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📺 IWFGG | What Do I Do When I Feel Down?





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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Hello Hello oops I just realized that I forgot to put on my sorry i've been zooming all morning I forgot to put on my my.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: microphone they'll notice, if you watch the show much you'll notice that I usually wear black I haven't been wearing black lately, but I usually wear black.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Mostly, so that you can't see that there's a microphone here just a little trick for you, if you do videos.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: There you go and plus a little plug for this company it's called purple Panda and they do these wonderful microphones.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Cheap expensive okay So hopefully you can hear me better now, thank you for that thanks for your patience Hello Hello again.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: My name is Emily Eldredge I am the founder and CEO of ChangeLight and the creator of the ChangeLight System.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: In which I teach mission driven leaders and changemakers inner work that accelerates your power to change the world, I am a big evangelist for this, because I think we too often focus on external impact and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: How do we do this, and you know getting those kinds of results without really looking at the impact of what's going on inside and how what's going on inside.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: directly impacts, how we do on the outside, how we show up the impact that we're actually able to have not just in terms of what we do.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But who we are the energy that we radiate the way we treat other people that it's all intertwined.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And those of us who are changemakers and i've said this a lot, those of us who are working hard to change the world and make a positive difference in the world around us.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that a lot of times we can be so outwardly focused that we don't pay enough attention to what's going on inside and we can be so driven by our own mission that we really don't take the time to.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Self care we don't take the time to look inward we don't take the time to do what needs to be done to really.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: attend to our own needs, so that we can better attend to other people's needs there's the classic you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: adage of you know you got to put on the oxygen you know they always say put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put it on anyone else, and so that absolutely applies here.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So, today I want to talk about what do I do when I feel down or you can even take it as what we know you know what can you do when you feel down, you know I tend to be.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: A very positive person I tend to be very optimistic i'm very future for future thinking and back that's what am I Gallup strengths in the Gallup strength.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: finders test is actually I think my first one was futuristic so i'm all about the future and i'm all about what can we do and how can we make a difference and.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So I tend to be pretty positive pretty optimistic I tend to be pretty cheery and joyful.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: At the same time, and, obviously, let me just say, obviously I do a lot of emotional work on myself, so that I can feel this way.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i've done a lot of emotional work on myself, so that I do feel this way this isn't something that necessarily happens overnight or happens easily if you've seen my previous episodes you know.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That i've had my share of struggles and that i've had to that i've overcome and i've done that with my work that the developed out of my own struggles.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But I also want to say that you know, even though you see me on these shows and i'm smiling and i'm happy, I mean quite frankly I just came out of several days of feeling pretty down.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And feeling very unmotivated and heavy and blocked and easily triggered and no I don't I don't think i'm PMs.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: PMs saying I really think there, there were some circumstances that kind of triggered it, but also to be honest, this is just what happens, sometimes for me.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm a very emotional person I feel things deeply and strongly I can I used to get very triggered easily because I had so many triggers I often say, no one can punch your buttons.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Unless you have the buttons to punch and so that's why my work is about okay heal those buttons heal those triggers.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And even I mean as much healing as i've done, of course, I still have struggles, so they just want to say, for those of you who are also in this emotional healing space like we all still have issues we're all working on.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And if we wouldn't be good at what we do if we didn't have things that we're working on, so it just want to shout out to those of us who really are in this space and, sometimes, those of us who are in this space think.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That we have to have it all figured out, we think that we have to be like so emotionally healthy all the time.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's just unrealistic as much as I really almost hate to say that, like I just love to just be happy, all the time and never be down the reality is I get down sometimes.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I don't always know why I will say this last time before I get into the ways that I tend to handle it, I was it will send that this last time it was a combination of i've been taking a lot of.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: big steps in my business and so there's been a lot of stress around that and but whenever we step more into our power and expand.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: in some way oftentimes that means we're running into those triggers those blocks those fears and so, for me, what happens is I will feel blocked, I will feel kind of like heavy.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it can sometimes even though this has been tends to be my pattern, it still can take a while, before I finally start to recognize like oh wait a minute.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'm feeling really unmotivated i'm feeling really blocked and you know what maybe i've got some underlying fears going on here so sometimes The reality is, we do have underlying fears.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That we may not be totally aware of, and for me, I will say that, like, I feel like i've done so much healing.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That sometimes you know it's almost like the ones that are left are pretty deep, so it can kind of take a little while for them to rise up and for me to really recognize what's going on.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But the point is, I would say that the down newness that I have felt the past few days, I would say personally some of it has been triggered by.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The stress of really stepping into this new space, the the blocks that i'm feeling the fears that are trying to protect me right So for me it's like.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Blocking me to keep me from stepping forward this is classic stuff and again going back to my previous episodes you'll know that Controllers can do that, we can have Controller parts of us that try to hold us back.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But we can also have wounded parts of us that try to hold us back because they don't feel strong enough or ready enough or powerful enough.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: to really be in this new space that we're in so like for me, I would say i've got these parts of me that i'm like are absolutely like yes we're doing this we're on board we're so excited and then the and then all of a sudden there's this.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know where they're those parts of me that are like oh we're not ready for this in i'll Just to give you a little more insight into what I realized was going on for me is that one of my core wounds are.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: These fears beliefs that formed in childhood that I only just realized within like the last year is nobody cares about what I care about.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that's a big one, especially if you're in the business, which I am right now of building my community and bringing people into my world.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and teaching them my work and saying this is important, this is really important, and really me caring about it personally, but if, but with that belief that's pretty intense and i've healed a lot of it but there's still more.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's this you know fear that Okay, so I do outreach or I connect with people or a share my work and, oh no they're not going to care about what I care about.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It then I also have some beliefs and some fears around well they're going to criticize me for what I care about and that comes directly from childhood as well, I mean I had someone in my life, who was.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Constant in that their criticism of every like almost everything I cared about everything that brought me joy, so that was really painful, but again I only just realized that identified that aspect that the i'm going to get attacked for it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Or you know derided or ridiculed for it, I only just identified that literally in the last week, so that was pretty intense so that I think was at the core of some of the darkness.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But then, sometimes, the reality is you just feel down OK, so my point is down this when we feel down.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: can be attributed to a lot of things, it can be attributed to actual triggers like I said or wounds or fears, but it can also sometimes be chemical, it can be cyclical.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It can be you know neuro chemical, I mean the reality is, I think, sometimes we just get imbalances in our brains.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But I would say, so there but but i've gone through enough periods of feeling down there, I just want to share with you some of the ways that I tend to approach it full disclosure when I noticed myself feeling down I I.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: No matter how many times i've been through this I tend to feel frustrated with it, I tend to immediately be like oh.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Because i'm like i've got all these visions I got all these strings and all these things I want to do and what the hell Why am I feeling down so there's always a part of me that's like oh.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Like I don't want to feel this way, I want to be out there, doing things Why am I feeling this way that's basically like not a good approach.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: i'll just tell you that, and I say that fully telling you that that's what I tend to do is I tend to have a part of me that gets frustrated because I feel like this down this is just not in the plan it's not going according to what I want.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That doesn't work Okay, just so you know cut to the chase that doesn't work.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So what i've learned, one of the first and foremost things that's most important and you've heard me say this before I think when it comes to emotions, in general, and how we feel in general.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that it doesn't work to fight your pain that arguing with pain or struggling with pain yours or anyone else's doesn't work.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What happens i've talked about this before the emotion comes up and that, if we try to push it down or we argue with it or get frustrated with it or try to dismiss it or ignore it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Or do any number of things, or even try to distract ourselves from it can be a form of your stream you're fighting it.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That what that all that does a call this the physics of emotion, because emotion is just reacting according to newton's third law of physics, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, but then, what happens, well then there's a reaction this way, and this way in this way.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And before you know it, you are in deep struggle with yourself we're at war with that feeling and guess who wins.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Basically i'll just say usually at some point the emotion with because emotions will not be denied.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: emotions are valid emotions are there for a reason emotions can hold wisdom, for us, emotions have their own stories.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that's why fighting your pain or struggling with pain just adds struggle on top of pain, which adds more pain.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So what's one of the things that I often have to do with myself is the down this comes along and maybe you identify this as well, doubtless, I feel down and i'm like.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I get frustrated and they're like Oh, and then I want to be like look at a process it so, then I will do the Drawing Out Process on it, which is my technique that I teach in my community.


00:11:46.140 --> 00:11:55.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: ChangeLight dot world and i'll process it and that can really help to draw like the sad face or draw the anger or draw the you know the.


00:11:56.250 --> 00:12:01.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, like the puddle or the or the whole that feels that you know that darkness, whatever that is.


00:12:01.590 --> 00:12:09.210

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'll draw it out and that's extremely helpful because it validates that feeling it honors that feeling.


00:12:09.600 --> 00:12:31.170

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'll just sit and be present with whatever comes up so if whatever comes up inside that down so you know it could be anger, it could be sadness, it could be, you know despair, it could be fear, and so I honor the feelings that are their most important just honor how you're feeling.


00:12:32.670 --> 00:12:42.060

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The cut the thing about that at the same time, though, so draw it out, I name it I just sit with it, I process it I let it be, at the same time.


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Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The reality of life is that sometimes we got as a Chai tea to do you know, like, I might have a down day but meanwhile someone's expecting your proposal from me or someone's expecting a response to their email or I have to sit and do this show.


00:12:56.790 --> 00:13:02.820

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, there are just certain realities, maybe you got to pick up your kids or you gotta you know.


00:13:03.480 --> 00:13:15.690

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Whatever it is you know, give a presentation, and so the reality is even when we're feeling down it's not as though we all have this luxury of just going to sit here for five or six hours and i'm just going to feel my feelings and i'm going to.


00:13:16.200 --> 00:13:22.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I mean, sometimes we've got stuff to do so, what I tend to do, though, is as much as my.


00:13:22.470 --> 00:13:32.850

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, brain wishes that I could do everything on my to do list that day that I plan to do that day I basically Whittle it down to the bare minimum.


00:13:33.180 --> 00:13:44.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What is it that is do immediately, so if it's a phone call that I have to have, or if it's a an email that I have to answer that I promised someone I would do that or like I said, if i'm sitting here.


00:13:45.390 --> 00:13:55.830

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i'm going to do this, show well okay so that's the bare minimum, so I may have had all these other grand designs for what I was going to how I was going to spend my day and have it all scheduled out.


00:13:56.340 --> 00:14:06.750

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: If the reality is that i'm just not feeling Okay, then I need to honor that and I need to slow down a bit and take the time to let those feelings go through.


00:14:07.260 --> 00:14:15.330

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then, like I said bare minimum, so I just look at what is it that I the bare minimum, that I have to do and I need to be okay with that.


00:14:15.600 --> 00:14:21.540

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I mean that's literally what happened yesterday, where I was like oh my God, this is a really unproductive day.


00:14:21.870 --> 00:14:33.930

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Even though I know there are sort of bigger longer term things that I was really going to try to move forward on it's just not happening because I will I will add this to I have found that when I tried to push through those feelings.


00:14:34.320 --> 00:14:41.460

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It just doesn't work again that goes back to that physics of emotion so as much as some people want to say, well, you just gotta push through your feelings.


00:14:41.820 --> 00:14:49.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I actually find that maybe in the short term, I can move a few inches and get something done that I need to get done.


00:14:49.590 --> 00:15:00.000

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But actually the long term effect can be much worse than those emotions can get worse and before you know it you're really piled on with it so that's why I like to if you will.


00:15:00.450 --> 00:15:04.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I say nip it in the bud, but really address it now, so that it doesn't build up.


00:15:05.100 --> 00:15:14.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's My point is I don't push through, but I do realistically look at what's the basic that I need to do so that's how I do I do basically the bare minimum.


00:15:14.580 --> 00:15:24.510

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then I celebrate the fact that I did that let yesterday was a pretty unproductive day and then late at night, when I was talking to my husband on the phone he lives in a different state right now.


00:15:26.010 --> 00:15:30.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: When I have to I said to him, I said, you know it was really productive or unproductive but you know what.


00:15:30.630 --> 00:15:39.540

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I got done the very basics of what I needed to do like I had promised I was going to do this, and so I did do that and I was promised I would have this done, and so I didn't do that so.


00:15:39.780 --> 00:15:45.360

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: At least I made some progress, even if it wasn't what I wanted to originally do and so.


00:15:45.660 --> 00:15:52.320

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's really important to do because again fighting the emotions are trying to push through it usually doesn't work so slowing down.


00:15:52.680 --> 00:16:04.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: There, a minimum surrendering to the feeling accepting embracing the fact that this is how you feel and there is nothing wrong with how you feel and it's okay to feel everything you feel.


00:16:05.310 --> 00:16:14.640

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So I also i'll draw out i'll journal I sit down and I write down how i'm feeling I named the feelings sad.


00:16:15.420 --> 00:16:20.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: angry, I mean it can be so ridiculously simple like it's like see spot run.


00:16:21.180 --> 00:16:34.050

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, it sounds so basic but even just noticing the feeling and giving a name to it, or just identifying it my mother were here the psycho therapist I often talk about she would say.


00:16:34.650 --> 00:16:44.490

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that the reason why it's so so we feel a feeling the reason why naming the feeling are naming the emotion, or just putting some words to it.


00:16:44.790 --> 00:16:51.570

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The reason why that's helpful is because you're doing what she would describe it, I guess it's been described other she didn't make this up.


00:16:52.380 --> 00:16:57.720

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: she's a smart lady she calls the science, but it's like you're doing a Left and Right brain integration there.


00:16:58.170 --> 00:17:08.070

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So, in a way, you can kind of calm down your left brain as well, by identifying the feeling that you're feeling, so the emotions are happening and that's a very right brain thing that's happening.


00:17:08.280 --> 00:17:26.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then being able to say Oh, this is what i'm feeling, even if the feeling is confusion, even if it's to say I don't know what i'm feeling that can actually help your left brain kind of go okay we're at least acknowledging what's true so naming journaling drawing out how you feel.


00:17:27.810 --> 00:17:38.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Writing down whatever beliefs are popping up very important, so I described how the beliefs that were popping up for me within the down this were you know the.


00:17:39.240 --> 00:17:50.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Nobody cares about what I care about i'm going to get ridiculed for what i'd have to share and so that was part of my downloads it was trying to like protect me from really all these activities that I said I wanted to do.


00:17:50.820 --> 00:18:08.970

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To support my work and spread my work and so writing that down and recognizing that brought a lot of like momentary like okay gosh That was a good release to really recognize that because, again those emotions can often be signals they're trying to tell us something.


00:18:10.950 --> 00:18:17.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Another thing that I do, I just want to share this because I found it to be very helpful and you may have your own practices.


00:18:17.640 --> 00:18:30.720

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But one of the practices, I have is I do Buddhist chanting of the in the chance that I do is called is non you're holding gay kill I do it with the soka gakkai International, which means value, creating society and.


00:18:31.380 --> 00:18:37.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: we're all over the world and anyways The point is, is I chant chant Nam you're holding a kill, which means the divine.


00:18:39.060 --> 00:18:43.140

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: dedication to the divine law and it's like the law of cause and effect it's like the.


00:18:43.560 --> 00:18:52.650

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And and and to the Lotus sutra, which is one of the sutras of the Buddhist Buddhist teachings one of the sutra means teaching, so the Lotus sutra is one of his teachings.


00:18:53.370 --> 00:19:05.010

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: um but the point is, I found and again, you may have your own things that you do, but I have found that sometimes when I have a down notes that I just can't shake or that i'm just like.


00:19:05.490 --> 00:19:14.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: The morning, that if I sit and the way I do it with my practice is we sit in front of this Japanese scroll called ago hands and, and so I sit, and I just chant.


00:19:14.610 --> 00:19:20.400

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I chat with my be his name yeah hood and gay kill numb yard and gay can numb your hood and get to know your hood and gay kill.


00:19:21.030 --> 00:19:32.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And so that you know, over and over and over again and what's interesting it kind of blows my mind that it even happens because you're like i'm just saying some words right and I don't know partly Sanskrit partly Chinese.


00:19:32.640 --> 00:19:43.350

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Ancient Chinese anyway and it's kind of like hot, but as i've done it, I noticed that it lifts my spirits, I feel so much better, I feel so much less scared and anxious.


00:19:43.740 --> 00:19:51.720

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And even just the vibration, and this is where I think that chanting For one thing, and again, you may do it differently if you're Catholic, you may do the Rosary or.


00:19:51.990 --> 00:20:01.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know, or maybe you do it with your singing or what have you but it's all about even that vibration can kind of get those energies moving the vibration of saying those words.


00:20:01.710 --> 00:20:13.320

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that can be very helpful, I mean some people might do it in terms of prayer or meditation I do find, though, that the sound can help actually kind of move that energy and often emotion is.


00:20:13.590 --> 00:20:27.090

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: associate like sound and emotion and waves and all of that, you know we talk about waves emotion waves of sound, you know it really is about getting that flow, going so that's something else that I do, that I find to be very helpful.


00:20:29.220 --> 00:20:37.260

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Another thing that I found is that that going for walks huge.


00:20:38.580 --> 00:20:50.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Huge huge huge huge I can't even get I think i've talked about this before going for walks it sounds like the just most ridiculously simple thing, but those of you who go for regular walks you know what i'm talking about.


00:20:51.570 --> 00:21:04.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: going for a walk, especially if you're going outside getting the fresh air, especially if you're in nature you've probably heard of things like forest bathing Japanese culture.


00:21:04.770 --> 00:21:14.610

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Being in nature connecting with nature and going for a walk in the fresh air can do a world of good, there are times when i'm like.


00:21:15.000 --> 00:21:19.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: An early feel like going for a walk i'm like, no, no, no, no, you know you're going to feel better, so I go okay.


00:21:19.770 --> 00:21:25.080

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And even in this weather like it was in the 30s here in New York, yesterday I know crazy it's almost April.


00:21:25.440 --> 00:21:34.320

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But anyway, and I just throw on my code all my fleece and all that kind of stuff and I went out there, I just felt so much better, there are reasons for that.


00:21:35.220 --> 00:21:44.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: When we move when we physically move we're moving our energy so very, very basically we're moving the chemicals in our body we're moving the blood.


00:21:44.640 --> 00:22:01.680

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: we're allowing ourselves to breathe more and breathing as many breath breath practitioners know extremely important for moving and shifting energy and emotions, in addition, and I may have shared this in a previous episode in addition when you're walking.


00:22:02.730 --> 00:22:08.460

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you're doing a left right, left right, left right with your feet right correct.


00:22:09.660 --> 00:22:14.130

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: What you're also doing, though, is you're balancing your left.


00:22:14.490 --> 00:22:25.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: and your right brains, because by doing the Left you're stimulating your right, the right hemisphere of your brain when you do the right you're stimulating the Left hemisphere of your brain.


00:22:25.290 --> 00:22:34.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So what you're doing is you're literally stimulating stimulating stimulating stimulating stimulating and by doing that you end up balancing your brain.


00:22:35.490 --> 00:22:45.930

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: you end up also balancing yourself emotionally, you may be familiar, you probably are familiar with the technique am Dr and I forget what that stands for.


00:22:46.230 --> 00:22:53.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But and Dr is a technique that's my understanding, as I recall you're probably a practitioner, and you know a lot more than I do about this, but em Dr.


00:22:54.240 --> 00:23:03.840

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is a technique in which, in which, as they go through the process of asking the questions and identifying underlying core fears and beliefs and wounds.


00:23:04.380 --> 00:23:11.730

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Is that there's this component of left right stimulation, so the MDS at least that i've done our.


00:23:12.300 --> 00:23:22.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: headphones where you hear left sound like it's like a sound of waves in the Left brain left ear and then the sound of waves in the right, so you get that left right, left right or i've also done it where you have.


00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:24.990

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: vibration so it's.


00:23:26.760 --> 00:23:29.310

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Not zapping but you know it feels like vibrating.


00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:41.100

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But also, there are some where they say okay follow my finger the whole point is to basically get the left, right, left brain right brain stimulation.


00:23:41.610 --> 00:23:50.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And when you do that you're balancing your brain so you're balancing yourself mentally and emotionally, and so that is where walking is one of the most.


00:23:50.790 --> 00:23:54.750

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: ridiculous Lee simple things that you can do.


00:23:55.470 --> 00:24:04.830

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: To help bring about a lighter feeling a better feeling and what I was saying about the FDR was it was the woman nope I believe invented it sorry I didn't finish that story who invented it.


00:24:05.070 --> 00:24:11.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Apparently it's because she found that when she went for walks she was just thinking more clearly and feeling so much better hmm.


00:24:11.580 --> 00:24:17.910

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's when she realized that by bringing in this left brain right brain stimulation into into therapy and.


00:24:18.510 --> 00:24:23.760

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: developing this technique that you get actually a lot faster transformation a lot faster release.


00:24:24.600 --> 00:24:37.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So going for walks journaling drawing out your feelings, even if it's just drawing a sad face right, so the journaling can be to write sad and that's where you're identifying your.


00:24:38.580 --> 00:24:45.570

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: sort of satisfying your left brain but drawing a sad face crying phase, or whatever, that is, that you're seeing.


00:24:45.840 --> 00:24:51.330

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: can also bring in that right brain and that's also part of my Drawing Out Process that I talked about all the time.


00:24:51.630 --> 00:25:04.020

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: it's all about allowing your right brain and that deep subconscious to speak when you do that you're allowing that transformation and that healing to happen so much faster I am such an evangelist for this as well it's like.


00:25:04.320 --> 00:25:15.510

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: We need to use drawing let's go back to being kids and get yourself some damn paper and crayons and sit down and just draw how you're feeling and you'll be amazed, how much better you feel.


00:25:16.500 --> 00:25:29.730

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So that's that and, of course, you know they do that in art therapy with my Drawing Out Process, I actually work with the parts that show up on the page and and and heal them and talk to them and permanently heal those blocks those triggers those wounds that's what I do.


00:25:30.720 --> 00:25:35.580

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then, finally, I want to say that something else I do is that you know.


00:25:37.350 --> 00:25:38.010

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Emotions.


00:25:39.720 --> 00:25:52.620

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Let me just put it this way, like you remember how I said before, that I tend to get frustrated with my emotions and i'm sure you probably do sometimes too, because my emotions or emotions just never seemed to go according to plan right.


00:25:53.730 --> 00:25:58.890

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: You know i've got this plan for the day and I wake up feeling a certain way, and no matter what I do I can't shake it.


00:26:01.320 --> 00:26:12.900

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And Actually, I want to add something that that also world events, those of us who are very empathic of course world events or events around us can also really impact us emotion so it's important to honor those as well right so.


00:26:13.800 --> 00:26:23.520

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: invasion of Ukraine is a big one, that a lot of my clients are brought up saying that it's really it hurts a lot, even though they have no connection directly with the conflict, so I just want to throw that in there.


00:26:24.210 --> 00:26:33.120

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: But ultimately like I tend to get frustrated and I find that it's because basically the the my left brain or actually I would use the Impresario.


00:26:33.390 --> 00:26:45.480

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Right so going back to when I talked about emPowers remember your Impresario is that more left brain part of you that's like we're going to be effective and we're going to be productive we're going to do this thing and then the emotions come along.


00:26:46.560 --> 00:26:52.740

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And that part can you know side of ourselves can be like damn it was getting in the way this is really irritating the hell out of me and.


00:26:53.490 --> 00:27:02.640

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that's what happens inside of me I don't know about you, but that productive part of me that you are part of me can get very frustrated because I don't.


00:27:03.000 --> 00:27:09.840

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It doesn't work for me to try to work through it like work while i'm emotional it just doesn't work.


00:27:10.470 --> 00:27:23.370

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So what I do is I also remind myself if i'm really frustrated or sort of just going ah this feels like it's going on too long, or what have you I just say you know what and remind myself.


00:27:23.790 --> 00:27:37.410

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Of the many, many, many times before, that i've been through this that I have felt this way that I have felt down or even that I felt frustrated with feeling down, but I felt impatient with feeling down.


00:27:37.830 --> 00:27:48.600

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That I have struggled and I have you know, even though the day before I might have felt on top of the world and everything's fabulous and I really know that i'm fulfilling my purpose and my mission, and then the next day i'm like.


00:27:49.740 --> 00:28:03.870

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I feel like I really need help here or i'm not not not feeling so great i'm definitely not feeling so confident, I remind myself that i've been through this so many times before.


00:28:04.980 --> 00:28:15.900

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And i've come out of it so many times before, so fighting it is not gonna do any good it's just going to make it worse.


00:28:16.590 --> 00:28:22.920

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And it's better if I just slow down and be patient and gentle with myself.


00:28:23.640 --> 00:28:34.590

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Now, and always, and I say Okay, if that helps me to slow down and be patient with myself it helps me to surrender to the feeling i'm having now.


00:28:34.890 --> 00:28:47.340

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: It helps me to accept that maybe i'm feeling this way for a reason there's something I need to process, and I think about all the times before, that I was, like all my emotions are really irritating me now and slowing me down.


00:28:47.640 --> 00:28:52.860

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I go yeah but look at all the times before, that I was able to actually glean some.


00:28:53.550 --> 00:29:02.070

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: realization or some much needed rest or do some self reflection or discover some underlying wound or block.


00:29:02.370 --> 00:29:14.160

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: That this that this that the down this forced me to really address and face, and that what came out of that was the realization of that feeling the discovery of that underlying belief or that core wound.


00:29:14.490 --> 00:29:26.070

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And then, as I was able to heal that, then I could move forward and feel so much better and so much more empowered and so sometimes it's just cyclical it's just cyclical and those of us, ladies.


00:29:27.120 --> 00:29:39.420

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: we're if anything like cyclical right, even if you're done with your period we're still cyclical it's something that I think i'm not sure that our male counterparts fully fully.


00:29:40.350 --> 00:29:46.590

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: I don't know that they have their own cycles, frankly, I was talking to my husband about that is that you know we women we just have a cycle.


00:29:47.010 --> 00:30:04.470

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: that sometimes we just need to surrender to, and that when it comes to our emotional well being our emotional lives it's really important to just honor and respect that as well and know that just like everything else, this too shall pass and there's nothing wrong with how we feel.


00:30:05.520 --> 00:30:11.430

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: So I hope this has been helpful, as always, again i'm Emily Eldredge of ChangeLight.


00:30:11.790 --> 00:30:20.250

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: And I would love for you to join us in our Community, please do consider it Community ChangeLight dot world where changemakers and mission driven leaders.


00:30:20.580 --> 00:30:33.150

Emily Eldredge | ChangeLight: Do inner work that accelerates their power to change the world and we talked about this stuff and we talked about so much more in there, so I hope you'll join us Thank you so much blessings to you and I will see you next week bye.


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