's get into Woundeds, I mean look at these poor creatures.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This poor little boy and girl, you know they're crying they're sad we're going to talk about what our inner Woundeds.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What are they trying to do, and why is it so important to heal them now.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Mind you, when it comes to exPowers, let me just say again and and let you know that if you notice, you have these parts of you that's okay.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Everyone does Okay, so I hope that by learning this information you realize that you know what i'm not crazy and also i'm not alone and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Oh, my gosh I have that inside of me, and now this woman Emily has just demystified it for me now I understand a little bit better about these parts.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That is what this is all about, because as much as my work is about you know you know the techniques that I do to heal these parts is really as so much of it is based on understanding.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What these parts are about why they exist, so that you can have a deeper.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: compassion for these parts of you that maybe you've judged is weak or insecure or part of your flaws, or something that's wrong with you usually because somebody else judged or criticized you for things like as we're about to get into wound is.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: All right, so what are Wounded exactly wound it's basically show up in a bunch of different ways, but typically they show up as feeling unwanted unloved.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: rejected ignored forgotten and abandoned, a lot of times when I work with a Wounded and in my work the drying up process we actually guide my clients to draw out.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That part of them that they can feel that they're struggling with that's at the core of their inner struggle and when a Wounded shows up a lot of times it is like.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Sad little boy or girl curled up in the corner, just like the little girl here sitting in the corner and crying.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: or in and sometimes even like in a windowless room there are no windows there no doors so they often feel trapped they feel very alone, they feel like they've been banished to this place so that's what a lot of Wounded show up as so unloved unwanted rejected, etc.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: they're also they also often feel very scared.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Anxious and confused it's fascinating to me how many Wounded will say you know I don't know why they treat me this way.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I don't know why i'm stuck in this scary place I don't know how I got here so it's that very like innocent just cry of like what, why are they so mean to me, you know what what's going on and I don't understand.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It so that a lot of times they'll they'll express that wonders will express that because they've been mistreated and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: As you can get it's because if you have these wounds that are saying that and feeling that way it's because you've been mistreated to.


00:11:26.250 --> 00:11:34.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and parts of you are feeling that way, why are you so mean to me i'm not meaning to them, why are they hurting me i've definitely had those wounds inside of me to.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Also, they often show up as sad hopeless trapped and helpless, one of the defining characteristics of Wounded.


00:11:44.280 --> 00:11:53.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that they tend to feel a sense of powerlessness and that's where there's a difference between when you've got the control of the Defenders and the Controllers and the Wounded.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: what's interesting about Defenders and Controllers or what's different I should say is that they do have a sense of their own.


00:11:59.760 --> 00:12:09.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: power they have a sense that they can somehow protect or defend or control a situation or whatever they see as the source of the pain.


00:12:09.690 --> 00:12:21.390

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Wounded tend not to they tend to they tend to feel like complete victims they don't have any power and even the ones that show up as seeming like they're having some power so, for example.


00:12:21.630 --> 00:12:24.900

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know i've had a lot of Wounded show up in me and other people.


00:12:25.380 --> 00:12:29.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That I call the your inner tantrum or so they're throwing a temper temper tantrum.


00:12:29.700 --> 00:12:37.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And maybe they're screaming or maybe they're yelling at the person and they're saying well you're not doing this and you're not doing that and so they're like tormenting the person.


00:12:37.320 --> 00:12:41.520

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But ultimately what we find out when we start talking to that inner Wounded.


00:12:41.730 --> 00:12:57.810

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is they're behaving that way because they feel so powerless so out of control of their own circumstances so unprotected so having to have needs that they feel aren't being met so ultimately underneath that behavior that they may have on the surface.


00:12:58.080 --> 00:13:07.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: is really a sense of I don't know how to I don't have the power to change this, I don't know what to do and what they're trying to do we'll get into this, but what they are trying to do.


00:13:07.920 --> 00:13:19.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is get your attention so that you'll do that for them, whatever that is finally or not, finally, the second from the last a lot of times they feel criticized shamed and misunderstood.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: wound is often form inside of us and i've talked about this a little bit in previous episodes all exPowers, I should say.


00:13:26.070 --> 00:13:40.200

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: form inside of us as a result of some experience some kind of circumstance, something that caused us to feel on what, in one way or another On one level or another that caused us to feel unsafe.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Okay, so anything that caused us to feel unsafe, and that includes criticism.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: If you were criticized as a child, and I would say, probably all of us were unless you were like living, you know the woods somewhere, and you have this perfect parents and they never said anything to you or never made you feel like you weren't somehow good enough.


00:13:59.940 --> 00:14:11.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: All of us have experienced some kind of criticism and what happens when we experienced that criticism is that a part of us can form that carries the wounds that carries that sense of.


00:14:11.910 --> 00:14:24.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I am not Okay, as I am, I am not good enough, as I am, and so, then there's that sense of unsafe do I am not safe around these people, these people don't understand me they don't accept me as I am.


00:14:25.350 --> 00:14:36.480

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's often when a Wounded will form and then finally angry believing that it's not fair oh boy have I had so many Wounded and we've heard little kids say this do it's not fair that's not fair.


00:14:36.720 --> 00:14:41.520

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know I mean and a lot of times when did show up like that they're really pissed off.


00:14:42.720 --> 00:14:50.820

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: really like How dare you treat me like this, so this is, in a nutshell Wounded, so if you have any parts of you like this.


00:14:51.180 --> 00:14:59.640

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You are not alone, we all have this inside of us and it's so interesting how you know, depending on the circumstances we might have that Wounded reaction.


00:14:59.820 --> 00:15:11.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That we might have a part of this that tries to suppress it because we think, well, I have to be an adult so even people who you think on the outside, are acting like adults have these wound is inside of them were all just really good at hiding them.


00:15:12.300 --> 00:15:23.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So what is it that Wounded, are trying to do, I talked in previous episodes about the fact that exPowers behave the way they do.


00:15:23.520 --> 00:15:31.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because, and I said with Controllers and Defenders they're trying to protect you from pain some kind of pain or another.


00:15:31.350 --> 00:15:38.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: they're trying to change your behavior so that you won't experience that again let's say get criticized again, which is often what a Controller will do.


00:15:38.370 --> 00:15:45.900

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: or they're trying to literally trying to block, whatever the see they see as the source of that pain as a Defender will tend to do they're trying to.


00:15:46.110 --> 00:15:53.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: defend you, whereas Controllers are trying to control you or a part of you that's feeling that pain or trying to control other things.


00:15:53.580 --> 00:16:02.730

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that actually reminds me again, this is all about what's going on on the inside, so these behaviors can show up on the outside absolutely.


00:16:02.940 --> 00:16:08.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But I just feel it's really important to recognize that you know just because someone's acting like a Controller.


00:16:08.820 --> 00:16:16.560

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: On the outside doesn't necessarily mean that that's exactly what's going on the inside, and vice versa, just because someone's acting like a Wounded on the outside.


00:16:16.770 --> 00:16:24.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They may actually be their biggest struggle may actually be a Controller that's criticizing them and tearing them down and causing them to feel loaded so.


00:16:24.630 --> 00:16:29.010

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I just want to establish that distinction this we're talking about what's happening on the inside.


00:16:29.610 --> 00:16:39.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So in this case Wounded are different from Controllers and Defenders so Controllers and Defenders are trying to protect us.


00:16:39.420 --> 00:16:48.600

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: From pain, whatever ways they know Wounded or different Wounded, for the most part, are trying to protect themselves okay.


00:16:48.840 --> 00:16:56.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Remember, they feel powerless, they also feel unprotected most of the time they feel unsafe remember.


00:16:56.610 --> 00:17:09.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so what woundings are often doing, and the reason why they're behaving the way the ways that they were behaving is because they're trying to protect themselves, so there are two sort of.


00:17:09.840 --> 00:17:20.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: expressions of that when it comes to Wounded, so a lot of wounds are behaving the way they do because they're trying to get your attention, remember, I described that tantrum or before.


00:17:21.180 --> 00:17:31.770

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you're trying to get your attention so that you'll notice how terrible they feel and so that you'll do something about it.


00:17:32.250 --> 00:17:42.840

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You say so that's where it's kind of interesting, you can have Wounded, who are you know sort of come across as very attacking and critical and you might think that their Controllers, but really they're just trying to get your attention.


00:17:43.050 --> 00:17:55.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whether it's screaming or crying or yelling at you or tearing you down if plenty of Wounded, who are you know tearing that person down and saying you know you don't care about me and you don't and just making all these accusations.


00:17:56.160 --> 00:18:05.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And oftentimes what happens, sadly, is that here this Wounded is like trying desperately to get that person's attention because they need help, because they need the.


00:18:06.120 --> 00:18:11.730

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, sometimes they just simply want you to sit with them and just say yeah, I can tell you're in a lot of pain.


00:18:12.090 --> 00:18:24.570

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: yeah, I can tell you're hurting and really, really sorry i'm sorry that person did that to you and empathize with that Wounded, but unfortunately sometimes the Wounded it's attempts of trying to get your attention.


00:18:25.200 --> 00:18:36.810

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: is causing you to feel criticized and hurt and manipulated and you don't want to deal with that Wounded it hurts too much it's too frustrating you don't know what to do with its pain.


00:18:37.020 --> 00:18:46.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so you end up pushing it away resisting it even tearing it down sticking in a box i've had plenty of people whose Wounded that you know we ended up.


00:18:46.980 --> 00:18:53.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know I said I had them draw out, whatever their struggle was i'm thinking of one in particular that i'll share this woman came to me because she's been really.


00:18:54.840 --> 00:18:59.670

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Really struggled with a lot of self criticism and feeling very depressed and.


00:19:00.210 --> 00:19:09.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Basically what she ended up drawing out in the Drawing Out Process the techniques that I do to heal these exPowers completely is she'd reeboks.


00:19:09.660 --> 00:19:16.560

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: She drew a box and it was like okay so then we ended up opening the box and inside was this little girl.


00:19:16.980 --> 00:19:30.510

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Who was screaming and crying and she was raging at this woman and screaming at her for not paying attention and basically what happened is the woman my client had put.


00:19:31.260 --> 00:19:40.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This little girl inside of a box years before because she didn't know what to do with the trauma.


00:19:41.250 --> 00:19:58.650

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That that little girl was carrying that that part of her had been carrying and as it turned out with this particular client that little girl that we did little girl inside of her was carrying the wombs the trauma the terror of having been.


00:19:59.910 --> 00:20:08.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: violated i'll just say that she was she was physically violated when she was a little girl by one of her teachers i'm sorry if that's triggering for anyone.


00:20:08.490 --> 00:20:09.690

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But that's the reality.


00:20:09.960 --> 00:20:22.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so what ended up happening was we sat and I in my in the dryer process, I actually talked to the part and you know that that exPower and find out what the story is and it took a while before the little girl finally told because she'd been shamed into staying silent.


00:20:23.400 --> 00:20:33.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But ended up talking to a little girl she shared the story she came out of the box, she was so much happier took her through the rest of the process, and she was completely free and healed and whole again.


00:20:34.170 --> 00:20:39.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's what can happen, but the point is it really is about paying attention to these parts.


00:20:39.450 --> 00:20:49.530

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and Wounded, unfortunately, can make us feel so terrible sometimes that we don't want to turn towards them we don't want to listen, we don't want to pay attention we don't want to deal with them, because we don't know what to do with that pain.


00:20:49.950 --> 00:20:57.300

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that's completely understandable because I mean that's why people like me exist, you know and others because we that's what we do.


00:20:57.540 --> 00:21:05.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is we help you process that pain and that's what the Drawing Out Process does is permanently brings that exPower in this case the little Wounded girl.


00:21:05.850 --> 00:21:12.960

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Out of her pain remember I described exPowers they're stuck in a chronic state of pain and anxiety and fear, etc.


00:21:13.620 --> 00:21:22.950

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: We bring them out of that and free them so that they can go back to being who they always work so that's a whole other segue on another story, but that's an example of.


00:21:23.760 --> 00:21:30.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: One Wounded That was really just trying to get the woman's attention my clients attention when she finally got a retention she was better she.


00:21:31.110 --> 00:21:38.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Ultimately, she was healed and the other thing, though, there is so there was there were trying to get your attention, but there are also Wounded, who frankly.


00:21:39.000 --> 00:21:49.770

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: aren't trying to do anything except protect themselves and the reason why that is, is often because, at some point or another, they learn, there was no point.


00:21:50.700 --> 00:21:57.390

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: There was no point in trying to get their needs, met there was no point in trying to get noticed, there was no point in trying to be accepted.


00:21:57.570 --> 00:22:08.670

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: There is no point in trying to in expecting any was anyone else to help them feel safe, and so what have they done they have just usually these wounds have just given up.


00:22:09.330 --> 00:22:17.700

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And they've retreated away from the world i've run into Wounded like this and clients who, for example, there let's say both of their parents were alcoholics.


00:22:18.000 --> 00:22:29.100

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so they had to become adults as children my client they had to become adults and children to take care of their parents who were incapacitated and weren't meeting their child's needs.


00:22:29.430 --> 00:22:41.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so what happened was unconsciously, that that my client shoved that childlike part of them totally unconsciously this isn't conscious but shut that part of them in a corner.


00:22:41.700 --> 00:22:53.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And just left them there, and so on the one hand it's tragic because you know that client didn't have the parenting and the support and the love and the safety that they needed.


00:22:53.670 --> 00:22:59.340

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But what's also kind of interesting about were Wounded do serve a kind of protective purpose.


00:22:59.730 --> 00:23:10.890

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: is basically it's like it's protected that inner child that was that, clearly, whose needs were not being met, and so that child was put in a dark corner, but at least it was protected from the world.


00:23:11.460 --> 00:23:20.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And from the abuse, and so in a way there's this really interesting protective aspect of what Wounded will do and what we sometimes unconsciously do.


00:23:20.520 --> 00:23:28.830

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i've had clients who have come to me and said, you know they're like oh my inner child is dead, you know it's dead and gone and, and I say oh okay.


00:23:29.640 --> 00:23:43.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Sure enough, we do the Drawing Out Process and no it's never dead your inner child is never did your joy your your your your peace your all the wonderful things that that child represents creativity and abundance.


00:23:44.760 --> 00:23:50.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's just shoved somewhere in a dark corner, where you're not even may not even be aware of it.


00:23:50.970 --> 00:23:58.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So all it is, is just about bringing it back out of the darkness and back into light so anyway more stories more segues but the point is.


00:23:58.830 --> 00:24:05.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That is often what wound is these kinds of Wounded they're trying to do they can't get anyone's attention so.


00:24:05.790 --> 00:24:17.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Their only choice left you know because they feel so helpless and hopeless and powerless is try to protect themselves and the only way they know how to protect themselves is to get small to crouch to go into a dark corner or what have you.


00:24:19.620 --> 00:24:29.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So why should you heal your inner Wounded, as I always say this may seem like kind of a ridiculous question will, of course, you know who wants to carry around in our Wounded, but.


00:24:29.730 --> 00:24:40.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I really think it's important to emphasize how Wounded and having Wounded and having exPowers in general really can make a mess of our lives without us even realizing it.


00:24:40.470 --> 00:24:50.880

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And how much we unconsciously carry those words and struggle with them and react against them, or are constantly sort of dealing with them on an unconscious level.


00:24:51.120 --> 00:24:58.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And how that really does impact, how we show up in the world, and you know, one of the things that i've often said, is, for example with change makers.


00:24:58.920 --> 00:25:06.480

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know a lot of change makers within my work they get into wanting to make a difference in the world, because they've been traumatized because they've been hurt.


00:25:06.810 --> 00:25:11.700

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because they've experienced something horrible and they don't want other people to experience the same thing.


00:25:11.970 --> 00:25:22.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so they go into you know starting an NGO or you know leading an organization, etc, etc, but often what can happen is can end up sabotaging them so it's like the very thing that fueled them.


00:25:23.070 --> 00:25:30.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To a certain level of success or change making can actually end up sabotaging when those wounds are not healed.


00:25:30.420 --> 00:25:40.260

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They show up in different subconscious ways and so that's why it's so important that we heal these exPowers in general, so that we can truly show up as we are so.


00:25:41.010 --> 00:25:52.110

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: back to the list why heal your inner Wounded, they are at the core of your inner issues, so I talked about Defenders and Controllers they basically exist.


00:25:52.440 --> 00:26:00.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because of Wounded, because we have wounds because we hurt Controllers and Defenders are trying to protect us, because they've seen us hurt.


00:26:00.870 --> 00:26:11.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: in some way or another wound into the parts of us that are carrying that hurt they're carrying that pain they're carrying that trauma and so when we heal those wounds.


00:26:12.570 --> 00:26:27.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: wow like it's it's amazing what happens when it's amazing what happens when we heal any exPower, but when you heal that inner Wounded that's really at the core that's that part of you that's just carrying that pain it's like all this energy just.


00:26:28.920 --> 00:26:40.710

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's this amazing feeling and my clients will often just go into this kind of blissed out state, because all this energy that was stuck in pain and fear, etc, is now suddenly free.


00:26:41.460 --> 00:26:46.830

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's like whoa I can breathe in ways that they never could or hadn't been able to breathe in a long time.


00:26:47.640 --> 00:26:56.040

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They carry pain from your past as long as we've got Wounded inside of US they're reminding us of that pain, whether consciously or unconsciously.


00:26:56.340 --> 00:27:04.290

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so we need to heal those so that we can move on from the past and sometimes we can be scared of healing that those wounds and healing that pain, because.


00:27:04.470 --> 00:27:12.060

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: we're afraid and Wounded will tell me this they're afraid well if I let go of this pain that i'm going to get hurt again or, then you know my client is going to get hurt again.


00:27:12.300 --> 00:27:19.380

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But actually it's it's different it's actually it's a counterintuitive thing, because actually while you're carrying the wounds you're continually being.


00:27:19.800 --> 00:27:30.330

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Carrying that hurt and being re Wounded and reminded of that pain so it's actually a whole lot more empowering to heal it rather than to keep holding on to it.


00:27:31.440 --> 00:27:43.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They make you feel unsafe in your own skin, I mean this makes sense if you're carrying a part of you that feels unsafe, then of course you're going to feel on some level on safe inside yourself as well.


00:27:44.670 --> 00:27:53.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then finally wound is hold immense untapped inner power, this is.


00:27:54.540 --> 00:28:00.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Really it's so funny because remember how I talked about the Wounded tend to think that they are powerless.


00:28:00.510 --> 00:28:08.280

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: They tend to believe that it's helpless it's hopeless and I can't change anything I don't have any control and they believe that because yes.


00:28:08.850 --> 00:28:19.230

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you've had experiences in your life, the ones that cause those to form that made you feel that way, I mean think about it, like you know the the client whose parents are.


00:28:20.310 --> 00:28:29.730

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know both their parents were alcoholics could they control their parents alcoholism no they couldn't their parents were the way they were and they may still be that way.


00:28:30.000 --> 00:28:39.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But as a child that client realized, you know what I can't really control or at least a part of them I should say felt that way because other parts might have formed like Controllers.


00:28:39.240 --> 00:28:43.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: or Defenders might have formed to think that they could actually impact their parents alcoholism.


00:28:44.160 --> 00:28:53.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the Wounded, is the part that's that says, you know I can't control this I don't have any power over this and and holds on to that belief and its own powerlessness.


00:28:53.640 --> 00:29:05.820

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that's what's so interesting though, because when you actually free a Wounded, it opens up such incredible delicious joy as creative.


00:29:06.630 --> 00:29:14.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Light filled power it's amazing when we heal a Wounded how so much of that pain just.


00:29:14.640 --> 00:29:23.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: dissipates and so much of that energy that was that was stuck in power as an excuse me stuck in struggle and pain, how much of that power that was stuck.


00:29:23.700 --> 00:29:36.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: is now free and now can be used towards living your truth, knowing your truth actual realizing your truth so Wounded, have a lot of power they may not think they do, but they have a hell of a lot.


00:29:37.950 --> 00:29:49.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so, as i've mentioned several times the Drawing Out Process is a technique, I do and I bring this up in every episode, so far, because I really want to make clear.


00:29:49.500 --> 00:29:58.980

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That just because you have these parts of you, does not mean you are doomed to suffer from them you aren't That is why I developed the Drawing Out Process I developed it out of my own struggles.


00:29:59.280 --> 00:30:10.140

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: My own fears and really working so hard to heal those parts of me and I haven't seen my mom's is like a therapist so I got a lot of free therapy and I did a lot of modalities over the years.


00:30:10.350 --> 00:30:20.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: This, for me, has turned out to be extraordinary and for a lot of my clients as well that I mean so many of my clients said, this is the most extraordinary thing they've ever done and they can't believe how well it works, etc, etc.


00:30:21.480 --> 00:30:33.660

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So anyway, the drawing across this is the work that I do it is it accesses your subconscious directly it's it's not talk therapy is you're literally going to the horse's mouth of the exPower, if you will.


00:30:34.080 --> 00:30:42.840

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And we accelerate we reveal we clear those struggles reveal your wisdom your strengths and accelerate your ability to achieve your optimum potential.


00:30:43.200 --> 00:30:49.830

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So it really is about permanently feeling these parts even parts that you think will never ever heal.


00:30:50.550 --> 00:30:56.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'll just put it in my experience, have been able to feel that, so this is what the Drawing Out Process is about.


00:30:57.060 --> 00:31:09.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So quick recap we've just discussed discuss your exPowers in this last series, we did the three x power types Defenders Controllers Wounded, if you haven't seen the previous two episodes.


00:31:10.110 --> 00:31:20.550

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Please do watch because it's about clearing out these exPowers and here's The thing is, I mean you can see right here, that your truth is there on the right.


00:31:21.570 --> 00:31:33.960

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Ultimately, this is what we're after we all have a truth inside of us, you have your own truth and I have my own truth and we are, when we are truly knowing and living.


00:31:34.320 --> 00:31:50.190

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and actually using our truth, we are at our most at peace and our most powerful and it doesn't want to feel at peace and who doesn't want to feel empowered and powerful, this is about inner power inner peace inner power.


00:31:50.610 --> 00:31:57.540

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's what the ChangeLight System is about, that is what I am all about is accessing your truth, so that you know it.


00:31:57.900 --> 00:32:06.960

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And you can fully embody it and live it, and when you do that that's when you live up look at that that's when you light up.


00:32:07.500 --> 00:32:15.270

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But in order to get there, fully and it's not that we don't have glimmers of our truth ahead of time, but in order to get there, fully.


00:32:16.050 --> 00:32:28.260

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: We have to, we have to deal with these other parts, you know it's interesting someone wants described like positive affirmation so positive affirmations are wonderful you know i'm going to think positively let's say and they're fantastic.


00:32:28.800 --> 00:32:36.450

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But in my experience, at the same time in my experience, if all you're doing is trying to think positive and you're positively in your nori.


00:32:37.230 --> 00:32:47.880

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The darkness inside of you you're ignoring the pain never really going to get there, because the pain is persistent and the pain, will not be denied, and it will find some way to express itself.


00:32:48.240 --> 00:32:58.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that is what the exPowers, working with your exPowers drawing out the exPower is healing is exPowers and as we're doing in the series just simply understanding exPowers.


00:32:58.950 --> 00:33:08.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's what it's about these the three x power types understanding that in mind, you it's not as though you only have one Wounded and one Controller in one Defender we've got all three.


00:33:09.030 --> 00:33:19.230

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Well, I mean we have i'm sorry we have multiples I should say, of all three we have all three inside of us, I have drawn out so many women good so many Defenders so many Controllers over the years.


00:33:19.530 --> 00:33:26.820

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so it's a matter of D fragmenting look at this image, right here with your exPowers notice that the fragmentation.


00:33:27.270 --> 00:33:35.670

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's all they are they're just fragments of our life that because of experiences that have caused us to feel unsafe, in one way or another.


00:33:36.060 --> 00:33:47.550

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: they've kind of fragmented from the rest of our life and fallen into darkness they've taken on fear and pain so it's simply a matter of freeing them of that fear and pain.


00:33:48.240 --> 00:33:54.330

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And what happens is they transform back into your m powers.


00:33:54.990 --> 00:34:01.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I call them emPowers i'm gonna explain all this in the next set of suit next series because we're going to talk about emPowers and then i'm going to teach you the three types.


00:34:01.800 --> 00:34:12.570

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But basically emPowers are there to empower you to live your truth, just like we have three types of explorers we have three types of empower so i'll be really excited.


00:34:12.840 --> 00:34:24.240

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to share more about those with you, because then it's a process of healing those exPowers honoring your emPowers and and and there's just immense wonderful clarity and that alone.


00:34:24.660 --> 00:34:39.630

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But then, of course, your Guiding Star your Guiding Star is that vision, as I explained before of who you are here to be doing what you came here to do feeling how you feel will feel when you are living your truth.


00:34:39.960 --> 00:34:50.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Until you're Guiding Stars is fabulous presence that you can tap into and and learn how to work with and that's what my work does that's what the ChangeLight System is all about that's what the course in the Community teach you.


00:34:51.330 --> 00:34:55.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's what that's about is is really tapping into your Guiding Star.


00:34:55.770 --> 00:35:07.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And, and having your Guiding Star guide you to ultimately know and live your truth your truth is the treasure we're after here your truth is inside you it's like.


00:35:08.250 --> 00:35:19.590

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's like dorothy's Ruby slippers you know and Glenda says Oh, you had you had the opportunity, or whatever you know, to go home anytime you just needed to click your your heels three times you know.


00:35:19.860 --> 00:35:30.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the point is she always had that power, she just didn't recognize it and so i'm here to teach you, you have that power, in fact, you have already inside of you.


00:35:30.630 --> 00:35:40.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: All have the power, you need to be who you are here to be and so that's what this is about that's what i'm about and that's what my work ChangeLight System is about is.


00:35:41.070 --> 00:35:48.990

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is is tapping into those powers that you may not even realized were powers and really bringing them back into alignment with your truth.


00:35:49.320 --> 00:35:55.500

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And and living your truth and actualize in your truth and I have a four step process for actually using your truth.


00:35:56.370 --> 00:36:05.010

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So with That said, I I humbly cordially gratefully physiologically invite you.


00:36:05.550 --> 00:36:15.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to join us in our brand new change like community and inside the Community is the change like course where you can learn all of this.


00:36:16.110 --> 00:36:22.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What i'm sharing with you in the series is like the tip of the iceberg, in fact, in these series i'm not even teaching you.


00:36:23.130 --> 00:36:30.330

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: How to do the techniques that can draw out these parts of you so that you can learn the truth about your exPowers.


00:36:30.690 --> 00:36:37.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And heal them, and you can learn, you can tap into an access your emPowers and have them guide you.


00:36:37.470 --> 00:36:42.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and draw out you're going to start and draw out your truth and anytime we step into our truth, mind you.


00:36:43.050 --> 00:36:56.670

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It can feel a little bit scary and so that's why it's important to know how do we do this, how you know what are the steps you can take to really make that process so much easier and more painless so.


00:36:56.940 --> 00:37:07.890

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Please do join us in the ChangeLight System it's our safe supportive community and take the course just go to a community that change like that world simple enough.


00:37:08.790 --> 00:37:16.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Well, thank you i'm so grateful to have this opportunity to speak with you going to there we are.


00:37:17.250 --> 00:37:25.380

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to speak with you and I hope that this series has been wonderful and you've been learning a lot.


00:37:25.770 --> 00:37:38.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In the next series i'm going to be talking about emPowers and then the three types of empower so basically in all of these first episodes of Inner Work for Greater Good i'm teaching you the basics.


00:37:38.820 --> 00:37:47.070

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Of the ChangeLight System that the basic elements, so that you can start to understand and start to recognize what's going on inside of you.


00:37:47.310 --> 00:37:56.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and start to empathize with these parts of you, and have some compassion for what is going on inside of you, and also, as I said before, for you to know that it's okay.


00:37:56.460 --> 00:38:01.800

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you're not alone, you are not crazy everyone has these parts inside of them.


00:38:02.100 --> 00:38:11.040

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's just a matter of learning the truth about them and knowing how to draw them out draw them out that's why it's called the Drawing Out Process.


00:38:11.250 --> 00:38:15.780

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you're drawing them out of you you're also drawing them putting them on the page it's not about artistry.


00:38:16.290 --> 00:38:30.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: stick figures are fine, so I don't want you to think this is an artistic process it really isn't it's about accessing directly from your subconscious because that's the language in which your subconscious speaks is images, rather than words.


00:38:30.930 --> 00:38:47.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's what it's about so in any case, thank you so much for being here at this at this episode talking about Wounded next step and powers, I look forward to seeing you, the next time on Inner Work for Greater Good, not love you.


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